And so started my new life
Most of us have lived several
lives juggling between one and the other, finally deciding to settle down in
one, honestly not knowing what is in store for us and what it beckons. The sad
and ugly truth of life is that it is only after we almost live a life half way
through that we realize the naked truth that the path we chose to ignore
perhaps would have been a bed of roses.
If we introspect the lives that
we chose instead of lamenting on it, a majority would come to the conclusion
that perhaps it was not that harsh a decision that they had taken. For the
purpose of this introspection, we just need to look at our lives through the
eyes of another person.
As with everyone else, I too had
my fair share of the jugglery with life before settling down. After completing
my professional education, as insisted by my conservative parents, I had
started applying for secured jobs and ended up joining a well known
multinational with a decent pay package which apart from everything else to satisfy
me, did the least of me being happy at seeing my parents elated.
Good job, decent salary, a
reasonable house on rent, the specific pre-requisites to settle down in life
for a conservative south Indian family, the peer pressure to get married
weighed down on me before I took the plunge into matrimony and martyrdom with
the woman of my life. And before even I could realize and react, the financial
burden of the tiny tots at home, my daughters, meant that the job and its
inherent promotions and increments was the road ahead for me.
However, fate had different plans
for me and so had my intuition. Ever since I completed my professional
education, I had always dreamt of starting something on my own, a dream of starting a new life of my own, the dream which
had been so heavily scuttled down by the financial commitments and parental
That fateful morning, I decided to
go by my heart than by my mind, when I walked into the HR department of my
Company and requested to be relieved of my job. The routine notice period, the
full and final settlement and very soon, I was out of the office of the conglomerate
and was standing outside the local printer, giving orders for my own business stationery.
My first very own visiting card,
declaring my name as the proprietor of my dream venture was nothing less than a
vision come true for me, but the hard road ahead was yet to be seen. The
expenses, the EMI, the outgo had continued where it stood when I used to walk
away with a healthy credit of salary in my bank account every month, but the
deposits in the account were just not happening. A month passed with just one
sided entries to my bank account and then the next few months went the same
Parents, in-laws and friends
alike started questioning the reasoning behind my decision and suddenly the
road ahead felt too uphill. But then, I had already treated this road and I had
to walk, and so I did, slowly and steadily climbing up the hill with the firm
belief that a climb will only reach me to the elixir.
As I gained strength from my
self-belief, the walk started feeling less tiresome, the occasional credits
started trickling in to my bank account which kept me going and very soon, my
small dream became an enterprise of my own, the journey of my new life had begun.
Today, as I proudly look behind
the hard decision that I took that fateful day, the decision to look-up instead
of looking straight, I feel honored to have been granted the good sense to have
the courage to walk up the HR department of my company with that simple piece
of paper in my hand, my resignation letter with a gleam in my eyes to #StartANewLife.

Just like the story of how I started off with my new life, choosing to venture out on my own, everyone would be having their own stories of how they have affected changes in their lives and started over, started anew.

