Axis Mobile – Carry the Bank in your pocket
“Carry the Bank in your pocket” –
yeah! That’s the tag line and this mobile banking application launched by Axis
Bank promises just that.


How many times have we not
shuddered at the thought of having required to make that tedious journey to our
bank branches’, negotiating the traffic snarls on the way, and then again end
up queuing up at the counters to transact business. And consider the irritation,
when we know that we are doing all this to handle our own money, which is lying
at the mercy of the bankers.
Came the era of internet banking
and all these started becoming obsolete. What we could do only by a visit to
the Bank could now be done sitting at the comforts of our homes and offices. But
then, we needed to be at home or office to do all these. What about people like
me, always on the move? People who live out of their suitcases! They probably
have to take a day off or depend on the mercy of others to help them out with
their banking routines.
This problem was addressed with the
advent of the mobile banking. It was banking on the tiny rectangular piece of
engineering marvel that we hold in our palms and carry around with us
everywhere, the thing that we call our smart-phone. Yeah! You heard it right.
The banking transactions slowly got shifted to the mobile platform. But virtual
banking, you can say, was mired with controversies, instances and news of
security being breached, phishing, and our hard earned money just vanishing
into thin air. People somehow could not trust the invention too sincerely.
As Banks were losing out
customers on this significant sector, someone needed to take the lead to herald
the era of secure banking on the mobile. Who else could lead the way in this
than Axis Bank which had always excelled in providing financial solutions to
the customers with smart use of technology, a bank which ensures fair practices
and complete transparency in it transactions?
The Axis Bank Mobile application was
born which would go ahead and revolutionize the way, banking is transacted.
With this simple, user-friendly, convenient and secure mobile banking application,
banking became just a touch away, whichever may be the platform, whether
Android, i-Phone or Windows. You just need any one of the following OS
(operating system) on your smart phone and you are ready to do banking on the
a)      Android
b)      iOS
c)       Windows
d)      Mobile
Web (from Mobile browsers)This mobile application can be
used by all the customers of Axis Bank. In short, you need not be an account
holder holding a savings or current account to be able to operate this application.
You hold a credit card of the bank, or just have a loan, housing or vehicle or
otherwise, from the bank, you can transact your business through this application.
Furthermore, you need not be residing in India to operate this, as it is
available for customers across the globe, whether residents or non-residents.

