Maze Runner – The Scorch Trials – Movie Review

Maze Runner – The Scorch Trials  – Movie Review
The movie is larger
than life. Set up as a sequel to its predecessor, the Maze Runner, it is much
bigger in size, may it be the length, which stretches to more than two hours
(131 minutes) or it’s cast.

The movie starts of
where the first part ends with the kids being rescued from WCKD, the nefarious
company chasing a cure for an apocalyptic virus. The half dozen survivors from the
maze, seemed to be safe being taken to a seemingly harmless compound, where
they find other teenagers like them already there.

Though Janson tries to
assure them that their nightmare is already over an every night a bunch of them
being rescued, whisked away to an conceivable new home, every enduring one
wishing for their turn to come, lingering at the hope every dinner night though
they are offered food, shelter and good clothes, it becomes pretty obvious that
another nightmare is waiting to be unfolded for the kids led by Thomas, the
quietly courageous leader of the teenagers.

When Thomas and Aris
find out about the nefarious medical experiments that the scientists led by the
doctor Ava Paige are performing on these undoubting kids in the guise of
finding a cure for the plague that ravaged the nation, they along with their
other friends escape the closely guarded compound in pursuit of help and

Escaping from a maze
where they were being used as guinea-pigs in experiments, the kids run from one
post-apocalyptic bunker to another, running across an abandoned mall and
slinking through the sewer system, chased by blind sun-scorched zombies, afflicted
by the plague, trying to survive the heat of the sun by the day and escaping lightning
strikes by the night.

While trying to expand
the Maze Runner mythos, the Director moves through the plot so fast,
that it feels that the characters are running non-stop and
breathless in an indefinite and ambiguous hope of survival.

As far as the
characterisation goes, Thomas looks audacious and spirited throughout
while his buddies Frypan, Newt and others look either impudent or quipping and the only girl character in the group, Teresa
looks gloomy throughout the plot.

Too much of scope
crammed into the movie, we find too many stories woven into it, moving to and
fro from one lore to another, too many characters that we need to remember, and
so many of the backstories to link to that it may become difficult to get
a comprehension on anything by the time the movie progresses on its speed.

Based on the second
novel in James Dashner’s Maze Runner series, this movie clearly reflects an
appealing drabness and bleakness that it may have failed to address.

Director: Wes Ball

Dylan O’Brien – Thomas
Aiden Gillen – Janson
Kaya Scodelario –
Thomas Brodie-Sangster –Newt
Ki Hong Lee – Minho
Giancario Esposito –
Rosa Salazar – Brenda
Jacob Lofland – Aris
Dexter Darden – Frypan
Patricia Clarkson – Ava
Lili Taylor – Mary Cooper

Distributed by: 20th Century Fox

Credits: Star Movies, for the preview invite.
You can watch the
official trailer of the movie here in this video

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