Safeguarding Future Of Creativity – Online College Admissions To Address COVID-19 Uncertainty

Pearl Academy as an institute has always strived to offer modern, relevant, and unique education in the creative domains of Design, Fashion, Media & Business. The institute has cemented itself as a leading player in the field of education over the past two decades or so and has even opened multiple campuses around the country ranging from Delhi, Jaipur, to even Kolkata, Bengaluru & Mumbai. Pearl Academy offers courses keeping in mind the rampant technological innovations and advancements we are witnessing across the fields of Design, Fashion, Media & Business.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the institute has done extremely well to reflect their modern approach to learning in the admission cycle as well. Many aspiring students across the world are apprehensive about admission processes for the coming academic year – since most universities/colleges have not really cleared the air regarding procedures. On the other hand, Pearl Academy has adopted a list of diverse methods to ensure that the admissions process is carried out as smoothly as possible without compromising on health and safety of the faculty, administration, and of course, the aspiring students. Aside from this, they have taken some impressive measures to ensure that the learning of their current students does not get hindered during this time. Here is how Pearl Academy is ahead of the curve despite the limiting circumstances created by COVID-19.

Firstly, at Pearl Academy, teaching and learning through a state-of-the-art Learning Management System has been a regular practice. The institute has adopted the world’s most advanced Learning Management System (LMS) and has trained all its faculty members in teaching through this online LMS. This has played a major role in allowing the institute to continue providing quality education to its students even in such challenging times. Even before the lockdown, 20% of the overall curriculum was digital and taught online. Students were required to submit assignments and quizzes through Blackboard and the grades attained in these quizzes added up to their total grade point. Now, this has been scaled up to 100%.

In addition to this, Pearl provides free access to Coursera and Business of Fashion course modules. Pearl Academy provides access to over 3900 Coursera certified programmes that are beneficial for students to get equipped with relevant skills and provide them with a platform to upskill themselves even during this nation-wide lockdown. Not only do these courses add value to the resume, but are also incredibly useful as students step out to face the challenges of the various trades of the world. Pearl Academy allows the students to supplement their curriculum modules by undertaking certification programs by Coursera and Business of Fashion. This not only gives them an edge over others but also makes them industry-ready.

Aside from this, through an initiative called #LearningInNewReality, Pearl has been deploying new-age tools like Blackboard, Zoom, Business of Fashion and Coursera to make it easier for students to get answers to all their queries. Live webinars are regularly being conducted on Blackboard, allowing students a platform to keep their learning going even in these tough circumstances. So far, Pearl’s faculty members have conducted more than 1300 online classes for the existing students through platforms like Blackboard and Zoom. International labs and masterclasses are also being organised with faculty from institutes like Manchester Metropolitan University and with industry stalwarts like Amit Aggarwal, Gunjan Gupta, and Ashish Vidyarthi.

The institute has also launched an iOS and Android App, specially designed for aspiring applicants which is aimed to offer assistance and support to them. The app offers the following features to users –


  • Latest happenings, events at Pearl Academy
  • Exclusive inspirational content in the form of videos, industry insights, and articles based on different courses
  • Life at Pearl Academy
  • Interactions with faculty & career advisors
  • Online chat and FAQs
  • Application updates
  • Schedule a visit


This is not the only measure taken by Pearl Academy when it comes to admissions this year. Pearl announced that the entrance examination that takes place each year during the admission process would now be conducted online on 18th April 2020. Prior to this year, the entrance examination had been held offline. Students need not worry about commuting during the lockdown or any other health factors. Aspiring students can attain valuable tips and helpful study guides for the entrance paper on the dedicated entrance exam preparation website. It should be noted that the exam can be attempted on either a laptop, desktop, mobile, or even a tablet – as per the convenience of the student.

The institute has also hosted online counselling sessions on virtual platforms. This year the President, Campus Directors and Faculty members used online platforms to connect with the students and parents to answer all their queries related to the course structures, fees & financial support options, state of the art infrastructure, hostel facilities & career avenues.

While times like these are capable of spreading fear, chaos, and uncertainty across different industries, is it vital to adapt to unforeseen circumstances and power through. The world of education has yet to get a grip on technology and innovation but may just be forced to do so. It will not be a huge surprise to see other institutes adopt other new-age solutions similar to Pearl Academy in the near future. Apply now!


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