Find Happiness with Fynd
“Shopping makes me
Happy”, how many times have we heard this quote and have even sworn by it.

For me, whether it
makes me happy or not, there is one thing which I am absolutely sure about
shopping. I am sure that though shopping won’t fix all my problems, but it
surely is going to put me in a better mood when I have to actually deal with it.

There is no better way
to find happiness than with
Fynd, the revolutionary new shopping App
with almost all the top brands under its roof.

With Fynd, the quite amazing
feature is the
Feed section which prompts you your favoured
choices as per the latest trend and fashion depending upon your age and sex
mentioned when you have registered. Fynd understands that you need to keep
yourself happy than making anyone else happy, and so you can go indulge in
satisfying yourself the most.

For all of us who are
worried about the bargains and discounts and the best deals on offer, the
collections section provides you the latest collections and offers available so that
you get the best deal ever without going frantic searching for the things that
you want.

The collections are
arranged brand-wise, and so if you are a particular brand die-hard fanatic, you
can choose within that brand without going through the hassle of looking at
options from other brands.

Once you choose a product
that you like and pick up a size you want, you can browse through the style note section which gives the buyer some fair
idea to mix-and-match and maybe go for the matching one in case you don’t have
one already in your wardrobe. This Style Note which is a style bit randomly
pushed into the feed which is in the process of further customisation by the
Fynd’s team.

Shouldn’t the best
things in life be reserved for the last? Last but not the least is the
absolutely amazing option called
Fynd-A-Fit, wherein if you are unsure about
your size, you can just decide to select 2 sizes of the product and try them at
the convenience of your home, for a meagre convenience fee. The absence of a
size guide which varies according to the brands is taken care of, to an extent
by this option.

Fynd has an amazing lifetime return policy. Only things we need to
ensure are that the original tags are not removed, product is not stained,
damaged or torn or not used or washed. The returned product will be picked up
at our convenient time slot. Refunds will be initiated in the next 2 working
days and credited to the same account from which the payment is initiated. In
case of COD, the bank account details needs to be sent to them and the amount
will be credited to your bank account.

Payments are as simple
as finding a product on
Fynd. The easy payment option is called Flashpay, where you can pre-register your
debit card and/or credit card details and store it, so that while shopping and
checking out, it will ask you to choose the options already registered by you
and you need to just key in your CVV and the order is processed.

The delivery option is
very fast, in most of the cases, it is same day delivery, so hardly any anxious
moments of wait from the time you placed the order and the time when you
actually wear those apparels.

The only matter of
worry would perhaps be the fact that since the inventory is sourced directly
from the store, you may encounter possibilities of some walk-in customer
picking up your choice of product off the shelf at the brick-and-mortar store
before its picked up for you by Fynd resulting in out-of-stock situations
though the products may have been shown available while you place the order.
Fynd’s team is working with the partner brands to address this in the most
feasible way.

The Fynd App is
presently available in Mumbai only but would soon be extended to cover other
metro cities too.

So what are you waiting
for? Just download the App on your Android or iOS device
here and start Fynding to get a flat Rs.500/- off across all purchases on
minimum cart value of Rs.2000/- for the first time users.

Go ahead and find
happiness with
Fynd. #HappyFynding
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Faida, the Vaida of Aish without Cash
While we were kids, have
we not wished to have that special toy that our friend owned? Just imagine that
day when that friend agreed to swap his toy that you longed for with the one
you own. If we had ever done that, we have bartered. I am sure, we all have.

Bartering is perhaps the
oldest method of exchange which had been in existence for centuries long before
money was invented as a means of exchange.

I can only imagine how
convenient it would have been during those days when you didn’t need money to
buy things.

How flexible it could
have been, whether they are related products or totally unrelated, you could
just get what you want in exchange of giving away what you didn’t. Sounds so exciting
and I wish I could live those days.

Wouldn’t it be
interesting to know that this oldest system of exchange has made a comeback
using methods and systems that are much more erudite and refined to benefit and
encourage trading, like perhaps, the Internet?

Yeah! You heard it
right, here it is for you, so that you can buy best, sell instantly
and exchange easily.

With, it’s really Bina Cash, Karo Aish, as
their tagline says. So whether it is your old laptop for sale or you want to
buy second hand books online, you will find it all here.

There is an old African
proverb and it goes thus, “He who wants to barter, usually knows what is best
for him”. So when you put up your used electronics for sale, you have in mind
what you would like to have in exchange for it and you are going to get a buyer
here ready to offer what you wanted.

You wish to have it and
you get it here and you wish to sell it and give it here is the mantra as you
can see in the short video here.

A great advantage of
this bartering system is that you need not necessarily part with your material
items every time you wish to buy something.

You want to buy an old
mobile for sale but nothing to offer, you fret not. Rest assured, you would get
someone would sell old mobile who would just want someone to fix his television
set. And if you are good at fixing a damaged television set, voila, your dream
mobile phone is yours for virtually nothing.

So check out Faida and promise yourself the Vaida of Aish
without Cash.
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Asus Zenpad, one of the best thing I ever had
Asus’s new
tablet, the Zenpad7.00 has been launched in two variants, the Z170CG and Z370CG
variants. I got to have the Z3760G and here I am with a sneak-peak into its features.

Asus claims
that this tablet possesses excellent features and specifications that is truly
an upgrade to its predecessor. Let us find out about it.

Design and Build

Let’s start
with the design and build of the Zenpad7.0 Z370CG.

