The ASUS Zenfone2, The value for Money smart phone

The ASUS Zenfone2, The value for Money smart phone
Having lived life so far in the
Stone Age way, as my tech-savvy daughters would remark, I had lived under the
false impression of being “A simple living being with a yet simpler thinking”.
I was passé for smart phones, I
had imagined till one day I woke up to realize that technology had progressed
and along the same lines, my children had already grown up. The techno-savvy
daughters, that I have, made its impact on their Dad as soon as they approached
teen hood and then adulthood in quick succession and I got my smart phone in my
hand. It was a device which took me light years ahead of where I stood till
then, being able to handle all my daily activities over this rectangular piece
of calling instrument that I held in my hands.
The ignorant me has since been
living under the awful impression that I am in heavenly bliss till I saw the
amazing ASUS Zenfone2. You
may call it love at first sight, yet again for me, but I have really gone
bonkers over this amazing piece of engineering marvel. From the day I saw it’s
absolutely stunning features, I have been convinced that this is the elixir of
technological advancement, the phone with amazing features unheard of so far,
the smart phone, which is real value for money.
I can honestly go over a million
words giving a thousand reasons why I am so convinced that this is the phone of
the future, light years ahead of where we stand today.
The Ultra-fast processor: The
ASUS Zenfone2 is powered by an up to 2.3GHz 64 bit Intel® Atom Z3580 processor and
has a 4GB RAM. That makes
it up to three times better for the daily performance, and for the games lovers,
the experience would be up to 7 times faster. This amazing power would not
leave us waiting or longing  and would
let us enjoy slick web surfing, smooth video playback and multi-tasking, all at
one go.
The BoostMaster Technology:
The ASUS Zenfone2 comes with the ASUS BoostMaster Technology that can charge this
phone at double the speed, that will give us more time to do things than
spending that valuable time waiting for our phone to be charged. This amazing
ASUS-exclusive technology enables the phone battery to be juiced up to about
60% in just around 39 minutes. That’s truly amazing.
The Dual Active Technology:
The Dual active technology
keeps the Dual SIM active at all times. With this feature, one can one make and
receive calls on SIM-1, the primary contact number provided to all, and when we
feel that our near and dear ones need to contact us on our private number on
SIM-2, we just need to switch seamlessly. The Dual Active technology of the
ASUS Zenfone2 thereby ensures that we will never miss a call.
The 13MP PixelMaster Camera:
Its 13MP  PixelMaster camera which comes
with the f/2.0-aperture lens allows us to capture stunning, high resolution
photos with absolutely zero shutter lag. It allows us.  capture great photos at night or in low light
without the need of a flash with the help of the low light mode by employing
the pixel-merging technology. The super HDR lets us see clearly even during the
day-time shadow which ensures warm skin tones and accurate colour for our
memorable snaps.
The ergonomic Arc design: The
luxurious ultra-thin ergonomic arc
of the ASUS Zenfone2 is something which anyone would fall in love
with. The brushed metal finish and the concentric-circle detailing, with the
graceful ergonomic arc case which tapers to an incredibly thin 3.9 mm at the
edges, gives this phone a bold yet elegant look. The simple but minute
detailing of the rear-mounted volume-control and shutter button, so
thoughtfully and ideally positioned for our index finger, echo the real spirit
of the Zen.
The most convincing reason to
long for this phone is that it is the world’s first smart phone with 4 GB RAM.
With the highly successful ASUS Zenfone as its predecessor, the manufacturers
have surely leveraged their quarter century of engineering accomplishments, in
creating this masterpiece which is surely poised to deliver a new level of
empowering luxury to everyone.
As for the pricing, like its
predecessor, I am sure, Asus is not going to disappoint anyone when it is going
to be launched on 23rd April, 2015 exclusively on Flipkart.

I honestly #CantWait4Zenfone2

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