Shadow Liberation – An Insight into the theatrical performance on gender violence and oppression
Shadow depicts our shade, our
silhouette, our gloominess. And liberation stands for freedom, emancipation or
deliverance from this gloom or darkness.

Let me start with giving you an
insight into what this is all about. Shadow liberation is an experimental
theatre group of Evan Hastings and his students from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology
in Bangalore.

It would not be fair for me to go
any further describing this amazing art form before telling you a bit about Evan Hastings, the creator and
mastermind behind this and the Artistic Director of this theatrical performance.
Evan is a theatre artist and drama therapist from USA who directs and produces
original performance pieces that grapple with pressing issues while innovative
aesthetics invite audience engagement.
Shadow Liberation as a show
started out by the name of Gender
, with which the artists sought to eliminate gender assault and gender
violence by making everyday acts that interrupt gender injustice as absolutely
contagious and simply irresistible.
To provide a vision of Shadow
Liberation, I would say that it tries to use creatively crafted stories to
captivate the imagination of the audience and also invite them on to the stage
to interrupt the injustice of gender violence being depicted onstage by the
artists. In such interruptions, the acts try to invite the audience to offer
improvisational interventions into scenes depicting oppression, and such
interruptions being not scripted at all.

The amazing concept tries to draw
a conclusion that there can be no quick fix solutions but it rather tries to
place faith in the emerging ethics of the community to creatively address this
problem.  The plays draw inference from
real life stories and the artists try to depict the complexity of the gender
violence and oppression in an authentic voice by trying to oscillate between real
life situations and shadow representations of internalized oppression.
Apart from being a brilliant artistic
dialogue on gender oppression, Shadow
is an amazing experimental concept, perhaps the only one where
the audience gets a chance to react to a particular scene, change it the way
they want and even enact it on stage.
I would sincerely advise everyone to please go and check out their past
events and performances at their Blog page at
or visit their Facebook page at
to know more about this liberating interactive Shadow Theatre about
Gender violence and Oppression.

A sneak peek into one of their performances, do check out You will be honestly amazed to see the artists portray a series of
unresolved conflicts around gender oppression and leave it up to the audience
to come on stage in role and change the outcome.

And for all those who may have
missed out earlier, do not despair. The Grand Finale for the year is coming
your way very soon. If you are in Bengaluru or anywhere near that part of the
country at the end of the financial year, do rush to Shoonya – Centre for Art
and Somatic Practices on 31st March, 2015. The show is to be staged
between 07.00 p.m. (19.00 hours IST) and 08.30 p.m. (20.30 hours IST) and is
absolutely free and open to the public.

go, join and be part of this wonderful journey in an evening of epic
participatory performance to dialogue about gender, mash-up mythology and
celebrate our very own creative resistance to gender oppression. To know
further details of this upcoming show, please do visit their Facebook page at

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