The top border
of the display features the front camera, the Ambient Light Sensor and the
earpiece and the bottom panel prominently features the ASUS logo with no
physical navigation buttons on the face of the device.

The top side
of the device has the two-in-one audio jack for headphone and mic-in and the micro
USB jack is placed on the bottom side.

The right
side of the tablet houses the volume rocker and the power/lock-unlock button.
The left side is kept free from any control buttons and reasonably so since it
acts as part of the stand when used in landscape mode along with the cover.

designing elegance is the removable back which can be ripped off with ease to
access the micro SIM card slot and the micro SD card slot for expandable memory
up to 64GB SDXC and features a textured leather finish that gives the user the
best grip over the tablet when held in hand either on portrait mode or the
landscape mode, though I honestly felt that this is a tablet built to be used
on portrait mode.


The main
display unit features a 7” LED Backlight WXGA (1280×800) Screen. The glass
screen is Corning Gorilla Glass1 with anti-fingerprint coating and is fully
laminated with the IPS Panel allowing 10 finger multi-touch support.

operating system works on the ASUS Tru2Life Technology, which brings the same
high-end HDR technology that we find in a TV into a tablet. If I were to
explain how it helps, I would say without any doubt that the benefits include
improved sharpness, intelligent contrast and better outdoor visibility.


The tablet
features an 8MP Rear Camera with Auto-focus. 8MP is not what will give you
remarkable picture quality when compared to most smartphones available today
but I feel that it still is absolutely reasonable by tablet standards.

The front
camera is 2MP, just realistic for those urgent selfies when your smart phone is
not accessible at hand and mind you, it comes with a 140 degree selfie


Zenpad7.0 Z370CG operates on the Android 5.0 (Lollipop) OS with its CPU powered
by 1.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Atom x3-C-3230 Quad-Core, 64 bit processor.
It provides 2GB
memory and an internal storage capacity of 16 GB and 5GB Life Time ASUS Web
storage space.

Let me not
forget to mention that when you log into the device, one of your Google account
is entitled to get 100GB of Google Drive space free for 2 years. But there
surely are riders and conditions which apply here. This Google Drive space can
be redeemed only once in a single 12 month period and it can be used only on
ASUS mobile devices.


One unique
feature that I liked is the Smart group by app type. Just tap the smart group
button to classify apps automatically. Unless you are finicky about putting
your choice apps in particular folders, I felt that it does well, grouping
productivity apps, communication apps, tools together etc. For me, it surely
gets rid of the clutter.

For people
on the move and in a hurry, there is quick access to the dialer, camera and
messaging app by default apart from the notifications on the lock screen.

Lock/Unlock button isn’t that smooth but its usage can be avoided when the
device is used with the cover. When the cover is closed, the screen switches
OFF and when the cover is opened, it automatically sets to ON.


The tablet
has its own speaker in the front which can be used sans the audio cover which
comes with the DTS HD premium sound technology that offers a reasonably good
audio output and it supports aptX


The tablet
comes with an inbuilt non-removable 13 WH Li-polymer Battery.

With most of
the apps running throughout, I found that the company’s claim of 8 hours of
battery life is almost close to perfection.

Eight hours
is enough for you to return to a safe charging hub and so let’s be candid to
say that’s enough for a day’s play though probably not a lot more.

Other features

The Zenpad
7.0 Z370CG that I got to review is an Obsidian Black one but the device has
been launched in Aurora Metallic too.

The 7 inch
tablet is easy to hold in your palm without the fear of slipping off with its dimensions
of 189 mm length x 110.9 mm width x 8.7 mm height.

Audio Cover

The review
of the Zenpad7.0 Z370CG would be incomplete without the mention of the Audio

optional accessory converts it into a multimedia device surely offering near to
boom-box levels of audio.

It is quite
stylish in its own leather pattern  and is
fitted with Dolby speakers arranged for a 5.1 channel surround sound audio for
loud audio output without affecting its battery life, thus providing enhanced
multimedia experience for which otherwise you may need to use a Bluetooth

It is designed
to connect and work automatically without any messy Bluetooth pairing which
means that you need to simply snap on the cover and you are ready to groove.

uninterrupted music therapy, the audio cover has its own battery and a
dedicated charger bundled with it. However, when connected to the device, it
charges when you charge the tablet and depletes at a much lesser rate than the
tablet’s battery.

With no
rivet or flap to secure the cover from opening, it may open inadvertently when
you are carrying the tablet in a bag and hence may switch the screen ON and OFF
intermittently and requiring you to override the cover’s ability to lock the
screen automatically once the flap is closed.

The cover
weighs around 211 gms. and hence along with the tablet the gross weight is just
close to ½ kg and hence somewhat heavy.

Pros and Cons

Here are my
honest opinion on its pros and cons.


v The device is compact and powerful.

v Bundled with the Audio cover for multimedia effect, an ultimate
gadget if you like it loud.

v One device that takes care of all your entertainment needs,
with no separate speakers needed for personal entertainment or multimedia.

v Simple multimedia interchange with no Bluetooth pairing
requirement to connect to speakers.


v With rear and front cameras at 8MP and 2MP respectively, the
picture quality is surely a bit disappointing.

v Though the tablet by itself is quite light, but we won’t be
able to miss out the slightly bulky feel with the snap on Audio cover.


Priced at
Rs.14,999/- including the audio cover and Rs.11,999/- without it, the Zenpad7.0 Z370CG is surely value for
money and is certainly a good choice as a personal entertainment device with
exceptional sound output.

My rating
for the Zenpad7.0 Z370CG would be 4.5/5.

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