So it is for:
a)      Saving
account holders
b)      Current
account holders
c)       Credit
card holders
d)      Loan
account customers
e)      A
combination of one or more of the above.
I am just amazed by the features
of this mobile banking application. I can just go on and on, if I am asked to
speak on this, but when I write, I need to unfortunately restrict myself. Oh
poor readers, wish I could come personally and explain to you. But just a few
of them here, and you would be in awe of it:
1.       So
many multiple statements, so many call centres to call up, I used to be really
fed up. Now I can view my account statements, my deposits summary, my credit
card summary as also the entire details of my various loan accounts under one
2.       Always
a fan of plastic money, I don’t think twice before flaunting my credit card on
shopping sprees, but on happy realizations after coming back home, I always
used to wonder, and how much would be my damages in the next billing cycle. Now
I don’t have to worry about the payment due dates. I can view my unbilled
transactions and pay off as and when I have the resources to do it.
3.       I
don’t now have to worry about missing the deadline in paying the utility bills
and them standing at my doorstep threatening to discontinue the services. I can
view and schedule bill payments on the go, so that it automatically gets
debited from my account on the due date or on the date that I wish.
4.       As
I am getting addicted to their mobile banking features, the bank is continuously
adding more and more awe-inspiring features. The latest on the list is the
facility to convert my transactions into EMI, block and replace my credit card
instantly before even the thief attempts a transaction.  I feel like going on a big shopping expedition
and I can check my eligibility for credit limit increase and apply for the same
so that on the date of my splurging, I am not embarrassed.
I am tired going on and on, but
the list is never ending. One would say, these features are almost there in
other banks’ applications too. So what’s new? Of course there is; some of them
being absolutely unique to Axis Bank mobile banking alone. Do you want to hear
it out? Then here I go.
1.       I
feel the need and necessity to transfer funds urgently to somebody, whether an
Axis bank account holder or not. I can do that now by just adding beneficiaries
and transferring funds on real time, absolutely instantly.
2.       I
now have the authority to fix up my own transaction limits. It is up to be me
to decide whether I want it at only Rs.50,000/- or I can be magnanimous to my
wife and family, and put it at a whooping Rs.10 lakhs.
3.       Absolutely
unique is the Axis Bank reward points, wherein you can accumulate reward points
for anything. So you now need not spend money on purchases if you are not a
shopaholic, you just keep your funds in your account and you get reward points
even for the balances in your account.
Being a finance
guy, I am very particular about the safety features. I would never attempt
anything unless I am sure of it. And so with the Axis Bank mobile banking
application, I can be absolutely sure and secure. The amazing feature that
takes care of this aspect is the SIM locking, which allows anyone to onboard
the application only with the Bank registered mobile number (RMN). And at every
stage you need not just your mobile phone with you; you need your MPIN which is
known only to you, as secret as what you know about your neighbor’s wife J
features are plenty, but to name a few:
1.       I
can add beneficiaries using the 2FA security, which means that I need not use
the internet banking for making fund transfers, thereby compromising on security.
2.       I
can switch off and on my debit cards at my whims and fancies. I feel that my
card has been misplaced, just switch it off in a jiffy; find it and switch it
on again.
3.       Your
mobile phone gets stolen, which is quite common these days, still no one can
access the application without the MPIN. But still, you want to be doubly sure,
just get the app account terminated in the phone.
4.       Feel
that grown up kids using your phone can splurge on online purchases, using the
app, just moodily the daily transaction limit for the app as per your needs and
surprise the kids.
5.       The
online requests for blocking and replacing the credit cards are so instant and
hassle free that I need not worry a bit on misplacing it.
6.       Amazingly,
Axis Bank has thought much beyond we could. You need time to get assimilated to
the features, and hence using third party help. The Bank understands this and
the daily transactions limit is restricted to only Rs.30,000/- for the first 5
days after registration.
All these are
what I would want from my mobile banking application. For those guys who are
still hard to please, here are some pleasing features too.
1.       Just
check out and find offers near you whenever you want.
2.       Give
a personalized touch to transactions by adding photos for your accounts and
3.       Feel
like short of funds, but still need to go for that online sale, you can view
and redeem edge loyalty points at any time.
4.       Social
worms can have their social media seamlessly integrated into the application.
5.       Got
tempted to buy that expensive diamond necklace for your wife but now wondering
how to pay it off on the due date? Smile and convert your credit card transactions
into EMI with one simple click.
6.       A
snob, you get irritated logging in and typing info every single time, you can
set your most frequent transactions as favorites for one click payments.
7.       Last
but not the least, our priorities change and the Bank adapts to it. We just
recorder the menu as per our choice.
Isn’t that enough? We would say,
Yes! But these techno-freaks at the Bank don’t seem to think so. We are in for
surprise regularly with new features being added every 45 days, since it was
launched in August 2013. Just the beginning of this month of Feb 2nd
was the last update and be prepared to get some more pleasant surprises in the
next update due on 15th March.
So, just get, set go and carry
the bank in your pocket with a smile. Axis Bank is there to travel with you
everywhere. Start banking a new way, your way!



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My review of the book – When She Smiled by Ritoban Chakraborti
Before I start my review, let me
put the last things first for a change. Ritoban Chakraborti, making his first
foray into the field of literature, has really given an absolutely fresh and
honest view with his debut novel.

The story revolves around a
teenager grown and brought up in the extremely picturesque and poetic town of
Shimla. The scenic beauty of the locale where the story is spun adds more
melodramatic value to this teenage love story.
I would be too judgmental in
calling it a love story since it describes the turbulent mind of a 15 year
adolescent who falls in love, his first crush and learns and realizes it the
real hard way, the mystery about the girls of his age, their aspirations and
their thinking.
While narrating the various
confused state of mind, the protagonist in the story goes through, it makes us
as the reader relate to the situation of all the troubles that one faces in his
life and how in such situations, what one expects is just a few gestures of
love from someone he really adores, admires and loves. It makes us feel that
such gestures, though may be built on false promises and aspirations, but can
really change the way we start looking at things and make us come out of those
troubles for the moment.
As the story takes a turn from
adulation to heartbreak, it again brings us to the same cross roads and forces
us to think that whatever these small gestures of love had made can so easily
be undone and change us in our thinking. However, whether it is the gesture of
love or a rejection resulting in heartbreak, the author has sublimely
highlighted the fact that it does provide us a different perspective of looking
at things, at the world and at us ourselves as a person in introspection.
As I read through the book, I can
relate this story to all the young boys and girls during their teenage school
and college days who surely would have fallen in love, whether reciprocated
love, or calf low or one sided infatuation and crush. This story quite candidly
explains how a sincere and honest young boy falls for the smile and guile of a
new girl in class and how he ends up realizing that his world is actually much
beyond the smile of the girl which he assumes to be his world. The story honestly
makes me fall in love with the character of Roy, feel for his aspirations and
turbulence and at the end desire that he really was worth much more than he
The character of Roy very easily
mingles within the minds of the readers as we all during our teenage days were
weighed down by the pressure of performance by our parents, to just concentrate
on our studies with the assumption that it will only make us something worthy.
A little word of caution though
in my review that I would surely like to add is that since I could narrate the
entire story as seen from the angle and eyes of the main protagonist, Roy, it
somehow left me high and dry to really know what was going through the minds of
the charming little Akansha. There had been occasions when I had pitied her,
and there had been occasions where I had hated her. However, I felt that I
should have known her side of the story before being that judgmental about what
she did and how she behaved with Roy.
The added twist to the story by
knocking of the ever caring Ashima, the elder sister to Roy, I felt was an
unwanted element to this otherwise smooth sailing narrative. As a reader, I
felt that this particular incident was a bit unwarranted as it did not achieve
the result of changing anything to the mindset and nature of Roy, which perhaps
was the intention of the author, while adding this tragedy.
Though the story travels quite
smoothly and is a good read for people who would like to have a causal read.
The usual twists and turns, including, jumping from one narrative to a totally
contradictory and different one in between split in chapters, is certainly
wanting in this lucid presentation. Such twists and turns are what keeps the
reader engaged and I felt that this novel lost out on that count.
I compliment the author for
keeping a smooth flow of the events in an even pace throughout the story though
perhaps he somehow tried to slightly hurry up things in the last three chapters
which I felt was like shifting gears in the middle of a smooth ride. However,
the joyful ending perhaps makes up for this flaw.

