Want to Break into a Particular Aspect of the Legal Industry? Look no Further than a BA LL.B in Energy Law!

The explosive growth of the legal industry is unmatched, and some people are unaware of the various fields of study that the industry offers. One such area of specialisation in the legal sector is Energy Law. However, students who have little or no idea about this field of legal industry find themselves stuck up with questions like – What is the scope of law? What are the growth predictions? Is it a good idea to choose a career in energy laws at this point? Well, let us give you all the information you need to make your decision.

Let us first get a clear cut understanding of this field of study.

What is Energy Law?

As the name suggests, the field of study concerned with the creation and enforcement of laws that regulate the use of energy is called the Energy Law.

In simple terms, Energy Law regulates the creation and harvesting of energy and controls the taxation of power that comes under Energy Law.

The scope of Energy Law

It is often believed that India’s growth is parallelly linked to the growth of the energy sector. However, the growth of the energy sector is only possible if we harvest more substantial amounts of energy.

There are different categories of law being practised today, but the legal sector has recently seen growth in ‘Energy Law’. Oil, gas, and mining industries have started harvesting natural substances to find more environment-friendly sources of energy to expand their services. This is one of the primary reasons why we need to keep these industries in sync with the laws implemented for them. This rapid growth of industries harvesting energy for their development has created a high demand for lawyers with knowledge of the energy industry.

Energy lawyers perform this critical and tireless job of keeping the industries in the legal system of this country, while they still achieve their business and financial goals in the emerging sector of energy.


Before jumping into this field, one must know the domains in Energy law with which one can start their career with. The important domains in the Energy Law sector are :

  • Oil and Gas Laws
  • Electricity Laws
  • Renewable Energy Laws
  • Laws relating to mines and minerals
  • Nuclear Laws

Professionals in the legal sector work across a wide variety of industries, especially when it comes to the energy sector. Right from the global oil and gas companies to the nuclear producers or producers of renewable energy, professionals in this field meet the dynamics of the industry in real time.

Being a lawyer in the energy department, one will have to work with government, banks etc. One can also be involved in giving advice on the planning and development which can be set as a regulation for all the industries.

However, to become an Energy lawyer one needs to get an education. A lot of universities these days have expanded their respective law departments and have introduced Energy Law in their respective fields. One of these universities is UPES (University of Petroleum and Energy Studies). The university offers a BA in LLB with specialisation in Energy Law/Criminal Law/Labor Law.

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