Is Laundry only a woman’s job?
It has been since time immemorial
that it has been assumed that doing the household chores is a woman’s job.
Situations were different in the gone years when we had joint families and the
menfolk used to leave homes in search of livelihood, working in the fields, or
doing manual jobs, the hard ones and the women at home were supposed to take
care of the children and cook for the children, the men at home and for
themselves, and do all the household chores.

Things have drastically changed
since then with people migrating to cities and towns and manual labour having
been taken over more by mental work. With this migration, the outside work has
no longer remained the exclusive domain of men and women started equally
contributing to it. Nuclear families have also contributed to this change in status
since dual income became necessary to take care of the expenses of the

However, unfortunately, one thing
which refused to change with these changing times is the concept of women
having to do the household chores. Our minds have unfortunately developed
enough to accept the fact that when women equally share in earning the
livelihood for the family, taking care of the household is also not a woman’s
domain alone anymore.

Call it refusal to accept the
change or the clinging on to the male chauvinistic attitude, majority still
expect the women to come home from work and still do all the household chores
and doing the laundry being an integral part of it.
Why should doing the laundry be a
woman’s job? Do we men not equally responsible for wearing the dresses that are
put up for washing? Do we men are not the equal parents of our children whose
clothes are to be washed? If our women can wash our laundry, can we men not do
it for our women?

I feel that it is absolutely
ridiculous to assume that doing the laundry is the exclusive domain of the
women. When the women have come forward to help men in each aspects of life, be
it earning the livelihood for the home or helping the men to contribute in
their work pressure, we men should be equally responsible and be proactive
enough to help the women in the household chores, be it cooking, taking care of
the kids or more importantly doing the laundry.
My personal feeling as a man is
that I am equally responsible with my wife and my daughters at my home to help
in the household chores and I would be more than willing to be an equal partner
to do these works.

If a man refuses to do this, it
is absolutely chauvinistic on his part to do so.
As a man, if I can shamelessly
dirty the linen, sometimes so casually even in public, I should be responsible
to clean it too. I should be doing the laundry at home.

My post is against the statistics mentioned, “76% of Indian men feel, laundry is a woman’s job”

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Things that define my daughter
Things that
define my daughter

The second of my three daughters,
is an absolutely passionate little thing. She is a crazy passion driven living
thing and is an absolute art freak.
My daughter just freaks out when
it comes to any art form, may it be dance, drama or any other form of
performing arts, may it be fine arts in the form of painting and drawing or may
it be the absolutely brilliant filed of art and design.
As a parent, I wanted her to
pursue her higher education in the science stream and had accordingly put her
in for the coaching to pursue engineering as a career. However, quite late into
her foray into this field, she was quite bold in coming and telling me one day
that she would like to shun the regular norms of education and would like to
pursue designing as her career. And I am proud of myself who along with my
wife, decided that we should let her follow her passion.
When I talk about her, she is a
bundle of talent. She is a brilliant dancer, be it in any form. She is good at
western numbers and equally amazing when she pursued her skills in the
traditional Indian dance forms too. She is an absolute gem of a singer and has
the ability to adapt to any pitch of voices put across to her. And her skill in
picking up the art of playing musical instruments without even any formal
training is something which is unbelievable.
Her skill in fine art forms is
something which we noticed at her young age and we allowed her to hone her
skills in it. Her drawings and paintings just come to life and feel as if they
are talking to us.
Her aptitude and skill in designing
is something which was till now hidden and suddenly come to fore. It was not a
surprise to me when she chose product and industrial designing as a course for
her career.
My daughter is absolutely
passionate about her work, and it’s not just one thing that makes her, but it
is a multitude of talent filled in her. My daughter is somebody, who can’t be
limited by one label.
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This is my multi-talented daughter…
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Journey from OR to AND for my daughter
Journey from OR to AND for my daughter
When my eldest daughter decided
to pursue commerce stream for her higher studies and become a CA, the
profession, I was practicing, honestly, I was elated. However, I warned her
that it is one course which requires utmost dedication and hard work and total
cut off from all social activities. I said this because I knew my daughter very
well, to be a very chirpy, one who would not like to sit at one place for long,
and one who had always been addicted to the social media.
My daughter had always had the
passion for writing, and I knew that she had always dreamt of becoming an
author or a writer. To be honest, I was not very sure of the comforts of a
writer till such time the person is established and hence I was more than
relieved when she decided to pursue this professional course.
However, I am so happy that she
proved me wrong. She has conveniently adopted both her passion and her career
to perfection. She is a brilliant and studious child and has so well divided
and distributed her time for her studies so that she gets enough time to follow
her passion too.
She writes blogs on various
subjects, including reviews on products and services and her innovative writing
skills have been aptly recognized by the companies whose products she has
reviewed. However, she has ensured that these activities of hers have in no way
affected her studies and till now she has cleared her examinations with flying

Whenever I look at my daughter, I
feel proud that how my daughter took charge of her life. I feel proud that she
made a choice, and not a compromise.  I
am thrilled that she refused to choose one thing or the other, and instead
followed her heart.
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Here’s my daughter, my little princess, who followed her heart and you can
follow her blogs on

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