Laugh together and stay in love
Cupid tells us that
falling in love is one of the greatest things we can experience in this human
life. But I would beg to differ with you, my dear loving angel, because for me,
it’s staying in love which is the greatest.

Falling in love is just
one of the experiences in life for me. I feel that it is just too easy to fall
in love, it happens in that spur of the moment, when you feel that this is the
one who is made for me. And whoosh! You are in love the next moment.

For me, keeping that
bond and affiliation alive, thrilling and electrifying over a long period of
time is conceivably the paramount and ultimate thing that we can experience in
this life.

Defining love would end
up in different moods for many. For some, it may be full of passion and intense
feelings whereas for others, it may be just pain and sacrifices. I have seen
people being encouraged by love to achieve the zenith of triumph in life and I
have also seen people falling to the nadir of failure and disaster when love
has made them jealous and mean.

For me, the mood of
continuing being in love is that of humour and fun. And that’s my love story, a
story of fun without which my love life would have been really dull and boring.

I and my better half
have had our funny moments perhaps from the day we had started dating more than
two decades ago. Stories are more than I could even remember but the first
funny moment that set it all up surely still remains one of our best.

When I had met her at
college that morning, I had immediately fallen in love with her. Or at least
that’s what I had assumed, as she surely seemed to be enjoying my company. It
wasn’t worrying for many but it surely was for me as I had got tired borrowing money
from my friends splurging on a girl-friend and I had decided that it was time I
pop the big question to her.

Assuming that being
melodramatic would be as romantic as possible, I spurted out in my theatrical
tone, “You know dear, though I would have loved to be a bachelor for ages, I
have started having a feeling that I need someone in my life who will make me
feel like a hero”.

As I could see the
understanding tinge in her eyes, I surely had started feeling elated.
Continuing my theatrical performance, I added, “I surely need someone whom I
can claim as my own, someone who will love me unconditionally, someone who will
be caring and remains true to me all the time”.

I still remember that
evening, when she had lovingly held my hand in hers, stared straight into my
eyes and said, “I fully understand what you mean and I totally agree with you”.
I remember that evening so well, for that was the day she bought me a puppy.

This story would have a
moral for many.  It’s a moral that when
you have to say it, you shouldn’t be beating around the bush but rather say it
clear and loud. But for me and her, there was categorically no moral in that
little puppy she gifted me that day.

From that date till
today, our world has been full of little funny stories because we have learnt
to do only all those crazy things in love, those moments which we know we can
reminisce in our days with the walking-stick and bent-backs and share those
millions of hearty laugh with each other.

Without fun, the most
romantic of the love stories can turn dull, boring and eventually frustrating.
Just do the little crazy things in love that leaves some scope of fun and
excitement in your love life and keeps the #LoveAndLaughter chemistry alive.

This post is part of
#LoveAndLaughter activity at BlogAdda in association with Caratlane.

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Radiant skin – so simple to go natural
Who doesn’t love
glowing skin? Of course everyone does. We all know that glowing skin not only
enhances our self-confidence but is also an indicator of our health.

Yeah, it’s true; there
are so many products which claim to address each and every one of our skin
problems. But can we really trust these products, is the million dollar

When it comes to our
skin, I honestly feel that we shouldn’t be taking chances because generally
most of the products that boast of providing unblemished skin would be loaded
with chemicals. And your guess is as good as mine when I say that these
chemicals would be the reason for early signs of ageing with their prolonged

When Mother Nature itself
has in store some of the best solutions for our skin problems, we should really
be not looking for these chemicals for help. We just need to tap into the
nature’s endless and infinite potential to keep our skin beautiful and glowing
around the year.

When we talk of nature
and natural products, how can we forget that we live in the land which is known
to be the birth of science of medicine? Ayurveda, has always been the
storehouse of a plethora of a large number of herbal medicines which are known
to help in naturally enhancing the beauty of our skin and preventing the
various common skin problems such as dark spots, acne, pimples, scars and even

Ayurvedic and natural
remedies and beauty tips are not only inexpensive, but still very effective in
helping us acquire naturally glowing, problem-free skin.

A few natural and
simple skin care tips, which can be done with the things which are easily
available at home:

Raw milk to cleanse the skin and pores

Raw milk has always
been known to provide the glow to our face. It helps in removing unseen dirt
and impurities from the face and cleanses up the pores of the skin, thus adding
a subtle glow and at the same time acting as a natural moisturizer.

Orange to acquire a smooth complexion

The Vitamin C rich
orange is known to enable our body to fight ageing as also acting as a good
skin toner for oily skin. Applying fresh orange juice helps in improving the
texture of our skin as also enhances our skin tone.

Aloe-vera to control Acne

Aloe-vera is perhaps one
of the greatest wonders of Nature for a number of skin and health benefits.
Though it directly does not cure acne, but its amazing anti-inflammatory
properties help in reducing the swelling and redness of the pimples and the
acne, making it look much less uglier. Drinking the juice is known to enhancing
the vitality of the skin as also help in solving many stomach ailments.

Honey to naturally moisturise skin

Honey is a natural
humectant, which promotes retention of moisture and hence its use as a pack on
the skin can help us get soft and supple skin. It also helps in reducing and
delaying wrinkles and also avoiding flakiness and dryness of the skin.

