My Look Up story, how I feel optimistic
This is a story about me. This is
a story of my life. It is a story around moments that fill me with optimism and
hope for the future. The beginning of the story dates back to over 23 years ago
when it all started and it continues for me ever since.
As I was growing up into
adulthood, I had always fashioned myself as a person who had dreamt of living life
to its fullest, a dream to live life on my terms, a life without boundaries, a
life without limits. As would any other young adult of my age think at that
time, I was quite sure of the fact that my dream can be fulfilled only alone
and not walking this life with someone else.
And so when I decided to get
hitched for the rest of my life, it was not as pleasant a thought for me as
anyone would imagine. But then, logic, love and common sense prevailed and the
wonderful thought of tying the knot and getting in to share a part of my life
with my lady love overshadowed every other thought at that time.
But life took its toll as the daily
grind for bread and butter snatched away the maximum time of my life and when
one such dull morning, as I was getting ready to go to work, my wife announced
the inevitable, I honestly had difficulty in getting that smile on my face to
please her. It was not as if I never wanted it, but when it did come, I had
assumed that another member to our household and it would be the end of my
Views change so fast and so does
our perspective. I remember the day, I was prancing away in front of the
operation theater when the nurse brought to me a tiny bundle of joy wrapped
around fully and put it in my open arms 
I can’t imagine how the world changed for me the day I got my baby, my
beautiful princess, my first daughter. Her eyes were closed but I felt I could
look into her eyes and it was a moment which filled me with complete optimism.

I was a changed man altogether,
and then came more good news for me. God was far too benevolent for me, I
presume for He gave me two more beautiful angels very soon.

My home suddenly became heaven
for me. My three princesses, one after the other, as they grew up in my arms,
holding on their tiny fingers to mine, clinging on to my chest as I put them to
sleep, walking with me on the streets, demanding little insignificant things
that meant the world to them, learning from me and making me learn, I just
could not imagine life any better than this as time just flew before the two of
them grew up to be adults rubbing shoulders with Dad while the third one about
to venture into teen hood.

So, this story of optimism for
me, which started 23 years back, continues till date. My daughters, my life,
for whom I am their best friend, their idol, with whom they share everything,
bring in so much optimism for me that my whole life circles around them today.
As my angels have decided to
pursue their respective careers, I look into their eyes and am so content and
happy that it makes me feel so optimistic about their future, their life, which
is what my future is, my life is.

Look up to  the way my three angels look up to me, their Dad and I see in their eyes, the story of my optimism

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I have a beef against #BeefBan
Hey guys! I am not a beef lover. In fact, I don’t
even eat beef. Chicken, mutton is perhaps what I splurge in once a while, and
fish is my love. On the contrary, have slowly been trying to turn vegan over
the years, nothing to do with any religious sentiments, but with age, I am
cutting down on my dietary intake and meat contributing a major portion of that
restricted diet.
So, not a beef eater, but I vehemently oppose
this move. I would have no qualms to say that it is downright stupid. How would
you even think of enacting laws which stops people from eating their food, the
food that they have been eating for ages?
I find no logic, no rhyme nor reason in this bill
which was passed in 1995 and pending for President’s approval for 10 long
years. I honestly thought, our present President had some common sense, but
seems that it has been deprived of him too off late.
And then why just beef, why not pork, and why not
chicken and why not mutton? If the Government feels that it is a real animal
lover, let us ban everything and let’s turn into a vegan country. I do not have
any problems with this, and so would not have many. But just targeting the beef
eaters is absolutely ridiculous.

This move surely sounds “fishy”. Or is it fish
that they are going to ban next? Rotten meat! This move really stinks. It
stinks of political conspiracy; it smells of some idiotic move to thrust the
views of the so assumed majority over the minority. But then, who gave the
government the authority to assume that this is indeed the views of the
majority. You are not custodians of a religion, my dear, you are supposed to be
the custodians of the citizens, and that’s precisely the reason we have voted
and put you up there. Lest you forget, the honeymoon is just for five years.
It sounds so ridiculous to even mention here in
my post what the Hon. Chief Minister of the state had tweeted immediately after
the President’s approval. Though ashamed, I quote here, ‘Thanks a lot Hon President Sir for the assent on
Maharashtra Animal Preservation Bill. Our dream of ban on cow slaughter becomes
a reality”. Seriously! My dear CM, was that your dream? You would surely
put Martin Luther King Jr. to shame.
And to top it up, just wondering what the heck is
the penalty imposed. Fine of Rs.10,000 and/or imprisonment for 5 years. Have
the drafters of the enactment gone off their mind? So, is beef eating a graver
offence than sexual harassment, which invites imprisonment of only 2 years?

