My review of the Edelweiss Tokio Life – Criticare+ policy
there! Do I really need
are living in an amazingly fast faced world today. It’s a world where rapid
advances in technology have ensured that we get better medical treatments which
may result in increasing our life spans. However, one important aspect which
this rapid pace and blinding speed in advancement of technology has failed to
address is the amount of stress that it brings along with it.
stress is synonymous with falling ill. And more the stress more will be the
criticality of the illness. A critical illness like a heart attack may just
abruptly cut short our ability to work and earn apart from the added pressure
of the mounting medical expenses to take care of the same.
is absolutely necessary that we plan well in advance for any such eventualities
and ensure that we and our family does not suffer when we are faced with any
such serious illness. This is where an impaired health solution in the form of
a critical illness plan comes handy which ensures that the financial liability
is well taken care of as we work towards our recovery.
Company should I be thinking of?
it comes to Life
, which other Company can we think of other than the world’s
leading two financial services and insurance brands joining hands to provide us
the best solutions suited to our needs. Yeah! I am talking about Edelweiss
Tokio Life Insurance, which is a joint venture between Edelweiss Financial
Services, Mumbai, one of India’s leading financial services group and Tokio
Marine, one of the largest insurance companies in Japan.
anyone tell me what the Plan all about is?
Tokio Life Insurance
has come up with this amazing plan to take care of the
financial vagaries of all our critical illness. This is called the Edelweiss
Tokio Life Criticare+ Policy
. To summarize, this is a non-participating, no
linked critical
plan that covers a wide range of about 17 illnesses. Not only does
it help to take care of the medical illness expenses and day to day expenses,
it also ensures that all future premiums are waived off after the first claim
so that we continue to be protected without paying anything.
summarise the Plan for me buddy!
entry level for this Plan is immediately upon attaining majority, i.e. at 18
years and you can enter till the ripe old age of 60 years, with the maximum
maturity age being 70 years. The plan also provided both short term and long
term schemes with minimum and maximum policy terms of 5 years to 30 years. The
premium payable is annual with a minimum premium of just Rs.2,000/- so that the
entry is kept open to even the lowest financial class. The minimum premium
provides a sum assured of Rs.5 lakhs whereas it would go up to even Rs.1 crore.
forgot to mention one wonderful thing that Edelweiss Tokio assures us in this
premium payment. The premium rates are guaranteed for the first five years and
even thereafter it is reviewable only with the prior approval of IRDA.
more can you ask for with a minimum initial waiting period of just 90 days, a
survival period of just 28 days and a waiting period between multiple claims of
just a year.
the benefits be summarized for me as well?
benefits are galore to be summarized, honestly. In a nutshell, this plan offers
two options of single claim
and multi-claim. Under the single claim option, a lump sum equal to the sum
assured will be payable and under the multi-claim option, the benefit can be
availed for a maximum of 3 claims, subject to only once from each group.
17 critical
covered are categorized into 4 groups, as follows:
Open Chest CABG, First Heart Attack of specified severity, open heart
replacement or repairs of heart valves, kidney failure requiring regular
dialysis, transpolant of major organs like heart and kidney, stroke resulting
in permanent symptoms, and aorta surgery are covered.
II: Aplastic Anaemia, Cancer of specified severity, Benign Brain tumour and
major organ transplants like bone marrow, liver, lungs and pancreas are
III: Permanent paralysis of limbs, coma of specified severity, major burns and
total blindness are covered under this group.
IV: Motor neurone disease with permanent symptoms and multiple sclerosis with
persisting symptoms are covered here.
the businessman in me, I would look for tax benefits as well!
course, we should. Maturity and Death benefits are tax free under section
10 (10) (D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961
. Premium payments are allowed as a
deduction from the taxable income under section 80D of
the Income Tax Act, 1961
I am going for it; just have a recap of the benefits umbrella!
reasons I would go for this plan:
I stay protected against 17 critical illnesses.
I get lump sum benefit on the diagnosis of the
critical illness under the single claim option.
I can claim upto three times during the policy
term under the multi-claim option.
I get waiver from payment of future premiums
after the first claim in multi-claim option and I stay protected for free for
the remaining term of the policy.
I increase my sum assured and I get higher
discounts on the premium amount.
The product is designed so simple that I
understand it so well.
I get tax benefits for the premium paid and for
the claim amount.
there, let’s go for this amazing product from Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance,
which is called Edelweiss Tokio Life – Criticare+ and forget about living with
impaired health. For more details of this product, please do visit them at or email them at


Tokio understands that “Insurance
Se Badkar Hai Aapki Zaroorat

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My Money Book
Hey! I got this prized possession
yesterday. It’s not money that I got, but perhaps the next best thing to it. My
money book, a book in which I can keep a record of money, or whatever little of
it that I have. So, whether you have enough money to keep you happy, as what
would be your definition of happiness with money, I am sure of one thing, this
book would be a great companion for a long and happy journey called life.
The guys who sent me this book,
yeah! The guys at Exide Life Insurance, it is. The mission and motto that these
guys have is to help their customers prepare financially for a long and happy
life. And why would they do it? It is because it is a life insurance company
serving over 10 lakh customers in over 200 cities in India, at present the
leading life insurance company in south India and slowly but steadily spreading
its wings by growing its franchise in other parts of the country.