All in all, I would give this book a rating of
3.5 : 5, a good, honest and sincere attempt by a first time author.

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My Review of the Book – “Ramayana – The Game of Life – Shattered Dreams – Book-2” by Shubha Vilas
an avid writer on religion and rituals, more as a critic than as a supporter, I
was a bit skeptic when I was offered to review this particular book. The
skepticism was borne not out of my short of confidence in my reading virtues
but from the fact that how would I, more of a rationalist thinker, would relate
to a book on mythology.
as I started reading it, my apprehensions were laid to rest, because I found
the author narrating lucidly the life history of a part of one of the biggest
mythological stories ever written and also linking it quite easily relating to
the problems and predicaments that we so commonly face in our daily life.
being with, to give a brief synopsis of what to expect from this book, I need
to say that this book, Shattered Dreams is the sequel to the national
bestseller, Rise of the Sun Prince, which is an innovative writing experience
by Shubha Vilas in his adventure of trying to present the new spiritual and
motivational series Ramayana – The Game of Life.
I have not read the first book in this series, from the first page itself, as a
reader, I could very easily relate that it takes up from where the first book
ended with the narration of the twelve joyful years of the wedded life of Rama
and Sita in Ayodhya. I felt that the narrative has been quite sublime to get the
reader involved in the story without leaving a void to be required to think of
what must have happened in the prequel.
In this
book, Shubha Vilas attempts to narrate the volatile drama of the reasoning and
the logic as well as the circumstances behind Rama’s exile to the forest for 14
years. The author also tries to bring out the wavering thoughts in the minds of
Rama and his younger brother while preparing for the exile which makes the
reader understand the complexities of human relationship in a very subtle and
simple manner.
the author has not dared to deviate from the original epic, being Valimiki’s
“Ramayana” as the guiding force and light and the inspiration behind his
narration, it gives the reader an aura of mythological contentment and glee of
being able to imagine the religious gods that they adore and adulate while at
the same time understand the complex nature of the reasoning and logic behind
every action, which may seem to us at first attempt to be absolutely wrong and
Vilas has been very successful in quoting and in trying to entwine in between
the poetic verses from the Ramcharitmanasas too, without being too
philosophical in his narration. The poetic narrations and their explanations
provided by the author aptly strikes a chord in the reader’s mind as to how
much relevance this ancient epic holds in our modern life.
author, being a motivational speaker himself, by profession, seems to have
mastered the art of preaching through his words, how to handle the various
vices that we come across life, like temptation and also how to stand steadfast
in case of any major reversals in life. The actions of Bharata and the persona
of Rama and Lakshmana as narrated herein are leading examples of the above. It
also attempts to show us by way of narration of Sita’s courage, how easily and
comfortably we should be willing to adopt and explore beyond our known
boundaries, the well defined comforts of life that we become so used to.
anti-heroes have also been given apt coverage whether it is the painful
explanation of the internal turmoil of Dasaratha or the vengeful actions of
Kaikeyi or even while getting the readers into the minds of Ravana.
All in
all, after reading this book, I felt that the author has done an extensive and
epic research of the subject and has augured well to present to the readers the
basic reasoning and explanations for the actions and inactions of each and
every character in the story.

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target=”_blank”> Book Review Program </a> for <a
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