The amazing #BoltDrives

The amazing #BoltDrives
The weekend was spectacular and
so was the occasion.
A lazy me who generally
sleeps over the hangover of the weekend morning blues, surprised myself by
getting up at the first alarm in the wee hours of the morning.
As I sprung up from bed startling
my even more surprised better half, I had almost shook the whole house in
excitement. Excited! Why shouldn’t I be? It was a day; I was going to be
pampered since morning till evening. I had no doubts that I would be King for
the day.

The event was to be a long drive
to Lonavla, and the occasion was the launch of the all new TataBolt by TataMotors. When it is Tata you are sure. That’s true for their cars too. So,
didn’t it add to the excitement? Sure, it did.

The morning chores done in a
jiffy, which otherwise requires my wife to cajole me over at least a pair of
bed tea, I slung my back sack over my back and off I left for CafeInfinito,
our meeting point for the rendezvous.

Slipping in a generous extra few
notes to the rickshaw driver as I alighted at BKC, the awesome sight of
two-thirds of a dozen brand new, crimson red TataBolt lined up on the road,
perhaps making me that extra magnanimous, I pushed open the door to be greeted
by the amazing team from BlogAdda, the organisers and coordinators for the

Pleasantries exchanged, a few
handshakes and a few more introductions, I settled down on the seat allotted to
me, I was to meet the wonderful guys who would be my partners for the day.
Quite surprisingly, though anyone else would have loved to partner with one of
the many stunning ladies around, I felt quite safe and secure in the company of
an auto-engineer-cum-kick boxer and a risk management investment banker.

The breakfast spread out for us
was as lavish as I would have ever imagined, and as I was munching through
them, the enthusiastic team from TataMotors were explaining the

As we hopped into our car, our
chariot for the day, and as I took the wheels, our supervisor from TataMotors
hopped in too explaining us the amazing features of the machine. The vehicle
was quite sufficiently stuffed with a cooler to take care of our emergency
needs on the way, and we were flagged off towards our first halt, the
suspension test.

The first event itself was enough
to build up the adrenaline rush as I had to manoeuvre sharp twists and turns
and bumps, perhaps reminding of the road ahead, but the amazing TataBolt made
it sure that it was as smooth as cheese.

Flagged off from there, our next
pit stop was the Khopoli food court. As we were hitting the highway, we were
called upon by #CaptainBolt on the super amazing #Harman information system built in who
warned us that we need to maintain the reasonable speed limits, which we
sincerely did throughout a major part of the journey, though it made us end up
the last at every stop.

Changing drivers at the pit stop,
I got the opportunity to enjoy the comfort of the back seat too. Tata cars had
always been the epitome of space and comfort and I have had always wondered how
they manage to squeeze in so much space into a hatchback.

As sumptuous as the drive was the
lunch spread at Triose #Dhaba were we relaxed over an hour on the charpais as
BlogAdda was busy interviewing each one of us on our journey so far.

Off to #TigerPoint after the much
deserved break, vehicles switched, we got to drive a Revetron from there
onwards, having driven a diesel one so far, the summer heat was killing but the
amazing sight of the eight TataBolt lined up against the backdrop of the
valleys and the ravines was coolant enough.

The selfies and the groupies and
the videos to keep our memories intact, off we were back on our journey back to

The last pit stop CafeCoffeeDay
at #FoodCourt at Khopoli, we had our coolers and cheezy breads while we bid
adieu to each other to end up an amazing and memorable day.

The guys at TataMotors are
really amazing. I wonder how they take care of the minute details, right from
keeping our car chillers stuffed up throughout, keeping the envelope ready for
the toll taxes to be paid on the way, or to the professional chauffeurs, who
took over the wheels from then on.

Some of guys and gals dropped off
on the way, perhaps convenient and faster for them to reach their homes, I
preferred to be dropped back at the starting point. Perhaps, I wanted to have
another glimpse of the place from where this amazing dream started for me that

An amazing drive, a wonderful
experience, made great friends and fell in love with the TataBolt.

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