The Lakme Fashion Week presently going on at the St. Regis Hotel, Mumbai has seen the integration of design and technology with designers or repute from India as well as international designers presented futuristic fashion on the runway.

The show witnessed the designers showcasing their designs based on the future finding new ways of digitalizing environment and human body.

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I am not a bit impatient and lazy, though that’s a branding I have got from my family, comprising fortunately or unfortunately of an all-woman brigade, my wife and my daughters when it comes to accompanying them for store shopping. I am not sure whether I have been labelled rightly, but I firmly believe that in the time my women take to check-out the options at the store and finally end up buying one stuff and quite often none at all, I could walk away buying the entire store.

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Love packed in a box I ate…. at Box8
I am a bit finicky and
picky when it comes to eating, and so naturally a bit sceptical and cynical too
while ordering food online which I haven’t seen before.

But my constant hunger
pangs while at work, leaves me no option than to order online quite frequently.
I end up trying one outlet after another, virtually getting bored eating the
same kind of stuff frequently.

My gastronomical
escapades had finally led me to the destination called Box8, a place where as they claim, there is food
for every kind of hunger. And true to that, ever since my first order, that had
been the regular destination for my hunger attacks.

When I logged in to
Box8 site to order last week, I was expecting to have another of those
all-in-one meals in the box that I had been enjoying for a long time. It was
surely a pleasant surprise when I saw the new Pizza menu therein, and it was
surely an anxious wait for me before the “sooperman” reached my door step with
two amazing large #Box8Pizza.

The All-in-Chicken Pizza was a non vegetarian delight with chicken tikka, roast chicken and
chicken sausages. The toppings were spread magnanimously over red paprika,
black olives, capsicum and onion baked to perfection on a bed of mozzarella

One better than the
other, it was as the second pizza, the Meat Eater Pizza was really something
which stood up to its name. Chicken in its 4 variants, the barbeque chicken,
roast chicken, spicy chicken and chicken sausages over a generous spread of
cheese, this pizza was something which would lift a pizza connoisseur’s
cravings to the hilt.

Having sworn till then
by the big names in pizza, the pizzas from Box8 was surely and enjoyable and
satisfying revelation as they were way below the pricing of the other well
established counterparts.

The first impression
lasts the long, it’s said. And I realised it, the moment I opened the box to
have the glimpse at the pizzas, because when they said, it’s large it really
was very large, with absolutely no compromise on size.

The pizzas were fully
loaded with the toppings with absolutely no compromise on it either. The crusts
of the pizzas too were really soft and crispy and tasted as fresh as it could
ever be.

The seasonings that
came along with the pizzas smelt as if fresh from the farms, and the quantity
of cheese that made up the amazing pizza treat could put the bigger named
counterparts to shame.

A meal for four, that’s
what we generally assume when we order a couple of large pizzas but yet again,
Box8 proved me wrong on this count too. The pizzas with the generous fillings
and toppings were so filling that a casual guest who dropped in too had a fulfilling

Delivered perfectly
within the promised time, the pizzas were surely delivered piping hot and of
course stuffed with a lot of love too and I am absolutely that Box8 stands by
its conviction of their tag line, “Twice the cheese, Twice the Pizza”.
It is with that equal
conviction I say that it wasn’t just Pizza that I ate at
Box8, it was love packed in a box that I ate.

So go ahead and follow
them on
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too and enjoy
twice the love that you can ask for.
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