The Truth I saw
Priceless adornments on lifeless
idols in the temples, I saw….But to that quivering hand on the temple steps,
begging for a rupee, I bow.
The colossal spread of sweets and savories offered to the Gods, I saw…..But to that destitute on the streets,
dying of hunger, I bow.
The coverings of fine silk and velvet
on the minarets at the mosques, I saw…..But to that woman at the door
shivering with cold, I bow.
Contributions of lakhs and crores to
the church building, I saw…..But to that roadside vendor who meekly surrenders
to a ten rupees bargain, I bow.
Offerings to gratify and appease the
departed souls, I saw…..But to the noble one who feeds the living souls, I bow.
Capitulating docilely to the somatic
abuse of the obnoxious husband, I saw….But to that valiant daughter who refused
to submit to the whims, I bow.
Boasting of acquaintance of time and
tide, the conceited priest I saw….But to that agnostic who bestowed his blood
to save his life, I bow.
Relations and kinfolk rebellious and
hostile for a trifling inheritance, I saw…..But to that sibling who walks away
with a pittance without a grudge, I bow.
Story of a saint who accepted
to be crucified for harmony and amity on earth being recounted, I saw…..But to
that common man who carries the cross of others’ burden every day, I bow.
The blatant truth that’s so evocative
and lingering in my mind, I saw…..But to the desire in my heart that I aspire
and pray, I bow.

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