New-Age and Contemporary Business Courses to Look at

The concepts of business management are ever-changing and fluctuate in accordance to trends of the market. As the world continues to evolve in the spheres of automation and technology, the functions of business are also progressing simultaneously in tandem. Areas that required dedicated expertise, namely analytics, social media marketing, and e-commerce have all significantly developed in the past few years. It is now inevitable for students aspiring to enter business management to learn and understand the applicability of these trends in their profession. Interested youngsters should assess the following courses and choose what suits them the most –

BBA in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is essentially one of the most popular avenues of Marketing in this digital age.  Digital platforms such as social media channels, websites, and applications could help bring brands to life for their consumers. Larger groups of target audiences can be reached via these mediums, all while saving vital resources such as money and time. Exploring fresh business models such as content marketing, pay per click, engagement economics, and crowd-funding emerged is the need of the hour. Online tools and software can be used to implement online marketing models – such as pay per click. Engagement metrics in the form of data and analysis can be derived from platforms like an organisation’s website, or its social media handles. Popular social media channels Facebook and Instagram provide unique analytics on post engagement and consumer behaviour. These tools are bound to further enhance in the future.

BBA in E-Commerce Marketing

Businesses are adopting digital channels to not only promote their products but also as a medium to sell too. Selling products online allows buyers to make transactions at their own convenience – be it at their homes or workplace, or at odd hours. The popularity of online shopping is increasing at an escalating rate which makes it an impossible form of business. As per the survey, retail e-commerce sales numbers from 2014 to 2020 will show a growth of around 200%. The growth of technology has enabled brands to attain valuable insights on each unique user by understanding their likes and dislikes, which facilitates unique personalised services. The concept of E-commerce is beneficial for brands and businesses aiming to bolster their sales, as well as consumers.

BBA in Aviation Operations

One of the striking features of this degree is its practicality in today’s world. The need for airline services will ceaselessly exist and attaining an education yourself in this field will help propel students into a pretty niche career pathway. Aviation management and operations cover the business and management aspects of the air transportation industry. Aviation managers work either for airports or for airlines and oversee that the overall business operations run smoothly and according to plan. On a daily basis, an aviation manager may be involved in functions such as fleet scheduling, revenue management, security enforcement, employee recruitment and marketing activities. Aviation managers are also tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that their company is within the limits of federal safety regulations.

MBA in Business Analytics

Data Analytics can be explained as a set of quantitative and qualitative methods utilised in order to derive valuable insights from large amounts of data. It involves a host of processes that include extracting data, bifurcating it in order to analyse the various patterns, drifts, connections, among others. The importance of Big Data Analytics springs has sprung up at breakneck speed along with the advent of the internet and similar forms of automation. It is estimated that by 2020 the combined data that will be conjured will amount to around 1.7 MB’s every second for every human on the planet.

All of the business courses discussed above are highly relevant in the business world today and are all vital in their unique ways. An institute offering all of these courses is University of Petroleum and Energy Studies in Dehradun. This institute has successfully identified the need for providing modern and relevant education to students, in order to prepare them for the rapidly evolving business world.

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