Since ages and
centuries, Ayurvedic beauty tips have been used to get naturally beautiful
skin. Ayurveda has various benefits over cosmetic facial cleansing regimes. An
Ayurveda facial care regime improves the texture and health of the skin as
opposed to the harmful cosmetics.

VICCO Turmeric cream combines the goodness of
Ayurveda in its products and assures that its Ayurvedic formula combined with
the microbicide properties of turmeric prevents oily skin, fight pimples and
clears blackheads, so that we #ComeCloser to Radiant Skin.

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#TwiceAsNice because twice is always better

Hello everyone,

Today I shall say not I
am but we are up to something different and unique and something which is
special. Garnier has always been innovative with its products to meet the ever
increasing needs and demands of people who they so much love and care.

Garnier also loves
their bloggers to their core and are constantly up to some tricks and treats to
keep their bloggers engaged in some activity or other to see that we are happy
and pepped up and also to know a true opinion of their products from us.

This time too they came
up with a unique activity called as #TwiceAsNice. Sound interesting right! I
too was amazed at this concept, so as asked we were told up to team up with a
fellow blogger to tell what makes us #TwiceAsNice , being the true and honest
me I wanted it to be different so I chose to do this activity with none other
than my Shishya as well as my new
found love blogging.

Sounds weird and yet
interesting right? The Guru- Sishya
duo that is #TwiceAsNice! We often pair up with people of common interests but students
do feel that their teachers impart a lot of values and cultures in them that
paves the path to a road of success.

For us the Guru-Sishya duo is #TwiceAsNice because
the Guru doesn’t only get to impart his skills and knowledge in the Sishya by
teaching but also correcting when wrong, the Sishya in turn bridges the generation
gap between the old and the new and is quick in turn to keep her Guru updated
in a variety of interests and areas that have advanced not only technologically
but generally too. The Guru- Sishya
duo is like the power of fire and ice, that ignites when there is a quest to
learn something new but also as cool as the ice when it comes down to
understanding new things or simply correcting when either of them are wrong.

So as interesting and
deep the connection of #TwiceAsNice may sound there is something else that
makes a dash in the race to the No 1. Position for the same and it’s the all
new Garnier PureActive Neem Face Wash
and Garnier PureActive Apricot Scrub Combo. This unique combination
of Nature boosted by Science is what makes the products #TwiceAsNice!

It’s time to unveil to
you what it is about these products that make it so #TwiceAsNice

Let us begin with the
Garnier PureActive Neem Face Wash.

The product claims that
it contains real Neem Leaf and Tree Tea Oil extracts. These ingredients help

a.      Fighting germs by washing away the problem causing germs;
b.      Fighting pollution by deep cleaning the pores to remove the impurities
caused by pollution; and
c.       Removing excess oil by washing away the excess oil which attracts dirt
and germ.

Neem is a natural
anti-bacterial agent and also helps in controlling oil. Because it is a soap
free formula, it would certainly help in preventing the outbreak of pimples.
Further, the effect of Neem Leaf and Tree Tea Oil surely helps in removing the
excess oil from the pores and thus clear up the acne prone skin. We are sure
that a regular use of this product would make the skin healthy and give one
flawless glowing skin.

The pricing is absolutely reasonable
at INR. 90 for a 100 gram tube pack.

Now coming to the
PureActive Apricot Scrub.

This product claims to
have the power of 1500 micro exfoliating apricot beads in every wash. The
effect of that would be:

a.      It would gently scrub away the dead skin cells to reveal fresh and
glowing skin;
b.      The exfoliating powder derived from apricot beads hydrates the skin while
cleansing; and
c.       The creamy texture of this scrub leaves the skin smooth, fresh and
radiant with every wash.

The exfoliating powder
derived from the Apricot beads surely hydrates the skin and that is what makes
the skin feel smooth and fresh. The creamy texture makes it sure that the scrub
is not hard but is gentle on the skin.

The pricing here too,
is quite reasonable at INR. 115/- for a 100 gram tube.

Now the power of
twosome; the unique combo of Garnier PureActive Neem Face Wash and the Garnier PureActive
Apricot Scrub:

The two products need
to be used in tandem to give the best results for the face. The face needs to
be first washed using the Garnier PureActive Neem Face Wash which will help in
removing the excess oil on the face. And then, while the skin is still wet, gently
massage the scrub in small circular motion all over the face. Once the
scrubbing is done for a minute, we need to just rinse the face with warm water.
And there you, Lo and Viola! The skin looks absolutely smooth and radiant.

Talking of pros and
pros alone (honestly we could not think of any cons) of both the products:

1.      Comes in an easy to handle package/tube.
2.      The flip top lid ensures that there is no leakage or spillage at all.
3.       The small hole in the tube ensures
that only enough quantity is dispensed for every use.
4.      Very reasonably priced.
5.      Easily available at every chemist and departmental stores.
6.      Being a natural ingredient, it suits all skin types.
7.      Very appealing smell.
8.      Leaves skin smooth, fresh and radiant.
We really loved the
amazing twosome products as much as we love doing work in twosome. These are
surely going to be recommended by us quite loud and clear.

Surely do check out and
try these products, and once you do, we are sure, you would thank me and my Shishya.

We would be delighted
to get your comments and reviews not only on the #TwiceAsNice products but also
your #TwiceAsNice duo that we are.

Have a happy
#TwiceAsNicetime: D

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