Can I sue God?

Can I sue God?
Can I question God?
Living in a land where I dare not question even my political leaders, I can’t
even be thinking of it.

Incarnated in a country whose culture is so
deeply imbedded in religion and the hue and cry of tolerance and intolerance about
it alike, a country with ethos and beliefs which deem divinity as absolutely
sacred, I would rather expel the notion even before it takes derivation and
foundation in my thoughts.
Theology, spirituality,
mysticism or holiness being the root of our culture, could I even imagine suing

Perhaps, there is an
Indian lawyer who thinks otherwise. So here he goes, filing a case against
Hindu God Lord Ram over the alleged mistreatment of his wife Sita.

According to the
petition filed by this lawyer, he has claimed that Lord Ram had banished his
wife Sita to live in exile in a forest, which is highly “hypocritical” and “cruel”
and which according to him has no valid reason as she was later found innocent
of the charges that forced her into exile.

His petition claims how
can a man be so cruel to his wife that he sends her off to live in a forest,
without even thinking for a moment how a woman could live alone amid wild and
ferocious animals, including reptiles and mammals, in the forest, even after
she had sworn in front of fire to always live with her husband.

Quite ironically, the
lawyer has included Lord Ram’s brother Laxman too in the suit stating that he
was as much an accused as he had helped Lord Ram in “renouncing” Sita and hence
a party to the crime, i.e. misconduct against woman.

Though the suit may
have been dismissed by the Court as not tenable being beyond logic and facts, the
dragging to court of the chief protagonist of the Ramayana and conceivably one
of India’s most revered deity has surely thrown up some amusing possibilities that
I can conjure up.

*  If Ram would be standing in the docks while being questioned, it may imaginably
be the first time that the Judge will be calling the accused, “My Lord”.

*  It may end up as a fight of Ram against Ram, with eminent lawyer Ram
Jethmalani ready to appear for the petitioner in his case filed against
Lord Ram.

*  Once a precedent of suing Gods is set, the next on the anvil may be Hanuman
to be sued for travelling to Sri Lanka without visa and passport. It seems now
the entire monkey clan will be jailed for the alleged crime of their fugitive

*  The first time ever, I have seen the Lord moving around in flesh and
blood was as Arun Govil in the epic soap opera. I sincerely hope this poor guy won’t
be arrested for his acting hystrionics.

It surely seems to be a
case of growing intolerance against the Gods too. Looks like this Kalyug isn’t
safe even for the Lord!
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