Ok Is No Longer Ok

During my childhood days, whenever I used to travel on the highway with my parents, I and my sibling used to pass our time counting the trucks that passed by and yelling out those words written invariably behind every one of them, which read “Horn OK please”.

I had never understood the meaning of these words though over the years with a little bit of matured intelligence, I started assuming that it was meant to alert the vehicle approaching from behind to sound their horn in case they wish to overtake. Quite recently, with the ban by the Government of Maharashtra on usage of these words behind the trucks, I realised that even this assumed intelligence was ill acquired.

Things had to change and so was the assumption of my acquired intelligence too. But there are still some things which some people kept close to their chest without wanting a change. Maybe the fear of failure or ridicule or even dissent may be the reason, but holding on to something considering it perfectly OK to remain status-quo is certainly not something which is going to benefit anyone.

“If you want to make enemies, try to change something” said Woodrow Wilson.

It’s so true that if we try to change something, we need to first believe in that change. Once we start believing in it ourselves, we start the trend for the change and tend to spark a revolution. This can be anything from changing ourselves for good or changing something for the betterment of the society.

Mahindra Truck and Bus, the pioneers in the trucking industry in India, has taken up the mantle with its yet another pioneering technology with the Mahindra Blazo, India’s first smart truck, which will change the face of the Indian trucking industry and redefine the concept of OK to that of OK Is No Longer OK.

Innovating the change is the introduction of the FuelSmart technology, which has switches which allows the driver to choose between Turbo, Heavy and Light modes while carrying big loads over steep inclines, or carrying full loads over normal terrains or when running without load respectively. These modes allow the driver to choose between superior mileage and unmatched power as and when his driving requirement demands thus squeezing maximum efficiency from the engine.

FuelSmart Advantage is certainly not about switching on or off a button to do magic. This technology is backed by immense research which has created the mPOWER FuelSmart engine with a 7.2 L displacement with immense reserve capacity for relentless out-performance as also cutting down on emissions to give the Truck a cleaner, greener running for years together.

Mahindra Blazo comes not only with this technological advantage but with more safety and more comfort as well which converts to more trips and consequently more profits.

Mahindra understands that transport is the primary industry which runs the nation and that drivers, who spend half of their lives inside a truck cabin, are the actual wheels of this industry and hence it is imperative that they need to comfortable while

Mahindra Blazo is a smart truck which comes with a host of features, whether it is the 4 point suspended cabin which enhances driving comfort, or the controls which are ergonomically located to reduce effort inside the cabin or the 4-vent AC system along with factory fitted fans to ensure cool comfort at all times, the tilt and telescopic adjustable steering wheel, the wide windshield and large rear view mirrors to provide greater visibility, the anti-lock braking system to ensure greater braking system at higher speeds or even the car like Driver Information System that gives critical vehicle information to the driver in real time, the list is endless which would make the driver feel comfortable and safe for a fatigue free driving with fewer stoppages and hence more distance covered in lesser time.

Mahindra stands by its commitment that OK is no longer OK by promising that in the unlikely event of a breakdown, it will get the truck working within 48 hours or else the Company will pay the truck owner Rs.1000 per day till the truck is back on the road.

The New Mahindra Blazo comes with the smart new technology which is sure to provide unbeatable mileage without compromising on power. Mahindra’s confidence in its new range of trucks reflects in the rock solid guarantee that they give. If the Mahindra Blazo does not give more mileage than your current truck, you can actually return it and take your money back.

I experienced the efficiency and comfort of this amazing technology and am absolutely convinced that OK is no longer OK as you can check out in this video here. Whether its change or just the horn, it’s no longer OK please.

I am blogging about my exclusive experience at the Mahindra Blazo Smart Truck manufacturing unit with BlogAdda.

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