I am not a bit impatient and lazy, though that’s a branding I have got from my family, comprising fortunately or unfortunately of an all-woman brigade, my wife and my daughters when it comes to accompanying them for store shopping. I am not sure whether I have been labelled rightly, but I firmly believe that in the time my women take to check-out the options at the store and finally end up buying one stuff and quite often none at all, I could walk away buying the entire store.

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Wear ethnic and feel ethnic with Ethnic Dukaan
One of the
most beautiful creations of God is undoubtedly a Woman. Unparalleled and unequaled,
a woman is surely the best gifts of earth by Nature, the symbol of love and the
pillar of strength.

The world
has now established that Indian women are considered as one of the most
beautiful in the world. The beauty of an Indian woman increases manifold when
she drapes herself in the traditional wear of our country, the Saree.

designers across the globe have admitted that a Saree is the most sensuous
outfit that makes a woman more attractive and charming.

it can be said with conviction that fashion keeps on changing but a Saree is
the only attire that remains unchanged. It is the only outfit which has
remained the same over the years and only its fabric, pattern and colours have
changed with time and trend.

Ethnic Dukaan Beige Handloom Net Saree With Self Weave

Every Indian
woman would like to add a few Sarees to her wardrobe collection and it is
always a dream of every Indian woman to wear a traditional Saree or a designer party wear Saree in at least one
of the auspicious occasion of her life.

It is often
said that fashion is more about your personality and a Saree of course enhances
one’s personality.  The character and
individuality of a modern woman is reflected well as she walks out in a
traditional and ethnic handloom saree.

Ethnic Dukaan Gold Self Woven Kora Handloom Banarasi Saree

Ethnic Dukaan is the ultimate
destination for shopping for the best ethnic handloom sarees. It offers the choicest
collection of Self and Zari woven cotton silk, Banarasi net, Tussar, Chanderi,
Jacquard and Organza Sarees of highest quality and intricate designs.

Providing one
with the choicest collection, what singles out Ethnic Dukaan from other
e-retailers is that they have an in-house setup of designers and artisans,
having their products sourced directly from weavers and manufacturers across
India, thus reflecting the lively characteristic of the entire country.

Ethnic Dukaan Beige Self Woven Net Handloom Banarasi Saree

Ethnic Dukaan
has been able to represent the handloom Sarees as the traditional hand crafted textile
art of our country with over 600 weavers, designers and artisans engaged in
creating the most intricate patterns to suit the modern trend and styles and
thereby blending the old tradition with modern ethos.

Ethnic Dukaan Orange Self and Zari Woven Tussar Handloom Banarasi Saree

Ethnic Dukaan, the online portal of
Ashirvad Sarees, is surely the place to shop for handloom sarees, where one can
be assured of exquisite artisanship and the latest designs and be confident of buying
a Saree worth cherishing for lifetime.

Ethnic Dukaan Blue Self and Zari Woven Handloom Banarasi Saree

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Find Happiness with Fynd
“Shopping makes me
Happy”, how many times have we heard this quote and have even sworn by it.

For me, whether it
makes me happy or not, there is one thing which I am absolutely sure about
shopping. I am sure that though shopping won’t fix all my problems, but it
surely is going to put me in a better mood when I have to actually deal with it.

There is no better way
to find happiness than with
Fynd, the revolutionary new shopping App
with almost all the top brands under its roof.

With Fynd, the quite amazing
feature is the
Feed section which prompts you your favoured
choices as per the latest trend and fashion depending upon your age and sex
mentioned when you have registered. Fynd understands that you need to keep
yourself happy than making anyone else happy, and so you can go indulge in
satisfying yourself the most.

For all of us who are
worried about the bargains and discounts and the best deals on offer, the
collections section provides you the latest collections and offers available so that
you get the best deal ever without going frantic searching for the things that
you want.

The collections are
arranged brand-wise, and so if you are a particular brand die-hard fanatic, you
can choose within that brand without going through the hassle of looking at
options from other brands.

Once you choose a product
that you like and pick up a size you want, you can browse through the style note section which gives the buyer some fair
idea to mix-and-match and maybe go for the matching one in case you don’t have
one already in your wardrobe. This Style Note which is a style bit randomly
pushed into the feed which is in the process of further customisation by the
Fynd’s team.

Shouldn’t the best
things in life be reserved for the last? Last but not the least is the
absolutely amazing option called
Fynd-A-Fit, wherein if you are unsure about
your size, you can just decide to select 2 sizes of the product and try them at
the convenience of your home, for a meagre convenience fee. The absence of a
size guide which varies according to the brands is taken care of, to an extent
by this option.

Fynd has an amazing lifetime return policy. Only things we need to
ensure are that the original tags are not removed, product is not stained,
damaged or torn or not used or washed. The returned product will be picked up
at our convenient time slot. Refunds will be initiated in the next 2 working
days and credited to the same account from which the payment is initiated. In
case of COD, the bank account details needs to be sent to them and the amount
will be credited to your bank account.

Payments are as simple
as finding a product on
Fynd. The easy payment option is called Flashpay, where you can pre-register your
debit card and/or credit card details and store it, so that while shopping and
checking out, it will ask you to choose the options already registered by you
and you need to just key in your CVV and the order is processed.

The delivery option is
very fast, in most of the cases, it is same day delivery, so hardly any anxious
moments of wait from the time you placed the order and the time when you
actually wear those apparels.

The only matter of
worry would perhaps be the fact that since the inventory is sourced directly
from the store, you may encounter possibilities of some walk-in customer
picking up your choice of product off the shelf at the brick-and-mortar store
before its picked up for you by Fynd resulting in out-of-stock situations
though the products may have been shown available while you place the order.
Fynd’s team is working with the partner brands to address this in the most
feasible way.

The Fynd App is
presently available in Mumbai only but would soon be extended to cover other
metro cities too.

So what are you waiting
for? Just download the App on your Android or iOS device
here and start Fynding to get a flat Rs.500/- off across all purchases on
minimum cart value of Rs.2000/- for the first time users.

Go ahead and find
happiness with
Fynd. #HappyFynding
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