The ASUS Zenfone2, It’s going to redefine my Smartphone experience
“Simple living and High
Thinking”, that’s what the old maxim goes. But till a few years back, if I were
to define myself, I would have gone a step further to this maxim and would have
dedicated myself as “A simple living being with a yet simpler thinking”.
With a black box for a telephone
to keep me connected to friends, family and clients alike, the ring of which
would even wake up the acute narcoleptic from his sleep, my life was as simple
as these. Things began to change with the advent of the mobile phone and I
realized that I need not be wedded to my seat anymore to stay connected.
Carrying my phone in my pocket and being able to be in touch whenever and
wherever I wished was itself a big step in technological advancement for the
poor me.
Technology progressed and along
the same lines, my children started growing up. The techno-savvy daughters,
that I have, made its impact on their Dad as soon as they approached teen hood
and then adulthood in quick succession and I got my smart phone in my hand. It
was a device which took me light years ahead of where I stood till then, being
able to handle all my daily activities over this rectangular piece of calling
instrument that I held in my hands.
The ignorant me has since been
living under the awful impression that I am in heavenly bliss till I saw the
amazing ASUS Zenfone2. You may call it love at first sight, yet again for me,
but I have really gone bonkers over this amazing piece of engineering marvel.
From the day I saw it’s absolutely stunning features, I have been convinced
that this is something that is going to redefine my smart phone experience.
Pleasantly surprised and equally
thrilled to see their Dad cocooning out to spread my wings, my daughters have
posed me to give them 5 valid reasons why I think I am going crazy about
getting this marvel of beauty and power in the palm of my hand. I would have
honestly gone over and over giving them a thousand reasons but 5 were quite
enough to convince my darlings, and here they are:
Valid reason no.1: The
ASUS Zenfone2 is powered by an up to 2.3GHz 64 bit Intel® Atom Z3580 processor
and has a 4GB RAM. What would it mean for me is that it would be up to three
times better for my daily performance, and for the games that I love to play on
my smart phone, my experience would be up to 7 times faster. I would now be
able to enjoy slick web surfing, smooth video playback and multi-tasking that
would not leave me waiting or longing.
Another valid reason no.2:
The ASUS Zenfone2 comes with the ASUS BoostMaster Technology that can charge my
phone at double the speed, that gives me more time to do things than spending
that time waiting for my phone to be charged. This amazing ASUS-exclusive
technology enables the phone battery to be juiced up to about 60% in just
around 39 minutes. Isn’t that truly amazing?
Yet another valid reason no.3:
The Dual SIM, with it being dual active at all times is a truly amazing
feature. With this feature, I can one make and receive calls on SIM-1, my
primary contact number provided to all, and when  my near and dear ones try to contact me on my
private number on SIM-2, I can just switch seamlessly. The Dual Active
technology of the ASUS Zenfone2 ensures that I will never miss a call.
More valid reason no.4:
This marvel allows me to see what others can’t see. Its 13MP  PixelMaster camera which comes with the
f/2.0-aperture lens allows me to capture stunning, high resolution photos with
absolutely zero shutter lag. Another amazing feature that now I can capture
great photos at night or in low light without the need of a flash with the help
of the low light mode which employs pixel-merging technology. Even for the
day-time shadow that I always used to worry about, the super HDR lets me see
clearly which ensures warm skin tones and accurate colour for my snaps.
Most valid reason no.5: Who
would not fall in love with the luxurious ultra-thin ergonomic arc design of
the ASUS Zenfone2. Whether it is the brushed metal finish or the concentric-circle
detailing, or the graceful ergonomic arc case which tapers to an incredibly
thin 3.9 mm at the edges, which gives it a bold yet elegant look, or even for
the rear-mounted volume-control and shutter button, so thoughtfully and ideally
positioned for my index finger, they all echo the real spirit of the Zen.
Five valid reasons is surely
convincing enough. If not, let me tell you that what I am longing for is the
world’s first smart phone with 4 GB RAM. With the highly successful ASUS
Zenfone as its predecessor, the manufacturers have surely leveraged their
quarter century of engineering accomplishments, in creating this masterpiece
which is surely poised to deliver a new level of empowering luxury to everyone.
I can’t wait anymore for this
beauty from @AsusIndia, and if you are equally convinced as I am, which I am
sure, you are, do check out on more and more amazing features to leave you with
a mouth wide “wow” at

I honestly #CantWait4Zenfone2.

