My Interview with God
Hello and Good Morning everyone. 

Today I am honoured to have a dialogue with the most controversial character
ever in human history. A person in whose name, has been the most number of
divisions happened, in whose name the maximum number of wars have been fought,
in whose assumed honour has this world witnessed the maximum number of

Please welcome with a loud
applause, the omnipresent, the omnipotent, the God. And with the permission of
his Honour, may I start my question answer session with Him.

Question to God: Where do we seek

God’s Answer: Why do you want to
go seeking me? Don’t you see me in the dog wagging its tail in happiness when
you enter your house, your little kid who comes running to hug you and clings
to you when you reach home after a tiring day, your wife who takes care of your
every needs without a sigh, your husband who struggles hard to give a better
life to you and the family, your parents who supported and encouraged you in
whatever you did, your friends who care for you and stands by you against all
odds. Do you still need to go seeking me?

Question to God: Are you really
the invincible, the strongest?

God’s Answer: How can I be only
the strongest? When I am there in each one of you, am I not there in the
weaklings too. I am there in the helpless old man on the streets who doesn’t
know where his next meal will come from, the destitute woman who is desperately
looking out for a little space to hide her modesty, the little urchin on the
road who wishes someone can adopt him and make his future. When I am there in
these helpless creatures, how can I be invincible? The truth is that I need you
as much as you need me.

Question to God: Why are so many
wars fought in your name? Why do people kill each other in your honour?

God’s Answer: You fight with each
other because you have cut me, divided me in many pieces, each one of you
trying to take your share of the pie. Have you ever realised, how much it would
have pained me when I was being cut into pieces, when you were mercilessly
tearing me apart. When you cut me, each one of you got their share that you
could lay your hands on. Now you feel that the other perhaps has a better share
than you, and so you fight with each other for the better share.

Question to God: Why do you have
so many names?

God’s Answer: I have never given
you any names to call me. It was you who started naming me as per your wish.
When a child is born, it doesn’t tell you what name it should be called. You
decide and start calling it by that name, then the family, the friends start
giving it further pet names and before the child realises, all these names get
stuck to it. I want to ask you something here. When a son is born, say in
India, the parents start lovingly calling him “Chintu” (meaning small or tiny
in English). As the child grows up to be an adult, wouldn’t he feel embarrassed
if you still continue to call him “tiny”. So do me, when you start referring me
by so many names. I would rather prefer just one name, short and simple, easy
to remember, “God”.

Question to God: What is your

God’s Answer: I have no clue what
you are talking about. What do you mean by this term? It’s nothing that I have
ever propagated. You starting cutting me to pieces; dividing me; it was you who
have given names to those pieces, and starting calling them religions. I am a
single one, how can I have all these religions?

Question to God: Do you really
reside in the churches, the temples and the mosques?

God’s Answer: I think that you
people never have taken me seriously. You have never understood fully what I
have always wanted to tell you. I had said in the reply to one of your earlier
questions that I am in each one of you. Then how can I reside in these
artificial structures. It is you who go seeking me at places that you have
created as my abode rather than searching for me inside you.

Question to God: Do you feel
happy when we come to meet you at these churches, the temples, the mosques?

God’s Answer: I feel happy when you
meet me anywhere, be it on the streets, in your home, inside you as well. When
you wake up every morning without having committed any sin the last day, and
look at yourself in the mirror, you are really looking at me.

Question to God: Do you really
want us to pray?

God’s Answer: Can I ask you, what
is the meaning of prayer? Is it not asking for favours? Can you not do it
yourself, help yourself and others and make a prayer. When you help others,
their prayers are answered and in turn when someone helps you, your prayers are
answered. I work through you; you are my hands and legs, my limbs, my body, my
soul. Honestly, I would be happier seeing you praying with your hands rather
than with your lips.

Question to God: Do you want us
to be God-fearing?

God’s Answer:  What is the benefit if you desist from doing
something out of fear? I shall give you an example of you driving a car. You
are tempted to jump a traffic signal but you don’t do it because you fear that
there would be a traffic cop round the corner. I am not really happy you having
done that. Now imagine that you never thought about the cop, but never jumped
the signal because you felt that you may hit someone coming from the other
direction that is following the traffic rules. I would be happy that you have
done that. You don’t have to fear, you have to love. If you really love me, and
understand that I live in another person as much as I live in you, you will
never harm that person. I would want you to be God-loving and not God-fearing.

Question to God: Do we need to
follow rituals?

God’s Answer: Oh! There are so
many of these, even I have lost count of it. All these rituals were created
ages ago by someone either to suit his requirement or to suit the circumstances
that prevailed at that time, whether for good or for bad. Situations and
circumstances have changed drastically since then, but we are still clinging on
to the rituals, the traditions. I would ask you to follow the right principles
that you believe in and not the rituals.

Question to God: Why are there so
many variations of your scriptures?

God’s Answer: My scriptures? I
had never written any autobiography. The scriptures that you are talking about
are just personal interpretations of my life, assumed by the people who have
written them. Each one of them has unfortunately assumed it in their own way
and so there are so many variations. Isn’t it a simple logic to understand,
that how is it that it is one life, one personality, so many variations.

Question to God: Why are your
scriptures so difficult to understand?

God’s Answer: You are again
misinterpreting what I say. I had clarified that these are not my scriptures.
So it not being mine, I have no control over its contents. The words, the
verses used are the personal words of the authors who probably wanted to keep
it complicated so that the common masses do not understand it fully ever and
keep flocking to them for their interpretations.

Question to God: Do you really
want us to understand you and speak to you through these interpreters?

