Hexies on my mind, Hexactly! – My #HexaExperience


It’s the H-word everywhere, ever since I had the opportunity to experience the amazing power packed SUV to be launched by Tata Motors very soon.


This power packed, feature loaded and adrenaline pumped beast of the road was unveiled by the Company last week at Hyderabad and I was surely excited to be a one of the top bloggers across genres from around the country who had been called to witness this wonderful piece of engineering design at Novotel Hotel, Hyderabad Airport.


The Tatas do it grand always and when they have collaborated with Indiblogger for this event, it surely had to be no less than grandeur at its best. Sixty bloggers from across India were flown in to converge in the city of Nizams and it was fun all the way right from the time I boarded the flight from Mumbai with over a dozen other bloggers.


After a grand lunch at the hotel, post our registration and check-in followed by a high-tea in the afternoon, I retired to my room but honestly could not wait for the evening session to start at 6 pm, where the vehicle was to be unveiled.


The session was as impactful as the signature Impact Design language that this vehicle boasts of, the second vehicle after Tiago from the Tata Motors stable to sport this language with bold and impactful exteriors and premium sporty interiors with superb finishes and soft touch materials further accentuating the plush feel of the cabin.


As the top honchos of the Company, Mr. Ashish Sahni, Mr. Vivek Srivatsa, Mr. Richard Winson and Mr. Ravindra Jain started explaining the mind blowing features and the amazing design of this beauty leaving me mesmerised, I was already in the Super Drive Mode, one of the features of this lifestyle vehicle which provides the passengers with a pleasurable, comfortable and dynamic driving experience by allowing the driver to seamlessly switch between the four different driving modes – Auto, Comfort, Dynamic and Rough Road, a perfect combination of engine performance, the new generation electronic stability program (ESP), torque on demand (TOD), instrument cluster display and it’s ambient lighting.


The evening session was followed by a grand dinner at the hotel banquet with cocktails specially designed and curated based on the concept of what the Hexa stands for. I swear, I am one cocktail away from telling everyone what I really think of this amazing lifestyle vehicle which was kept on display to feast our eyes.


While the Power Packed Mary named after the feature of Power Packed was surely more power packed in it, the Feature 69 was surely reminiscent of the Feature Loaded vehicle and the Adrenaline Shot topped up with Red Bull surely gave me wings and pumped me up as the Hexa which would get me Adrenaline Pumped.


Having fallen in love at first sight it was for me whether it was the signature grille, accentuated with an aspirational chrome humanity line, the stylish new projector headlamps with smoked effect, or the dual tone rear bumper with chrome accented step plates and chrome twin exhaust or be it the stylized wraparound horizontal tail lamps connected by a refined chrome applique.


Dreaming whole night was I switching thoughts between the contemporary silhouette of the SUV with its dynamic floating roof and wraparound chrome feature line, its 19-inch alloy wheels nestled in muscular wheel arch claddings, eagerly waiting for the morning where I was to drive this beast and be pampered by its interiors.


A quick bath, fast grub for the breakfast and there I was at the hotel lawns to take this mean machine out on the roads. Love knew no bounds for me, the moment I got into the vehicle, as if it was inviting me to experience the all black sporty interior, the sculpted seats with contrast stitching and accentuated bolsters with leather feel upholstery.


Once on the road, exchanging turns with my two team members in the same car, driving, navigating and relaxing on the back seat too, it was quite evident for me that thoughtfully designed intuitive spaces was available in all three rows and the choice of eight colours for in-cabin Ambient Mood Lighting, with illumination control and customization adding to its finesse.


The driving comfort was something I had never felt before with the All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system, electronically controlled via an adaptive system with torque on demand feature. Whether in the 6-speed manual transmission variant allowing me to seamlessly switch between the different modes giving me the feeling of added stability over different terrains or in the 6-speed automatic transmission variant with selective modes of Sports and auto-sensing race car performance with manual shift option, I was confident of my manoeuvrability of the vehicle even in extreme situations.


Comfort it surely is written large all over the vehicle and inside it, with the host of features that it has. The Cruise Control which is available at the touch of a button, the automatic headlamps which switch on or off on sensing exterior conditions, the intelligent rain sensing wipers with 7 speed modes capable of handling rains of varying intensity, the rear window sun blinds to shield us from sunrays, the follow-me-home approach lights which can be switch on through the remote key to illuminate  the pathway and locate the vehicle in the dark, it’s loaded with features which just leaves us awestruck.


Once back from the drive, between the sumptuous spread of lunch laid down at the hotel, I jumped queues, super delighted to experience the off-road experience too. Sitting next to the expert driver, the experience was something totally divine and I felt as if I was performing the stunts which till now I had just watched with awe in the movies.


Knowing very well that I was as safe as a child in a mother’s arms with 6 airbag at dual front, side and curtain, the ESP with roll-over mitigation for driving stability and traction and ABS with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) to optimize braking distance and thus ensuring vehicle stability, being part of the stunts seemed like child’s play.


Impressed would be a lesser adjective to describe how I felt witnessing the Traction Control System which prevents excessive wheel slip, the Hill Hold Control (HHC) which automatically activates on up-hill drives to prevent the vehicle from rolling backward and the Hill Descent Control (HDC) which controls descent on inclined surfaces.


For me, this vehicle is something which can be my home on the roads, in which I can be thoroughly entertained while driving or travelling back seat. The Connectnext Infotainment system with its ergonomically placed 5” touch screen featuring voice recognition and smart phone integration and 10 JBL branded speaker system, ensures high fidelity audio reproduction and harmonic richness for a theatre like experience.


The list of features can just go on and on, but what stands apart is that this car is made for the future. The ConnectNext App is surely next-gen, which has the NaviMaps App for 3D navigation with offline maps through screen mirroring for smart phones, the Juke-Car App which utilises a mobile hotspot to make a common playlist and to top it all, the Smart Remote App, which enables us to personalise media, radio, audio and mood lighting settings directly from our smartphones.


As I boarded my flight back to Mumbai that evening after an amazing and eventful #HexaExperience, I surely wished I was sitting on the 8-way adjustable driver seat of this amazing lifestyle vehicle called the Tata Hexa driving all the way from Hyderabad to Mumbai, which gives me an absolutely comfortable driving position using horizontal, vertical, angular recline and lumbar controls, than sitting on the cramped aircraft seat.

Hexactly! Hexies on my mind, that was my Hexa Experience.



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