My favorite Singaporean street treat
When I think of Singapore and its street
food the first and foremost thing which comes to my mind is Hokkien Mee.

Yeah, it’s true that this amazing
chicken dish can be found across the Asian belt of Malaysia and Thailand too,
but nothing to beat the authentic taste with which the hawkers here in
Singapore dish out this delicacy.
Stories and legends abound about the
origin of this dish, but most of the Singaporeans would swear that this
delicacy originate in the area of Rocher. This claim seems to have some
substance as I came to know that in many parts of the country this dish is even
called Rocher Mee. To be honest, if you travel across to the neighboring
Malaysia or even to Thailand, you would be served an absolutely different variety,
perhaps a fried back variety or perhaps you may even be surprised to be served
a soup variety.
As you intrude into the privacy of the
culinary secrets of the Singaporeans, you would be told that the dish Hokkien Mee actually refers to the thick yellow noodles which is lavishly used in and
forms the base of this preparation. A little prod further and you will be
pleasantly surprised that this variety of noodles had actually originated from
the Fujian province of China.

Even in Singapore as you travel across the
city and the country, you will be served with two different variations of this
dish. In some areas, you would get the wet type and in other places you may
perhaps be served with the dry variant. The wet variant is made using a
combination of yellow noodles and thick rice vermicelli, which they call as bee
hoon. For the wet variant, the thick bee hoon is replaced with the thin one.
I would always recommend tasting this
authentic dish from the hawkers only just because of the reason that they use
charcoal to fry their noodles. These hawkers who are no less than amazing Wok
masters in any way would swear by the use of charcoal stove as the best means
to heat a wok. Apart from the aroma of the charcoal that it lends to the dish,
the charcoal stove ensures that the wok is evenly heated, rather than a gas
stove which makes the bottom of the wok hotter than the sides.
For more details on authentic Singaporean food, please do visit

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My memorable day of togetherness
Togetherness is where the happiness lies. This is known to all, but
then its not everyone who gets this privilege and opportunity every time.
Our commitments, be it our
education, be it our profession and work, sometimes keep us away from being
with our families and our loved ones.
The day we get an opportunity
to spend valuable time together with our loved ones, it feels like bliss. No
amount of money is enough to buy this simple moments that we spend together
with our family.
My professional commitments
always used to keep me away from home for weeks and many months together. A
workaholic that I am, I was so engaged in my job that the climb in the ladder
of my career had totally blinded my responsibilities towards my family. As I
started living out of my suitcase, I began to take my family for granted.
Coming home late night after weeks of travel and sometimes leaving again early
morning the next day had almost become a regular norm.
My daughters, my princesses,
missed their dad and for them I slowly started becoming just another member in
the household. In my pursuit of gaining in my profession, I never realised that
I lost much more than I had bargained for. I was slowly losing my angels, my
three daughters.
Fortunately for me realisation
came fast and that was the day I quit my high flying job and walked out of the
office a proud man. It was the day, I decided that my accumulating bank balance
was not worth even to buy a little smile on my daughters’ faces.
I remember every moment of that
day, when I came home early to the surprise of my wife. As flabbergasted she
was as anyone would, as I broke the news, I didn’t have the courage to look
into her eyes seeking for an answer. Without even lifting my eyes to see her
reaction, I went to the room where my three princesses were studying. Never
having expected their Dad to be home at that hour, I could see the happiness in
their eyes and sense the anxiety in their hearts.
I can recollect each moment of
that incidence when I went up to them, pulled all of them towards me and hugged
them all together tightly. My daughters somehow never tried to resist though
such a behavior from their Dad was alien to them till then. I don’t remember
how long I held them close to my heart, but it seemed like hours that I cried
my heart out.
Finally, as the tears dried up,
I released them from my clutches but they weren’t moving. I saw that all three
were still clinging on to me. I gently kissed the head of each of them and for
once gathered the courage to look up for the first time. I saw my wife standing
at the door staring at me.
As I looked at her helplessly,
she came walking to me slowly, caressed my hair gently and just smiled. That
smile surely said a thousand words. It meant that she understood and respected
my decision.
The next one week was just
spent in bonding back with my daughters. Every single moment spent together
with them felt like having achieved a milestone for me. I hadn’t lost anything,
but that day, I gained a lot. I got back my princesses.
Today, almost more than a
decade since that fateful day in my life, my daughters are my life, and I am
their best friend and confidante. For this, I thank my stars for giving me the courage
and good sense to take the right decision that day.

Togetherness is bliss,
togetherness is heaven. We build a house and #together we make it a home so #lookup to

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My Mantra for de-stress to #SlowDownZindagi
The subject
itself takes makes me a bit nostalgic. It takes me back memory lanes to my childhood
days when life was just play and fun. That was a life without the stress, the restlessness,
the fatigue and the sleeplessness, the times when I really “slept like a baby”.

turned into adulthood, and with that went the era of happy and relaxed sleep
down the drain. “Sleeping like an adult” is now like being alert even during
rest. The mind keeps working round the clock and the fatigue and tiredness just
refuses to go away. How much I think of de-stressing, the pressure of work just
keeps piling up and adds up to my woes.

But in all
these anxious moments of life and livelihood, I have managed to create a few
options to rejuvenate and reinvent myself. These are the moments that are my
Mantra to #SlowDownZindagi
1.      Playing cricket: – Cricket had always my first and foremost love. My
pursuit of education and professional commitments had left me high and dry with
my love for playing the game. But now, wherever I go and see little children
playing on the streets, I ensure that I just jump into the game and play a few
shots. Just a few moments make me feel relaxed.

2.      Watching sports channels: – My love for sports extends across boundaries
and genres when I watch the games. Switching on the television set to take a
few moments of any game on any sports channel is an absolute de-stressing
potion for me.

3.      Reading: – Fiction is my preferred genre when it comes to reading and I
can manage to stay glued to the book like a worm from cover to cover for hours on
end.  An amazing intoxicant for my
otherwise stressed out life, I can just manage to be de-stressed and engrossed.

4.      Writing: – A new life for me developed recently but an old love, writing
just makes me happy and relaxed. Whenever I feel the stress of life pulling me
down, I just leave everything aside and pen down my thoughts of myriad subjects
and it creates in me a sense of achievement.

5.      Being with my children: – My kids, my daughters are my ultimate
relaxation. My three angels just make me forget all my worries and tensions and
just a few moments with them, sharing their stories and being a friend to them
makes me feel like a child all over again.

My quick ways to
de-stress, it has worked for me wonderfully, whenever I feel that this life for
me has become too much to handle. Oh! Yeah, I forgot to mention, last but not
the least, I get my daughters to massage my head with oil and they know that
their Dad really loves it.

am going to try a new quick way to De-stress & #SlowDownZindagi using Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil in
association with BlogAdda

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