God’s Answer: Why should I ever
make it difficult for you to understand me, to speak to me? I understand your
language; I speak the language that you speak. How can I want you to speak to
me only through these interpreters when I am one of you? I have not appointed
these people to convey my thoughts and words to you when I know that I can talk
to you directly. They are their own self-appointed agents.

Question to God: Why do you
change your attire, your looks for the people?

God’s Answer:  I have never ever changed my attire. It’s
your perception of how you look at me. You see me in the attire that you want
to see me, because it depends upon the spectacles that you are wearing. You see
me sometimes as crucified on a cross, you see me sometimes holding the weapon
to destroy the evil, you see me lying in the tomb, and it’s how you want to see
me. I have never changed and I never will.

Hey! God, I thought you were
there all throughout this session. But then, why can’t I see you now? Where
have you disappeared?

I hear God whispering in my ears,
“My Child, look inside you, look at the people next to you, look at nature, the
animals, the destitute, the aged, the orphans, the poor and the needy. And if
you still don’t see me, stop believing me”
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My expressions of Love
It’s an amazing year of valentine
for me this season as I complete the 20th year of togetherness, me
and my better half.

Twenty years is a pretty long
time and there had been several occasions and opportunities for me to express
my love for my wife. Believe me; I have done it in the craziest of ways. When
we say, driving one crazy in love, that’s literally what I have done.

Hey! There, it has not come
without warning signs. She had known of my wild persona before she said yes to
me and so it is like expecting the inevitable, every single time.
Of course, I am feeling a bit
jittery, flaunting all my secrets out here, but then 20 years was hell of a
journey, the roller coaster broke down many times, the downs were steep, but we
both held on and as we chug along this amazing journey, I am sure she would not
mind reading this post and reminiscing all the fun we had over the two decades.
The most amazing thing I have
ever done was on the day of our wedding. The wedding ring that I gave her, on
which she had expected my name to be there was engraved with the most endearing
nickname that she used to call me. She was so embarrassed to show the ring to
others, but I saved her the blues in the nick of time by getting out another
ring for the occasion. Of course, the nicknamed ring is her most treasured
personal possession till this date.

Yeah, it was one of those days in
the low of our personal lives, that I suddenly decided to buy her a guitar,
knowing that singling and music was her passion, which she could unfortunately
never pursue. As I saw the glitter and the tear drops in her eyes, I understood
how important it felt to her that I took an interest in her passion, even for
that day. How I had come to know of her childhood passion, is a closely guarded
secret till this day.
The day when I decided to wake
her up early morning, put her into the car, drove down for two hours, to her
absolute confusion, was also a crazy moment for us. I had told her that she
needed to trust me, and so there it was, as she sat in the car, I blindfolded
her. And I should respect her faith in me that she never insisted on removing
her blindfold for the entire journey of two hours. And when she eventually did,
she was amazed. It was the scene of our first date and I made sure that we sat
at the same table, ordered the same food that we ate that special day and I was
so thrilled to see her blushing the way she did on our first date.

Yeah! The crazy little fun box
that I gifted to her last Valentine is also something we both will savor for the
rest of our lives. The fun box had every little bit of our journey over the
years. It had the mementos that I have saved from our relationship, tiny little
things, but which had a deep meaning and remembrance value for us. They were some
movie ticket stubs, cookie fortunes, and some dried flowers, even hate you
post-its on the refrigerator doors, that we had written over a fit of rage. It
had all the emotions packed into a tiny little box which we still hold on to
our chests.

There are so many, the expressions keep changing but my emotions have and will always remain the same.


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Where does God Live?
As a child, I always had this question which I used to ask my
Mom, “Where does God live?”. She would smile, point towards the sky, caress my
hair and say, “God lives in heaven”.

Every weekend, as she used to walk me across to the temple, I
used to wonder, if God lives in heaven, why is she taking me here. As I grew up
to respect all faiths, because my mother insisted that I go to the Church, the
Mosques, this question still remained unanswered for me.
As I started reading all the scriptures, I came across what the Apostle
Paul had written, “Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the
Spirit of God dwells in you?”. It was then that I realized that God does not
live in heaven; he lives inside his people, in our bodies, in our minds, in our
When I imagine God, no picture comes to my mind. I can’t see him
as Krishna with the Sudarshan Chakra in his hand, or as Jesus hanging on the
cross. I see God as the Creator, a tiny structure, the infinite, who has chosen
to make his home in our hearts. I cannot imagine my Creator to be contained in
a physical building. He lives in me.
I would share a dialog between two believers. I came across this
somewhere and it really touched me to the core of my heart.
 “Where do you go to church?”
“Faith Community, down on the corner.”
“Oh, the little white one? I love the gardens out front.”
“Yeah, it could really use a new paint job, though.”

As we read the dialogue, we can understand that the first person
is asking the second person, where he goes to Church, to which the second
replies and the conversation shifts to the details of the building referred to.
As I read the dialogue again and again, I am compelled to think
whether the building which became the point of discussion, was the real meaning
of church. The Greek word, “Ekklesia” from which the English word “Church” has
been derived, does not mean a building at all. It just means an assembly,
i.e. it would mean the assembly of the believers and not the building.  
Let us understand the true meaning of the terms used for these
places of worship and not get unduly carried away by the insensible acts of a
few miscreants, who vandalize a church, or desecrate the idol of a goddess, or
bring down a mosque. I strongly believe that the misguided few who do this, are not the “church”
or the “temple” or the “mosque”.
We just need to understand that the true church (house of God) is
the believers who gather.

I share the words of Solomon from the 1 Kings 8:27 commentaries of the Bible, “But will God indeed dwell on the earth? Behold
heaven and the heaven of heavens cannot contain you. How much less this temple
which I have built!”. Let us read it again and again and be amazed.
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