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adopted Mumbai as my Karmabhomi (translated as the place where one earns his
livelihood), landing here more than two decades back with my first job after
completing my professional education, it soon became my adopted permanent abode
with my daughters having made it their Janmabhoomi (translated as the place
where one is born) and refusing to budge to any other smaller and perhaps more
peaceful habitat where mere mortals dwell in perfect synchronization with
nature, which perhaps I grossly miss having relinquished and sacrificed those
real worldly pleasures assuming it to be the inexplicable forfeit in my pursuit
of livelihood.
here in this Mayanagari (translated as the city of illusions), where reality is
undermined by illusionary assumptions, where the stock markets are run by
sentiments and not by fundamentals, where you live next door as neighbors to
complete strangers for years together, where day and night is decided by when
the people to decide to take rest and not by the movement of the earth around
the sun and the moon around the earth, where there is just a subtle difference
between the bhai (loose connotation for the underworld goon) and the neta (Hindi
word for the leader, being used generally with respect to the political class),
can the aam-aadmi (translated as the common man) be left untouched and unfettered
by this blinding madness.
political bigwigs who make and break this city had been the Shiv-Sena with or
without the BJP and the Congress. The last assembly elections in the state,
which kept a honest onlooker like me wondering if NOTA (acronym for “None of
the above”, an option provided by the country’s election commission to the so
assumed literate voting class to reject the candidature of all proportions) has
just been reduced to a farce, saw the routing of the Congress and the
differences between the till-then colonial cousins Shiv-Sena and BJP coming to
fore prompting them to break their alliance to fight it out on their own.
My two
decade long association with this city surely had at least made the impact of
not assuming that the differences between the cousins are just confined to a
power-tussle within the coalition government. I can recollect that their tussle
had since long been extended to the celebration of the birth anniversary of the
most revered Emperor of the state of olden days, Shivaji.
arose yet again this time when the government run by BJP declared that
Chatrapati (as the Emperor is fondly called) was born on February 19 but the
Shiv-Sena refusing to acknowledge the same arguing that this date is based on
the Gregorian calendar and the birthday should be celebrated as per the Hindu
calendar in which the dates keep shifting, in the month of March but definitely
not as early as Feb-19th. This year, it was celebrated on March-8, (which
prompted me to write this blog).
At a
time when historians are still not sure of even the real year of birth of the warrior
king, debating between 1627 AD and 1630 AD, these political honchos seem to be
pretty sure of even the dates.
In all
this brouhaha where these netas get the opportunity to their fair share of publicity
and the opportunity to spend money from the public exchequer on the
celebrations twice a year, as I pass through a towering statue of Chatrapati
Shivaji on my way to earn my livelihood every morning, I can’t resist looking
into the eyes of the bronze king wielding a sword and sitting high on a horse.

I see poor Shivaji as confused as I am

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Stories can be woven around
anything. But then there are stories about real life incidents. These are the
stories which we recollect and remember again and again. These are the stories
which we look up to in optimism.
My look up story is actually the
story of my kids, my daughters, my beautiful princesses, my angels, and my
life. My story of optimism starts and ends with them.
Since the time I became an adult
and much before I decided to settle down in life in matrimony, something which
had always drawn my fascination were kids. Whether it was kids playing across
the street or the little urchin being carried by the beggar at the signal, I
could never resist myself from the temptation of fondling them.
Whenever I had thought of
children of my own, I had always fascinated by having beautiful and loving
daughters who would be with me to love me, care for me and look up to me for
inspiration. Call it destiny or may be the fruits of my earlier good deeds, I
was indeed blessed to be gifted not one, not two but three beautiful angels.
The wonderful time I had bringing
up my princesses is nothing short of fantasy but like every fairy tale which
needs to wind up, my little daughters slowly and steadily grew up. Before I
could even realise, today as I look at them, I can’t even imagine that they
have grown up to be adults and teenagers.
Whether it is my 23 year old
eldest daughter already into adulthood and today my best friend and confidante,
or my second daughter, on the verge of completing her teen-ship and ready to
join her elder sibling in adulthood in just a few days turning 18 or my
cherubic little one, standing on the brink of being called a teenager, just
crossed 12 and eagerly awaiting the teen crown next year, they still seem to be
the little infants for me even now.
My daughters have always found me
to be available for them to share their woes, their happiness and their
concerns or worries. I am so fortunate that my daughters treat me like their
friend and that I know them inside out. And for me too, as their Dad, I am
eagerly waiting for all three of them to take over the mantle from me. My
eldest daughter is already my pillar of support, my child having already
shouldered the responsibility of emotionally taking care of her Dad in his old
and failing age. The kind of values that she has tried to imbibe in her two
younger siblings, I am only proud to be waiting to see the other two angels too
grow up to be such responsible adults as my elder one is.
My daughters are whom I would
always look up to seek happiness in my life. In my pursuit of happiness, I have
indeed been blessed to have these three angels whom I am honoured to look after
in their childhood and who I know would be there to look after me in their
As my princesses would move up in
life pursuing their respective careers, I would look into their eyes with
content and happiness and be optimistic about their future, their life, which
is indeed what my future really is. I would always look up to them and that
will ever be my source of optimism.

Live life with optimism, look up
and learn how to do it. Check out
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