Karachi Bakery, Mumbai – Food Review

Mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy, we all must have surely heard this Kacey Musgraves number. I love the meaning it conveys but have often realised that at times practically we do miss out on some things in life which we should have enjoyed. Biscuits may make your life gravy but when you feel that there is something missing in life, then it surely has to be a Karachi Bakery biscuit.

Every time I had travelled to Hyderabad for business or pleasure, or have someone coming to Mumbai from there, I had made sure over these years that the only thing I have asked for is some fruit biscuits and plum cakes from Karachi Bakery.



If anyone is wondering what Hyderabad has to do with Karachi, and how this name of the city of a neighbouring country for this joint, let me just mention here that it was started by Late Khanchand Ramnani, a Sindhi migrant from Karachi, that was part of undivided India.


When I came to know that Karachi Bakery opened an outlet in Mumbai on Linking Road, Bandra West, I was there with a few friends but without a doubt to soak into the taste that I could never forget. Once in, I realised that it’s not just biscuits but much beyond that to play sweet havoc with my palate that evening. By the time I got out of this amazing joint, I had all my tummy could contain of biscuits, cakes, pastries, cupcakes, macarons and snacks too.



 Having set my eyes on the pies, I decided to go for everything on display and so it was a treat of Apple, Pineapple and Blueberry Pies which was absolutely amazing. Check out the pictures that I have clicked of them and you sure will be convinced that I surely didn’t eat humble pie.



When it comes to pound cakes, I am candid enough to admit that I am not ashamed to have more than my pound of flesh. Happiness is a bowl of fresh berries I had heard and so I called for the Blueberry and Strawberry pound cakes which pounded my heart as well as it did to my palate.



I believe that a balanced diet means having a cupcake in each hand. So I decided to have more than my handful with this wonderful range of mini chocolate and vanilla cupcakes followed by the fancy kitkat and the fancy chocolate cupcakes too. Each bite into those cups made me exclaim that they are the beautiful cupcake in my world full of muffins.


 Happiness is knowing, there is more cake in the oven. Surely there were more to follow in the cakes to keep me happy and absolutely exotic too. The Flower Basket cake, the mouse cake and the fruit cakes were so glamorous that I could put life into them; they could put the models to shame in a cat walk.




More fruit pastries and the signature biscuits of Karachi Bakery followed some hot tea to go with them. Sweetness achieved to the core, I had to wind it up with some amazing pizzas and pastas before was awakened from my Karachi dream to walk out into the busy by-lanes of Mumbai.


At Karachi Bakery, you can have your cake and eat it too!

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