I get up on the right side of the bed

I get up on the right side of the bed
There is something
about a morning which is always good. It may be the brightness and the sparkle
that deciphers and interprets the day’s mood, or conceivably the brilliance and
the lustre of a new sun, placing yesterday to sleep, we may debate.  But for me it’s something more than that, perhaps
a new day meaning newer promises to keep.

But let me confess that
it hadn’t been this way always. “Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed”,
there was a time when people used to ask me on those days when I used to be a
real grouch.

Ancient practices,
beliefs and to a certain extent, even superstitions have contributed to the practice
of placing certain things in certain positions to be in harmony with the
environment and possibly the practice of getting up on a particular side of the
bed has this origin.

I am not sure whether
there is a right side or wrong side of a bed, but of late I have come to
believe that even if I get up on the wrong side of the bed, I can try my best
to turn a frown upside down and make the most of my day.

So here are my little
mantras for a good morning.

Message or talk to
your loved ones:
One of the few first things I do as
soon as I get up is to talk to or message my loved ones, and that would include
my family, my children and my friends. I feel wonderful and I know it makes the
other person too feel valued for sure.

Listen to music: I have the numerous FM channels to my rescue here. While in the midst of
my morning chores, I switch on the radio to listen to whatever music is being
played. I have realised that it surely relaxes my mind, muscles and body and
reduces my stress levels. Believe me, these are the most important aspects in
our hectic lifestyle.

Devour a healthy breakfast: I surely don’t need a doctor or a nutritionist to keep reminding me that
a nutritious breakfast keeps my body energised. An important part of my morning
routine, it keeps my mind inclined to complete the remaining jobs of the day
efficiently. The culmination; it makes me feel immensely satisfied at the end
of the day.

Appreciate and show
I keep thinking of as many things
that I can that I am grateful for. It doesn’t matter to me even if I may be
repeating the same basic things every day. Trust me, whenever I decide to draw
down the list of these things, it is just endless. It may be just good health,
a safe place to sleep, shoes beneath my feet, a decent job to keep me and my family
fed; I just acknowledge things that I may have taken for granted,.

Encourage myself and
recognise my self-worth:
Rather than waiting for others to appreciate
me, I have learnt to understand that my finest inspiration comes from within. Every
morning, I try to count up reasons why I love myself and keep telling myself
that if I am able to do one little thing which makes someone else smile or be
happy, I would live that day as a worthy human being.

Smile: A smile is like a boomerang, I have read this idiom long back. You try
throwing it on someone and it comes straight back at you. Just a simple thing,
costing nothing; giving a warm smile to my family members before I leave for
work and a warm smile to my colleagues and staff once I reach office. A little
stretch of the facial muscles and I have seen that the presumably mean
colleagues will not seem to be mean anymore.

I don’t care anymore
whether I get up from bed on the left side or the right side, because I know it
would not be the wrong side but the right side.

These little mantras
have proved to me that it’s not how we get out of bed, but how we approach the
good morning once we get up, is what counts and converts a good morning into a
gold morning. And what better way to do it than make your every morning into #Colgate360GoldMornings.

Now you can wake up to
a gold morning every morning with 360 degrees charcoal gold, not only it is
stunning in the way it looks, but also in the way it cleans your teeth, tongue,
cheeks and gums. No wonder, it’s the Gold Standard of Whole Mouth Cleaning.
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