In the heart, but not in the life

Sandeep picked up his phone and started scrolling through the photo gallery.

As he was engaged in reminiscing the old memories, he came across a picture; an old picture of his with Sara.

The picture startled him, though it was in his own phone, he had not expected to see that memory. It caught him off-guard.

He had thought that he had deleted all of those pictures long ago, and with good reason. He no longer wanted the old baggage to weigh him down.

Sandeep kept staring at that picture. It was one of those moments when there was nothing but happiness in their faces and sparkle in their eyes.

He put his phone down and his mind began to race with memories of a time, long ago.

They were young, love was new and the world seemed full of endless possibilities for both Sara and Sandeep.

The adventurous fun, the spontaneous laughter and the soul filled love they shared seemed like it would never end.

They lived to the fullest and loved like every day was their last.

Unfortunately, they didn’t make it, but it’s been so long, it doesn’t matter to him anymore.

Sandeep had made peace with it long ago, so he just held onto the beautiful memories that make him smile.

He had long since let go of all the negative stuff, because all it ever did was weighing him down.

Once upon a time, he had cried countless tears and endured several sleepless nights because of them. 

He was past that now.

He chose to remember the happiness they had, the love they shared and the life they enjoyed together.

It didn’t make him sad anymore, because he had wished her nothing but the best in her life.

He had moved on and he was sure she too had to.

He just smiles as the thoughts of a time long past floods his mind.

For a time, it was beautiful, it was love and it was them.

He had decided that these thoughts will always be what he will remember about her, because that’s what made him happy.

He knew that they weren’t meant to be and she was just a memory now.

But he chose to remember the good things, because happiness was and always will be a much better place for him to be.

Some people were meant to be in your heart, not in your life, he knew very well.

Sandeep clicked the delete button and Sara was wiped off from his memories once again.

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