Co-operation for a better corporation

Co-operation for a better corporation
“My Municipal
Corporation is the worst”; My Corporation is the most corrupt”; “My
Municipality is good for nothing”!

How often have we not
just heard these words, but have even sworn it ourselves while we scoffed at
all the garbage and litter around the moment we step out of the comforts of our

So easy to blame others
and so difficult to introspect!

Scapegoating is the
easiest way to pass on the buck. It serves as a psychological relief for us. It
gives us immense psychosomatic and spiritual joy, a feeling of ecstasy. We so
easily characterise an entire group of individuals according to the conduct of
a small number of individuals belonging to that group. What could be the reason
for it?

I can comprehend only
one probable reason for this behaviour. We perhaps have a very high tolerance
level to accept things as it is than actually do something and bring about a
change or even to appreciate if someone is trying to do something to bring
about a change. Reproaching or condemning comes so easy to us since we do not
need to make any extra effort for the same.

We would prefer blaming
or tolerating or simply just accepting things as it is and the fact that
nothing would improve in this country rather than making an attempt ourselves.

As a community, it is absolutely
right that we expect our streets cleaned up because we pay taxes for that
service, but it is equally right that the corporation expects us not to litter.

We have a tendency to
blame others for our mistakes.
A girl is raped, the government is
blamed and not the man or the boy.
Poor sex ratio, the government is
blamed and not our sick mentalities of vying for a male child.
Natural calamities, the government is
blamed and not our indifference towards helping others.
Accident, the municipal corporation
is blamed for the state of our roads and not the reckless drivers.
Garbage all around, the municipal
corporation is blamed and not our general apathy.

We break traffic
signals when it conveniences us and then leave no stone unturned to swear at
those who cuts through when we seldom decide to follow rules.

So it is accepted, it
is natural that we blame the Municipal Corporation. So let us go ahead and
blame them for that garbage on the road side, as we pop up a chocolate in our
mouth to ease our frustration and shamelessly throw the wrapper on the road.

The frustration is
mounting and we need to ease up more. We feel like stopping at that pan-shop on
the way and pick up one to chew, but then we would be spitting all around till
it’s over in our mouth. We have a long way to go and we would surely be
relieving that mounting pressure on our urinary tract and while we stop to do
that we would still be execrating about that litter we had to manoeuvre to gain
a good ground to pee.

Epilogue… or is it really a conclusion?

With the Ganesh
Chaturthi Visarjan round the corner tomorrow, was amazed to see the beautiful
arrangement made by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, P North Ward, Malad
West to construct an artificial pond and requesting the Ganapati pandals to
offer their idols for immersion there, rather than desecrating the natural
water bodies, a big step towards saving the ecology and conserving our

Full marks and a big salute to them for this noble and unique endeavour!

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