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Digital India – A Program to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy
The Digital India program is an
ambitious program envisaged by the Department of Electronics and Information
Technology (DietT) of the Government of India (GOI).
Flagged off in August 2014, this
programme, planned to be implemented in various phases spanning across 5 years
till 2018, aims to transform our country into a digitally empowered society
and knowledge economy.
When I say, it dreams of
transforming India, I have my conviction rooted in the basic idea behind this
program, and that is to ensure that all Government services are easily and
readily available to the citizens electronically. This is surely going to bring
in a vast amount of public accountability through mandated delivery of the
various services offered by the Government available to the citizens on a click
of a button or a mouse, electronically. It will also ensure that each and every
corner of our country including the villages avail high speed internet at
affordable rates.
The budget envisaged for it is
mind-boggling though, initially planned and proposed to be funded through the
budgetary provisions of the respective Ministries and the State Governments
involved in this project. The project has an estimated total outlay of Rs.1
lakh crores and another Rs.13 thousand crores envisaged for the new schemes and
The cost left away, the impact,
honestly would be phenomenal. If the program achieves the target that it
promises, it would not be a dream that we would see a fully digital India by
2019. When I talk about a full digital India, these are what which gets
Broadband in 2.5 lakh villages, universal phone
Net zero Imports by 2020
4,00,000 public internet access points
Wi-fi in 2.5 lakh schools, all universities;
Public wi-fi spots for citizens.
Digital inclusion of the citizens and job
availability, with 1.7 crore people to be trained or IT, telecom and Electronic
The job creation to the above mentioned 1.7
crore people will benefit indirectly 8.5 crore people.
e-Governance and e-Services across all
Government departments and ministries.
India would become a leader in usage of IT in
services such as health, education and banking.
What would be the end result of all this…
digitally empowered citizens, with public cloud and everywhere and anywhere
internet access.
The program aims to provide
thrust to nine pillars identified as growth areas. The nine pillars identified
for this program are:
1.       broadband
2.       Universal
access to phones
3.       public
internet access programme
4.       e-governance
– reforming Government through technology
5.       electronic
delivery of all government services (named as eKranti)
6.       information
for all anywhere and everywhere
7.       thrust
to electronics manufacturing, targeting net zero imports
8.       creating
jobs in IT
9.       early
harvest programmes
The early harvest program, the
ninth and the pivotal pillar in this program would cover the following:
Public wi-fi hotspots covering all cities with a
population of over 1 million and all tourist centres, targeted to be completed
by Dec 2015, the nodal agency for the same being DoT and MoUD
School books to be converted to e-books,
targeted to be completed by March 2015, the nodal agency being MDRD and DietY
SMS based weather information and disaster
alerts, which had been targeted to be put in place by Dec 2014 (has gone
slightly off-schedule), the nodal agency for the same being MoES (IMD) and MHA
National Portal for lost and found children, the
target date for which was Oct 2014, again off the target, the nodal agency
being DietY and DoWCD

An absolutely ambitious project
which would launch India at par with all the developed nations of the world,
challenges and difficulties in implementation will be galore. A program of this
scale has never been envisaged in the history of independent India. The nine
pillars identified has its own separate challenges which need to be
synchronized with each other for effective implementation.
Since this program covers
multiple Ministries and Departments, knowing well the quantum of red-tapism in
our country, it would certainly need a large amount of commitment and effort
from all concerned and hence leadership and support is very much critical for
its success.
The monitoring committee on this
Digital India program, comprising of the Prime Minister as its Chairman, with
the Finance Minister, the Minister of Communications and IT, Minister of RD,
Minister of HRD and Minister of Health as its members, the sutradhars have a long and tough way ahead.

We, the citizens of the country
are eagerly awaiting the delivery of this dream of seeing a #DigitalIndia
Thanks to for supporting this ambitious project of #DigitalIndia
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How I Choose To Start a New Beginning
The first is just the beginning.  It is an awesome feeling doing something for
the first time. In our life, we are constantly on the move, and so are required
to adapt to new situations and new circumstances, which makes us do something
or the other for the first time, perhaps every single day.

Some of these things that we do; become
so much of a routine; that we do it and forget it. But some of the things that
we do for the first time remain etched in our minds and our thoughts forever.

Some of the things we do for the
first time, the first time to choose to start something are what remains
embedded in our minds forever. Be it our first bicycle ride, our first
vacation, our first sleepover at our best friend’s place, our first day at
college, our first crush; the list is endless, but memories remain.

Remembering a new experience is
something which relates to our perception. It is how we perceive our new experience.
If we take it as something common in our daily routine, then it is just another
happening, but it is when we try to put the happiness quotient in that event,
that it remains in our hearts and our minds.

I can perceive and choose to
start again every single day that I wake up. It is actually a different set of
circumstances that is unique in my personal history of life. Isn’t it? Of
course, it is, if I perceive it that way. I am a day older, or I have woken up
more enlightened than how I woke up the previous morning, because I probably
learnt something yesterday which I did not know the day before. So let us start
questioning our perceptions and we will find that even old things can be
perceived as new and different, and we can #ChooseToStart every moment of our

A few lines from the lyrics of
the song “For the First Time” by The Script comes to my mind here, which I
would like to share:
Trying to make it
work Man, but these times are hard….
But we’re gonna
start by…
Drinking old cheap
bottles of wine….
Sit talking up all
Shit talking up
all night…
Saying things we
haven’t for a while….
For the first
time, For the first time…
Oh, for the first
Yeah, for the
first time..

So, I can choose to start with my
new Smartphone experience too. The new Moto E smart phone from Motorola is
something which will make me stop in my track, look back and make me #ChooseToStart
a new journey in my Smartphone experience. The amazing price at which it is
offered, it is a steal with the mindboggling features that it possesses. The
4.30 inch 540×960 display powered by 1.2GHz processor alongside 1GB Ram and
5-megapixel rear camera, it is a show stopper from the first look.

This seems to be the phone that I
have been waiting to possess, a prized possession, which perhaps heralds my
journey into Smartphone operations.

The capacitive touch-screen
features with 16M colours, with dual SIM having a Micro-SIM with dual stand-by and
being amazingly light weight at just 142 grams, a MP camera with features like
geo-tagging, panorama and HDR, an internal memory of 4 GB with 1 GB RAM and
expandable memory storage facility with micro-SD expandable up to 32GB, this is
a piece of technological marvel.
The operating system provided is
the latest in the offering, The Android OS, v4.4.2 (KitKat) upgradable to
v4.4.4 (kitKat). And yeah, for the technologically crazy freaks, it is offering
a planned upgrade to v5.0 (Lollipop) very soon.
So here I am, waiting for my very
own Moto-E, to be a proud possessor and #ChooseToStart a new beginning, a new
chapter in my smart life with my smart phone.

Check out on the amazing features
of the new Moto E and choose to start new at
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