The Premium Choice – The Life Insurance Dilemma

Death is a certain feature of life. However, what makes it scary and worrying is the uncertainty as to when the inevitable will occur.

The risk of death that our life is always subject to may be due to natural or accidental causes. And the uncertainty of the timing is what results in complete loss of income to the household when a life is lost.


This is the reason we all need to have a life insurance policy to cover the contingency linked with our life. Though human life cannot be valued in monetary terms, a term life insurance policy tries to determine a pecuniary and financial sum to be paid to our surviving dependants based the loss of income in future years.

A plain vanilla life cover in the form of a simple term insurance may provide the amount to be paid in the event of a loss of life by way of a benefit, but what we all need to understand that the loss of income may not necessarily be only in the event of a loss of life.

Not just when a life is lost, but even when there are other events like disability, accident, retirement etc. that a person may be disabled permanently or temporarily to earn a livelihood and hence there is a loss of income to the household.


Times are very uncertain and in the fast paced life that we all live in today, loss of income can happen suddenly and unexpectedly any moment which will result in abrupt end to all our dreams and aspirations and that of our family members.

Changing needs and aspirations as well as the growing expectations has propelled us to look for a complete and comprehensive worry-free protection solution which will give us not just a plain vanilla life cover but also protection and assurance against loss of income in case of any permanent or temporary disability or dreaded diseases.

In these difficult times when we wish for the best insurance cover so that the desires of our loved ones are not disrupted by any eventuality in our lives, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance is coming up with an online term plan that can be a life changing solution for each one of us.

This new online term plan is a complete protection plan built to safeguard us and our loved ones from each and every one of the uncertainties of life, be it death or disability.

In our life which is full of If’s, this is one unique product which will help you be prepared to realise our dreams without any compromise in case of any unforeseen event without letting worry come knocking on our doors.


This new product from Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance which is coming soon is sure to fortify the brand’s overall product offerings and help us all chart our financial planning in a worry free manner by being able to handle each of the #IfsOfLife more confidently.

For more updates on the amazing features of this amazing product which will be unveiled by Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance on the 23rd of December 2016 visit their twitter handle at @BajajAllianzLIC and learn how we can safeguard our future and secure our loved ones from the #IfsOfLife.


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