Guided Portfolios – the Mutual Fund GPS

Haven’t we often felt lost in an unknown terrain, not knowing which direction to take to reach our destination? In times like this, we have habitually felt the need of someone who would guide us through the proper route and help us reach our terminus.


Thanks to the GPS that we all now have on our hand held smartphones and in our  cars, navigating through unfamiliar territory is no longer an anxious moment. The navigation tool guides us easily helping us with the easiest route out of the labyrinth.

Investing in the stocks and shares is equally tough if not more. The Mutual Fund mode of investment surely helps out by diversifying our portfolio, spreading the eggs in different baskets for sure, but still, which fund to choose that gives us the desired results based on our expectations remains a herculean task for a common man having least knowledge of the capital market jargons.


Would it not be a blessing if we had someone intelligent enough to analyse our profile and build personalised Mutual Fund portfolios for us that suit our needs. Edelweiss is here to get us out of the maze of investment with Edelweiss GPS which guides investors towards their financial goals by drawing an entry strategy personalised for each investor based on his appetite to take risks.


Powered by the artificial intelligence of a proprietary asset allocation and mutual fund selection algorithm, internally developed by the Edelweiss team, the GPS selects the best performing mutual funds for an investor’s portfolio to create a personalised basket from a pool of over 2000 best performing funds based on a scoring mechanism on this algorithm.


The absolutely simple platform enables anyone with any level of financial market expertise to build his portfolio, transact by opening his account in a paperless manner and start investing truly stands tall in the philosophy of Edelweiss to keep the product simple, intuitive and relevant.

The platform provides an absolutely clutter free and user-friendly interface and jargon free content for a simplified investing experience. Personalised and unbiased selection from over 2000 best performing funds with clear visibility on performance provides the transparency and clarity that is needed by new as well as experienced investors.


An amazing added feature of this platform is the completely paperless digital account opening. While for KRA verified investors, the account opening had always been easy on any platform, the Edelweiss GPS platform enables an absolute seamless and hassle-free account opening process using Aadhar based e-KYC process.

Displaying the knowledge based content in an absolutely simple manner by displaying crisp summaries of the research reports and sectoral macro and micro level information inter-spread among the usual buy and sell recommendations, the platform also provides periodic monitoring and rebalancing on investor portfolios based on the volatility of the market.


Edelweiss Guided Portfolios is surely the answer to guide us through the financial jargon making investment for financial goals as easy as driving on a straight road with our destination in sight. It is surely our Mutual Funds GPS.


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