As I woke up today morning, the good morning messages on the social messaging App on my phone were mostly wishes and greetings on Holi.

My wife asked me to share with her some good messages which might have come my way so that she can forward the same to her well-wishers too. Nothing wrong in it, I thought, as I promptly did it. That’s what we all do; sometimes not even bothering to read, let alone understanding the full message before being over-enthusiastic to pass it on.



It's only fair to share...
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Let me assume a women’s day out. This day need not be the 8th of March, but any other day in the year. It would be a day like any other day in the life of a woman, a day when she walks out of her assumed safe domain to face the vagaries of a male dominated world.

Does a woman feel safe in her day out? Can she walk around without any sense of apprehension and anxiety, as any man could do. Does she feel absolutely safe? Can she stand up with absolute conviction and courage?

I would aspire she could. But regrettably, the reality is that she can’t. As long as she can’t, pronouncing one day of the year as dedicated to women makes no sense at all.

It's only fair to share...
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Travel travails of God
Memoirs in
frustration by the Almighty
As I pen
down the memoirs of that momentous event in my existence or “life” as you know
it better, I still shudder at the thought that impelled me to embark on that
journey to the planet I had created ages ago as a reflection and replica of the
heaven that is my abode.

That fateful
morning, as I looked at the planets moving around with complete harmony in
celestial orbit where I had placed them, I couldn’t resist myself from stealing
a glance at the third one from the right. Oh, yeah! That’s the Earth, I
remembered. I could still recollect the pain and effort it took to create this
little round mass of dust, perhaps my best ever creation till date.
I had fallen
in love with it from the moment I made it and so there was no doubt in my minds
that I wanted to create it as a facsimile of my own abode. You could say, the
thought of a second home, whenever I would be holidaying was surely at the back
of my mind when I decided to fill it up with portable creatures that would
amuse me during my stay.
I still
remember how calculative I was while I placed this planet in the solar system
with just an abundance of whatever it would need and breathed life into
everything around and finally created a being with intelligence almost
equalling mine. I had smiled conceivably for the last time ever that day as I
had kindly named it “mankind”.
Of all the
creations that I had ever made, earth was perhaps the only place where I had
created this species with assumed astuteness and acumen. When I had done that,
I wouldn’t have imagined even in my wildest dreams that this would be the only
place where I would have to send my missionaries and proselytizers to make them
recognise, appreciate and value the reason and rationale of their limited
period existence in that planet before I recall him back to my realm or assign
him an alternate life in a substitute form.
I would
consider it a momentary loss of prudence on my part when I took that historic
decision to embark on the journey to Earth, in disguise. As I took the guise of
my creation, it was to change my destiny for ever.
As I took
human form upon arrival, camouflaged into the semblance and façade of most the
creatures around, I was dark skinned with curly hair resembling in appearance
to them, whom I learnt were now called “people”. The inbuilt global positioning
system guided me that I was in a place called Africa. Beautiful and serene, it
reminded me that it’s almost similar to how I had conceived it ages ago.
But then I
had to move on and so I hopped on to one of those giant machines, people here called
aeroplanes which smoothly guide through the air and transport our mortal body
to wherever we wished to travel.
A rude
culture shock was awaiting me as soon as I landed at this new place called
Europe. I was stared at, frowned at by almost everyone who walked past me and
it didn’t take me too long to understand that it was the colour of my skin that
repulsed them.
Racism, I
soon learnt is what they described it where the majority of the people in that
place and in another distant place called America, being fair skinned
considered themselves much superior than the kinds like me. There was no way I
could explain to them that I had built all of them with these bare hands of
mine but they wouldn’t perhaps understand and the darker skinned people were
destined to live as children of a lesser God.
I had to
survive as long as I lived there and though reluctantly, I shed my darker
membrane and adopted the fairer one to soon become one among them and be so
easily acceptable to them, before one day I boarded a plane again to land in a
place called Arabia.
I was
relieved that I did not have to peel off that sheath yet again here as everyone
had an almost similar casing. But my joy was quite short lived. During my stay
on earth so far, I had seen people congregate occasionally at some physical
structure, mostly ritualistically to either to beg, plead or implore in unison
to one of the apostles I had sent here years back.
However, at
this new place, I found that people sought allegiance to another one of my
evangelists blindly refuting and disregarding the teachings of the other
without even trying to correlate the similarities to understand that the
teachings were the same in different ways of comprehension.
I was aggrieved
and wounded to witness wars being raged between the so-called supporters of
one of them against the followers of the other, declaring that the conflict and
confrontation is in my name and honour claiming that their supreme sacrifice in
this “holy war” is what would bring them closer to me.
My next
destination was a place called Asia where a much bigger
surprise was in store. I was astonished at the revelation of the believers of
several of my missionaries co-existing, though certainly not in harmony. 
The feeling
of co-existence wasn’t pleasant at all, for anywhere I went, I was asked to
declare my religion which I had no clue about. While there was a place of
worship where I was denied entry till I prove my physical and mental fidelity
to that sect, in others, I was deprived of the privileges accessible only to
those who had vowed to those sets of beliefs practiced there.
It was
shocking for me beyond comprehension that some my own creation were not allowed
inside these structures where they believed I reside just because they were biologically
born as women and possibly considered inferior in strength and power to the
other section called men.
I could
certainly not fathom the idea of another disunion among my creation based on a
material aspect called money which they believed could enable them to obtain the
pleasures of their life on this sphere. At most of these created structures of
worship too, the privileged ones on this dimension would have easier access to
On and off,
wherever I went, I used to meet a few Samaritans trying to profess the true
teachings that I had intended to be recognised here but more often than not,
such souls were ridiculed, mocked and scorned upon.
As I resumed
back to my domicile, I was lamenting on how distorted and mislead in judgements
and beliefs, this creation of mine had become since I had shaped them bestowing
them of almost all of my intellect and acumen.

The human
race, the mankind as I had named them, was probably not kind enough, and
certainly not the kind that I had wished them to be. 

It's only fair to share...
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