As we are into the festival of Holi, a festival celebrated with great
fun and fervor across our Country, I just hope that it helps to bring the
society together and strengthen the secular fabric of our country.
While celebrating this festival, let understand the true meaning and
significance of its celebration. Let us celebrate Holi not by just splashing
water and colours on one another, but by way of celebrating it with the colours
of unity and brotherhood. The true meaning of this festival will be realized only
if we use it as an opportunity to forget all difference and indulge in
unadulterated fun.
The true meaning of Holi is not to smear others’ faces with toxic
colours and paints, but to understand that we need to colour our hearts with
all the colours of the world so that there remains no distinction of case,
creed colour, race, status or sex.
We need to smear the colour of love on each other so that we break all
barriers of discrimination and we start looking at everyone as same and try to
reaffirm universal brotherhood.
We would be celebrating Holi in its true spirit, only if we reach out to
others with the colours of joy with love and forgiveness. With so much hatred
around the world in the name of religion, let us try to lift the veil of anger
and acrimony and reach out to each other.
Let us understand the true meaning of the colours. Understanding the
basic colours with which all others are made up would make us understand that
we just need to imbibe these basic tenets of all religions, and we would be
able to mix up with each other so easily.
Red which symbolizes
action, confidence, courage and vitality;
symbolizes life, nature, fertility and well-being:
symbolizes youth, spirituality, truth and peace.

If we practice
the real meaning of this festival, God will surely wet us with all the colours
in right proportion.
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My escapades with the happiness of my babies, the Dry Baby Happy Baby
Bringing up children is no child’s
play. The most important part of a parents’ life while bringing up kids is to
understand and realise what makes them happy. The toughest phase in this endeavour
is the age when our babies are still not able to communicate.

Three angels, seeing them grow
up, their tantrums and their moods, as a Dad, I surely have had my fair share
of this.

Though grown into adults and teenagers
already, I can still reminisce those moments of each one of them, as tiny tots,
all but as big as they could fit into my two hands. As I imagine those moments,
time flashes before me as if it was just yesterday that all these had happened.
Perhaps the fortune of having been granted the opportunity of redoing it for my
three daughters’ one after the other keeps those sweet memories fresh in my
Redoing and rejoicing these
moments thrice all over, there were varied moments of happiness for my kids.
Each one of them had their own distinct moods and choices, each having their
specific sweet silly and fun things that made my babies happy.

The eldest one had her happy
moments dancing to the peppy numbers that used to be played on the radio. She
was so musically inclined that even when she was crying for food, the sound of
music would turn her on and she would start shaking her legs. Starting from the
time when she would just lie on her back and lift her legs in the air gyrating
to the tune played till when she started learning to stand holding on the
furniture, I remember how she would get so engrossed moving to the music that
she would forget that she is holding on to something and would end up falling
to the floor.

When the second one came of that
age, I surely tried out the same old tricks but she refused to budge unless her
choices were adhered to. The tiny little lifeless creatures with their hands
and legs moving, that is the pretty dolls and tiny mannequins, were her source
of joy and thrill. She would just hold on to these dolls, or just lie down next
to them and be so content and happy that she wouldn’t even realise as to when
and how we used to feed her.

The third one was smarter than
her earlier siblings and was surely not the one who could be so easily
persuaded by music or toys. Quick to learn perhaps from her sisters’ foolish
fetishes, she settled for more realistic objects to satisfy her quest for
happiness. The little puppy at our neighbors’ place was what had kept her busy
and happy. Surprisingly the little animal too had developed a liking for my
baby and would come running towards her with affection the moment we opened our
house doors to let it in.

But I share my stories of the
little things that had made my babies happy as infants and tiny tots, one thing
that comes to my mind for the peaceful pursuit of happiness for my toddlers, the
major role that played to keep them engrossed in their happiness was the dry
diapers which kept pace with my baby’s happy moments. And when it comes to
diapers, which other name can come to our mind than Pampers, which has almost
become a synonym for diapers.

Having brought up three kids, I
thing I know for sure is that a full tummy and a dry diaper is probably what
kick starts this happy mood. While most diapers just focus on being leak proof
and ensure dryness on the outside, only the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants promises
dryness for the baby on the inside. Its magic gel locks in moisture so that my
baby’s skin remains dry and healthy for up to 12 hours. And a dry baby is a
happy baby.

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My Look Up story, how I feel optimistic
This is a story about me. This is
a story of my life. It is a story around moments that fill me with optimism and
hope for the future. The beginning of the story dates back to over 23 years ago
when it all started and it continues for me ever since.
As I was growing up into
adulthood, I had always fashioned myself as a person who had dreamt of living life
to its fullest, a dream to live life on my terms, a life without boundaries, a
life without limits. As would any other young adult of my age think at that
time, I was quite sure of the fact that my dream can be fulfilled only alone
and not walking this life with someone else.
And so when I decided to get
hitched for the rest of my life, it was not as pleasant a thought for me as
anyone would imagine. But then, logic, love and common sense prevailed and the
wonderful thought of tying the knot and getting in to share a part of my life
with my lady love overshadowed every other thought at that time.
But life took its toll as the daily
grind for bread and butter snatched away the maximum time of my life and when
one such dull morning, as I was getting ready to go to work, my wife announced
the inevitable, I honestly had difficulty in getting that smile on my face to
please her. It was not as if I never wanted it, but when it did come, I had
assumed that another member to our household and it would be the end of my
Views change so fast and so does
our perspective. I remember the day, I was prancing away in front of the
operation theater when the nurse brought to me a tiny bundle of joy wrapped
around fully and put it in my open arms 
I can’t imagine how the world changed for me the day I got my baby, my
beautiful princess, my first daughter. Her eyes were closed but I felt I could
look into her eyes and it was a moment which filled me with complete optimism.

I was a changed man altogether,
and then came more good news for me. God was far too benevolent for me, I
presume for He gave me two more beautiful angels very soon.

My home suddenly became heaven
for me. My three princesses, one after the other, as they grew up in my arms,
holding on their tiny fingers to mine, clinging on to my chest as I put them to
sleep, walking with me on the streets, demanding little insignificant things
that meant the world to them, learning from me and making me learn, I just
could not imagine life any better than this as time just flew before the two of
them grew up to be adults rubbing shoulders with Dad while the third one about
to venture into teen hood.

So, this story of optimism for
me, which started 23 years back, continues till date. My daughters, my life,
for whom I am their best friend, their idol, with whom they share everything,
bring in so much optimism for me that my whole life circles around them today.
As my angels have decided to
pursue their respective careers, I look into their eyes and am so content and
happy that it makes me feel so optimistic about their future, their life, which
is what my future is, my life is.

Look up to  the way my three angels look up to me, their Dad and I see in their eyes, the story of my optimism

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with optimism, meet the new housing, bringing optimism to the world, please do
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