It is a sincere appeal from a beef non-eater,
Hey! Government, ‘moo” on. Let people eat what they want. 
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Absent minded, forgetful,
Hey! These are some of the titles
people have used over the years to describe me. Irresponsible, that’s too much
of a compliment, I would say, but absent minded, forgetful, yes, that’s what
you can attribute to me.
But then, how and why? The
million dollar question always pops up. How did you study? How the hell did you
manage to clear these exams? I honestly smile and keep quiet. Let this be a
closely guarded secret. Ha! Ha!
But then no secret is worth if
not shared. Yeah, that’s true, unless there is that thrill of sudden shiver
down your spine thinking that someone would get the cat out of the closet.
Why should I wait for the devil
to come with the keys to my closet? And what’s the big deal? Am I going to be
crucified for telling the truth? Let me be honest enough to admit that I am all
these, yeah, these expletives used to describe me. And now, after the
confession, comes the revelation.
I do remember the things that I
need to remember. First things first, my whole world revolves around three
angels, my daughters who are my life, as much as I am for them. They dot on me,
their Dad and I am their super-hero. Yeah! You heard it right, the super-hero
that you see in the comic strips, and the one who can do anything. And that’s
what I am for my princesses. They need anything, their Dad is there. They want
anything to be done, their Dad is there. Or perhaps even when anything to be
undone, their Dad is to be there.
So playing super-hero, requires a
good amount of memory, believe me. I need to remember a lot of things. I need
to remember to get up early morning every single day and wake up my eldest
daughter, so that she goes on time for her classes. I need to remember where my
youngest daughter has kept her drawing kits, just before she leaves for her
drawing lessons. I need to remember what my second daughter needs to buy for
her college projects.
Hey! Listen, this list is
endless. Come ‘on I heard you saying that all this is a temporary phase. Let
them grow up and I need not do all these. My eldest daughter is already all of
23 and still her Dad is her scribbling pad. Yes, that’s true, a talking
scribbling pad, where she had scribbled about her assignments long back, and
the pad needs to play it back to her on time. Reminding her to study, reminding
her to take her medicines on time, reminding her to go to bed on time. And
then, to remember that she is hungry when she is engrossed in her studies and
get her that favorite pizza and the kheema paav. Also to remember, what notes
she needs to complete and what subject she needs to study more. Yeah, I also
need to remember to ask her whether she has enough money on her when she goes
out so that she doesn’t get stranded midway. And you say it’s a temporary
phase, with another two princesses with their lists already in line.
The second daughter, just
approaching adulthood at 18, quite firmly on the footsteps of her elder
sibling, has her list of demands from Dad too lined up. But unfortunately I am
less on the receiving end, concerning her, as she has been sent out of town for
her higher studies and so the demands that I need to remember are mostly of the
online type. I need to ensure that I fill up her bank balance on time so that
she can just withdraw from her account to splurge on her liking, to see that I
call her and talk to her every single night so that she doesn’t forget what she
needs to do for the next day.
The youngest and the sweetest, my
tiny tot, all of 12 as of now is already the mother of the other two. For her,
Dad is the ultimate punching bag, someone who needs to remember everything from
packing her school bag to polishing her shoes. If she has a project, how could
I have forgotten what she had told me to get for it almost a week back? And of
course, was I not responsible enough to remember that her best friend had a
specific liking that she had shared with me a year back? Of course, I should,
what is Dad there for, if I can’t do this.
But then, my big princess being
around is really a blessing in disguise for me. She keeps the log of all the
due dates of my card payments and utility bills, what I need to take while
leaving for office, what I need to get back while leaving for home, where to
go, which client to meet and when, the due dates and yet not due dates too.
These are the things which I so conveniently forget, branding me of the
expletives that I mentioned earlier. And when the other two grow up, they are
going to pick up from where the eldest one would have taught them. Yeah! That’s
true. Three personal assistants for good old Dad, but then that’s what I am
entitled to.

Yeah, I do forget, but then being
the super-hero for my kids, I need to remember too.  For the love of my life, my angels, I need to
remember, and so I forget what I need to do for myself, for I know, my angels
are there to take care of their Dad.
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