That’s the reason they sent me
this Money Book so that I am happy, prepared financially for a long life. And
when I am happy, I blog, and here I am blogging the absolutely amazing reasons
why this “My Money Book” is important to you, me and each one of us.


Reasons why this Money Book is
important to me are many, but to list a few, it would be:
1.       It
helps me stay organised: And that’s needed for the disorganised me, who live at
the mercy of my daughter. My personal organiser that she is, I get to hear from
her every day what would be my fate, once she gets married and goes away and
has her own family and errands to take care of. This book would get me have all
my information in one place. It would help me put together the comprehensive
summary of all my financial information like a one stop shop.
2.       It’s
useful when I most need it: Absent minded that I am, my wife’s biggest
nightmare, I forget things when it is most needed. This book is what will allow
me to live my legacy without fear much to her happiness. This is just the right
kind of legacy book which will allow me to keep a reference of all the
financial records of myself as well as my family members.
3.       It
is useful to my family too: Absent minded and disorganised sure I am, but not
someone who wouldn’t be worried about my family’s financial needs and their
needs when I may not be around. So, all those investments and savings for and
on them, I can record here in this book, just in case they need to access them.
Yeah, let me be candid to admit, perhaps, when I am not around, my already overburdened
wife shouldn’t have the inconvenience of searching for documents or remembering
payment dates.
4.       It’s
easy and simple: I don’t know how my daughter keeps it so easy and simple,
which I find it so difficult. My portfolio manager and accountant that my
princess is, she keeps my financial records update in a jiffy. With this book,
I can relieve her little to be in her childhood pranks, because it has covered
almost all the important information that could be required by me.
5.       It’s
a comprehensive record: The only thing I can be proud of is being a
comprehensive Dad to my daughters, being their friend and confidante wherever
and whenever they need me. And I can give this book a few marks to get close to
what I am. Ha! Ha!, that’s true. This book is quite specially designed to help
me create a consolidated, comprehensive record of all my financial engagements,
making me thrive to be a better Dad.


The Exide Life Insurance, the
brain behind this “My Money Book”, a company which commenced operations in
September 2001, a Company 100% owned by Exide Industries Ltd., India’s largest
manufacturer of electric storage and its biggest power storage solutions

And when such a company, which is
the foremost and the most trusted battery brand in India, a name which has
almost become synonymous with the term battery, would their life insurance
company be any less good. Exide Life Insurance has over 35 thousand advisers,
alliances with various regional co-operative banks and corporate agents and a
bankassurance partnership with ING Vysya Bank, having over 500 branches across


So here it is my review of “My
Money Book”. Like the book, or the amazing life insurance plans on offer by
Exide Life Insurance, please do get in touch with them on email at
or visit for further



I would appreciate a honest
feedback to my blog at
from all my readers as to what else can be incorporated in this book in the
next edition, so that we all can have a still longer and happier journey called

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When the Finance Minister rose
to present the Union Budget 2015 in the Indian Parliament, there were high
hopes of the basic exemption limits being increased. To be honest, I too was
among the optimistic Indians.
However, minutes after dashing
the hopes of millions, the advocate in our Finance Minister cleverly slipped in
an interesting figure in his budget speech. It was a figure which left many
curious and wondering. With a sly smile, when he mentioned that after taking
into account the tax concessions given to middle-class taxpayers in his last
budget and this one, an individual tax payer will get a total tax benefit of
An amazing figure, he came up
with, which set the calculation boards and the mathematical minds at work. No
explanations were given and no clarifications mentioned by the Finance
Minister. He just mentioned this magic figure and left the common man to figure
it out himself.
Unfortunately being in the
finance profession, I too was flooded with calls from clients, friends and
their paraphernalia as to what light I can shed on this magic figure which
suddenly became worthier than a million dollars.
Needless to say, I had to put
my old accounting mind to use, my eldest daughter, fortunately pursuing her CA
under me, came of help, with a much fresher brain than the rustier mine.
And here is what we came out
with, amazingly satisfied as if we have done an Aryabhatta or a Ramanujam on a
mathematical theorem. For us, we needed to reply to our clients, and hence the
euphoria was nothing less than that.
So here is how it works,
according to us, and we needed to walk backward for the working, a kind of the
Michael Jackson moonwalk, you can say:
Taxable Income assumed as Nil
Add: Medical Insurance premia deduction u/s 80D
Add: Contribution to New Pension Scheme u/s 80CCD
Add: Contributions eligible u/s 80C
Gross Total Income
Add: Deduction for Interest on Housing Loan
Net Salary Income
Add: Deduction for Transport Allowance @ 1600 p.m.
Gross Salary Income
So, here is the magic figure
revealed. It is just an aggregation of the typical deductions that an
individual can now claim, after the budget proposals.
Dad and daughter smiled at
each other. Some unspoken words between us, but it were well understood by both
of us. We just had told to each other, wish the Finance Minister had been a bit
less dramatic.
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