How Andre won and lost his beloved
Andre had never been the
glamorous of the lot during his college days but had always had the penchant of
being found attractive to the womenfolk. The women in the class were attracted
to Andre not because of his looks or his flamboyancy but because of his ability
to be able to be for them, with them, whenever they needed him.

It was natural that when Andre
started getting pulled towards Sonia, a year junior to him college, his other
friends of the opposite sex would start feeling jealous. But Andre saw
something in Sonia which he could never forget. He saw in Sonia, the ability to
understand him, to walk along with him in his path and everything that he would
have dreamed in a life partner.
Setting aside a few ruffled
feathers, it was not a surprise to many in the college when Andre proposed and Sonia
readily accepted. But being mediocre to the core, Andre and Sonia both went
ahead with their commitments only through the blessings of their parents and
well wishers.
Very soon, time flew as it would
and Sonia settled into the household bearing a quarter dozen of angels and Andre
settled into his work. Being a dutiful father and a loving husband that Andre
was, he made sure that his beloved and his princesses never were left wanting
for anything. Necessities and demands kept increasing and in the bargain, Andre
lost track of the loving hand he had promised to keep over Sonia’s shoulders in
his quest to see that Sonia would get whatever she dreamed of.
Instances became numerous when Andre
would come home tired from work feeling really happy that he achieved something
to earn another good night for Sonia and his kids, but in the bargain oblivious
to the fact that what Sonia desired was that he be with her during her time of
As Sonia went into seclusion,
never assuming for a while that it was the same Andre who had promised her the
life of bliss till eternity, without realizing that it was for this life that Andre
has been working hard, the isolation of Sonia kept on increasing, which Andre
never noticed in his pursuit of his definition of happiness for his beloved.
This phase of Sonia’s life was
however noticed by Pete, a recent acquaintance, who used to frequent their
home. It was not very long before Sonia realized that she found in Pete the
perfect shoulder to cry on, someone who would be with her when she needed;
someone who Sonia felt understood her needs and interests. Slowly and steadily
as Sonia started getting attracted to Pete, who found in her a perfect ally to
pursue his Casanova ways of life, Andre, who had been her life partner, and who
stood by her through thick and thin started drifting away from her life.

Pete was street smart enough to
pick up Sonia’s hobbies and interests and encash it to her satisfaction and
happiness and Sonia in the bargain totally fell for it. She started believing
that if at all there was anyone in the world, who understood her needs, it was Pete.
Very soon, Andre realized it and
as he started trying to woo Sonia back to him and his angels, it was perhaps
too late. The bonding and the web that Pete had created in the minds of Sonia
had grown so deep that she couldn’t pull herself out of it by her own conscience.

Andre was left lamenting on his
fate. The flamboyancy had faded away, the confidence waded away and the smile had died away. In the midst of the sadness that always filled Andre’s
eyes, one could see a tint of happiness that in this bargain, he had his
angels, his daughters, with him, and the glitter of hope that one day Sonia
would realize, and he would win back his beloved whom he has lost.

To be continued…….

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The true meaning of the Lenten Season
As the Lent season commences, let
us all understand that it is time to love, to repent and to believe.

When we talk of love, what we need
to understand is that our love should pour out to the needy, the downtrodden.
And what do we repent for? This is the time to introspect and repent for the
hardness of our heart, our indifference to all that is going on around us. And
then believe. Believe in the beauty of nature, believe in our weakness and our
strengths and reach out to people less fortunate than us.
This Lent, let us understand that
it is not just a period of fasting and prayer. Rather let us understand the
real meaning of it. Let us hear the prayer of others, who are calling out to
us. If we close our ears to others’ prayers, we can’t expect to have God’s ears
open to us.

Let us not consider this season as
“Let’s see, I guess if I do without this, then I can have that. But by having
that, I’d have to do without something else. I wonder if I did without that, if
I could have this, but only after a certain time”. If this is our attitude, the
cross that we drew today is just another dust on our forehead.

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Bedtime Rituals I have gone through bringing up my daughters
Bringing up three
daughters and getting them into adult and adolescent ages, I have gone through
many a bedtime rituals, some nasty, some boring, some lively and some really
Now that my pretty
princesses have grown up, the eldest one just venturing into adulthood, a
couple of years back, the middle one, making her foray into it in a few years
from now and the youngest one craving to join the bandwagon of her elder
sisters, as I look back into those bed time rituals were a daily night affair,
for one after the other, there are a lot of nostalgic moments worth
The bed time rituals
were certainly aimed at giving my angels a good night’s rest, be it reading
aloud their favorite stories, singing 
their favorite lullaby again and again till my throat parched, or
getting up half sleepy just to check their diapers. After all these efforts,
what used to bring the smile on my face is to see my babies sleeping peacefully
and waking up happy in the morning longing to be lifted and hugged by dad.
However, as we would
assume, these bed time rituals never ended when my kids started growing up.
Yeah, sure the lullaby was gone, the story books were put aside, the daily
drill to the bathroom for their pee, the changing of the diapers were done away
with, but the rituals continued in a modified way.
As my daughters
started creeping into their school years, funnier things started happening.
Almost at bedtime, my youngest princess would ask for a little more time of her
favorite TV show. It would start off as a demand, and then converts into a
begging, so that she gets a little more of her Cartoon Network or the Pogo
show. Honestly, these cartoon shows are as addictive that as a Dad, I feel like
sometimes sitting and watching it with her, and so it used to be more and more
difficult for me to put my foot down to these demands.

My eldest angel had
another unique bed time demand that I had to cater to, a part of which she has
carried over to her present adult age too. Moments after I would have helped
her to have her teeth brushed, she would call out to me that she’s starving.
This was a demand, which as Dad I could never neglect, though knowing very well
that she was faking her hunger. Quick chilling a glass of milk for her favorite chocolate milkshake and a couple of gracious spoon servings of the hershley syrup along with the milkshake would be
what she would be content with but what she would ensure in all this bargain
was that she got another half an hour to stay awake.

My middle daughter
was a bit more civilized on this aspect though she too had her decent share of
the bed time ritual antics. Though not intended to trouble us hard, she would
also try to indulge in some stalling tactics, be it telling me to press her
legs for a while or pat her on her back to put her to sleep, such tactics which
I always found hard to sidestep.

Of all these bed time
rituals, which I involved and engaged in almost ritualistically, the
satisfaction and thrill it used to give me as a Dad was that I always felt that
my daughters thrived on these meaningful rituals with their loving Dad that
marked the end of their day, something which I could see in their eyes as they
felt that through these they sought my guidance and guarantee that they are
safe and secure to get the rest that they needed.

When I look into the
eyes of my three pretty princesses today and look back to the days when they
were growing up holding on to my hands, all these bed time rituals, more than
what it did to put them off to bed on time every single night, made me carve
out from my otherwise busy and mundane routine, some quiet moments with my
daughters which enabled me to connect to them and build up the intimacy that I
share with them even to this day.
As I share my bed
time rituals and escapades with my daughters, one thing that comes to my mind
for a peaceful sleep of my toddlers was the proper diaper to see that they
sleep peacefully throughout the night. And when we talk of diapers, which other
name can come to our mind than Pampers, which has almost become a synonym for

The new Pampers Baby
Dry Pants is a wonderful product much different from the normal diapers which
promises dryness on the inside too whereas the other diapers focus only on
keeping dry on the outside. This wonderful innovation ensures that the baby’s
sleep is not disturbed by a wet diaper and so our baby sleeps peacefully and
wakes up happy.

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This blog is written
for IndiBlogger for their Bedtime Rituals Happy Hours activity.

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