Hurray! We have a scientific discovery after a long time – the discovery of the cause of earthquakes
It has been quite some time
that our civilization has witnessed path breaking inventions and discoveries
and mankind has been thirsty for it.
Ever since the first ever
discovery in the 2nd Century BC, being the discovery of the tides
caused by the moon in 150s BC, there have been innumerable inventions and
discoveries that have changed the way men (and women) live.
However off late since the
last half a century or so, the discoveries and inventions have almost dried up.
Mankind was getting bored using and making use of the age old discoveries and
inventions and we have been praying for a real big scientific breakthrough.
The recent spate of
earthquakes which devastated major parts of Nepal and affected even parts of
Pakistan and North India had ticked several scientific minds to study and
understand the reason how such natural disasters can be avoided or stopped.
Scientists have been applying their minds to the option whether we can have
premonition about such natural calamities so that the quantum of destruction
can be minimized.
When the top scientific minds
of the world are putting their brains to work, it is really commendable for
somebody from a lesser known and scientifically not so advanced country like
Pakistan and that too an even lesser known Maulana to come out with the
discovery of the real reason for the earthquakes.
The learned Maulana’s
scientific study has concluded that the cause for a natural disaster and an
economic disaster are the same, which is absolutely commendable, considering
that no greater scientific reasoning would have even fathomed and would have
been able to prove this fact.
Let us all applaud the amazing
discovery of the century and recommend Maulana Fazlur Rehman for his
breathtaking findings that earthquakes and inflation are caused by the
Jeans-wearing women.
The learned gentleman is known
to be the Chief of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islami Fazl (JUI-F), a radical religious
outfit in Pakistan. The self-styled “scientist” has even recommended to the
armed forces of Pakistan to launch a military operation against jeans-wearing
women all over Pakistan rather than trying to launch offensive against militant
Another scientific revelation
by the learned cleric aimed at educating the Pakistan Army is that these
jeans-wearing women are the real enemies of Pakistan and not the Taliban.
For more details on this
path-breaking discovery, please do visit
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Shameful political misogyny

Another year ends and a new year starts on a sad note, with the safety of women and increasing incidents of rape and molestation still being of high concern in our country.

As we boast of leaping towards a developed economy, how developed we would ever be unless the mind-sets of the politicians change on this really sensitive issue. It’s not the country, or its economy, it’s the outlook of these politicians which need to develop.

Shamelessly, our ministers, instead of advocating for stringent laws against it, have been giving bizarre reasons as excuses for this increasing figure of atrocities against the women. These explanations by our elected representatives, which clearly highlight misogyny in politics, as a man I just hang my head down, feel ashamed.

 A politician screams out loud that it has always been consensual sex, and that girls cry rape only when the relationship comes out in the open or fail to extract money from the man. Wow! You have almost classified women as money sharks.

 Another leader has clearly exposed his sexist leanings by attributing the reason for molestation and groping to “skin show” and women staying outdoors after sunset. Not a surprise at all, as this gentleman had remarked a year back that girls wearing short clothes should be banned stating that if one keeps petrol and fire together, it is bound to burn.

 We can’t expect anything else from this leader when the president of his party had remarked some time back that “boys will be boys… they commit mistakes”, condemning the death sentence of the court to some rapists.

 His own son, another politician and the Chief Minister of a State today, when being questioned a couple of years back over the rise of violence against women in his state, had shot back asking, “it’s not as if you faced any danger?”

 Another politician has blamed the youngsters’ “western ways” for the incidents casually brushing it aside with his utterly derogatory remark that “such things do happen”.

 Some Khap leaders have the audacity to say that if the marriageable age is legally reduced, so that girls are married off at an early age, the men can use their own wives to satisfy their sexual urges and wouldn’t need to go elsewhere. How do you explain, my friend, these monsters, most of them already married, satisfying their urges on elderly women too?

 Our ministers have even gone ahead in blaming alcohol for such dastardly behaviour. What these learned men haven’t realized that they could try enacting laws to stop the menace rather than advocating on increasing the age bar on liquor consumption.

 The advertisement industry hasn’t been spared either from this blame game. Some ministers claim that the scantily dressed mannequins in the lingerie ads are responsible for polluting the minds of the men. If a puppet can pollute a man’s mind, would they spare a living woman?

 A “poribortan” driven politician remarks that the rapes are on the rise due to the fact that men and women interact and mingle around freely. If women take a U-turn whenever they see a man, I hope these monsters’ urges remain unscathed.

 A very easy excuse for these well-read leaders is that women are scantily dressed. Wow!, I presume, you mean that it is like showing a red tag to a bull. Banning bikinis, to min-skirts to even suggesting overcoats for girls in schools, these idiots want the women to dress according to the urges of the monsters.

 Our good old minister claims that the pub culture is responsible for the increasing rape cases. Wish he could advise his sons to be in their senses rather than blaming a culture for it.

 Not sparing the movies too, vulgarity in the movies has also been blamed by some of our politicians who have run out of excuses. I am not a bit surprised to see these same ministers grooving to these raunchy numbers in their private parties.

 Ministers have cut across party lines surprisingly to even claim that mobile phones being used to watch porn are a major reason for increasing cases of rapes. They seem to have conveniently forgotten about a couple of their brethren who were caught watching porn inside the parliament.

 And the ultimate was yet to come, when the Khap leaders have blamed spicy food, or non-vegetarian food, which, according to them, lead to hormonal imbalance. I am really surprised that even women eat the same spicy food, why don’t they go around raping men. Perhaps, he feels that women look more like chicken and goat.

Shun this political misogyny and shut up your illogical reasoning, my dear leaders. Rather, try to address on enacting stringent laws to end this menace.

Or just try to keep the testosterone level of the men in control so that they are able to keep it in their pants.



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