Cover your life with e-Touch and don’t allow uncertainties to touch your life

A week back, I had mentioned in an earlier blog post that in our life which is full of If’s, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance is launching an unique product which will help us be prepared to realise our dreams without any compromise in case of any unforeseen event without letting worry come knocking on our doors.


I was privileged to be part of a bloggers’ outreach program wherein this unique product called the eTouch Online Term plan was launched and the Company experts answered all our queries and doubts regarding the same interspersed over some fun activities, games and product quizzes.

Don’t we all live today in uncertain times, when we look for a worry-free protection solution which not only gives us a plain vanilla life cover but a complete cover against disability and dreaded diseases too? This product is surely the solution to our worries, a unique 3-in-1 plan which gives us the comfort of a complete protection solution providing coverage against Death, Disability and Disease, in other words, the three inevitable Ds of life.


If we had ever aspired that our regular premium payment plan provides us pure term as well as health cover, the eTouch Online Term plan is the answer to our wishes providing life cover combined with the benefit on accidental death, accidental total permanent disability and critical illness.

However secure we may be made to feel having bought a life insurance cover, the thought that we all dread is whether we would be able to continue paying the premium to keep the policy afloat in case of an accidental total permanent disability or critical illness.  This anxiety can be laid to rest as eTouch is the only plan which provides an in-built benefit of waiver of premium in such an eventuality in its Shield Supreme variant which in essence means that it will not be necessary for us to separately buy an additional waiver of premium rider.


An interweaving of both health and term insurance, the feature that sets eTouch apart from its competitors is the additional benefit that accrues on accidental total permanent disability and 34 critical illnesses till the ripe old age of 75 years.

Smoking isn’t a fashion statement at all. Underlining the ill-benefits of lighting up a fag, eTouch offers the benefit of payment of lower premium to non-tobacco users for leading a healthy lifestyle. Aimed at driving down this message to the youth, for a 30 year old male non-smoker, the annual premium for a Rs.1 Crore plan for a 30 years term in the simple Shield variant works out to just Rs.6976 exclusive of service tax. At just Rs.19 a day, his life and WOP is covered at a cost lower than the cost of two cigarettes.

The humungous paperwork and documentation is what the tech-savvy youth of today is averse to. An absolutely paperless process taking care of all the IRDA regulations, the eTouch online term plan can be bought over a simple 3 step process added with the flexibility to choose from a 40 year long term.


Most life insurance and health cover policies clutter everyone together without understanding the individual needs and requirements. Giving us the option to choose our plan, eTouch has four variants on offer; the Shield which provides life benefit plus WOP benefit on occurrence of ATPD; the Shield Plus which provides life benefit plus ATPD benefit plus WOP benefit on occurrence of ATPD;, the Shield Super which provides life benefit plus ADB plus ATPD benefit plus WOP benefit on occurrence of ATPD; and the Shield Supreme which provides life benefit plus ACI benefit plus ATPD benefit plus WOP benefit on occurrence of ATPD or CI.


Would a life or health cover alone be an answer to all our woes? Bajaj Allianz understands that in today’s fast paced lives, adopting and leading a healthy lifestyle is equally important.

From waking up in the morning to planning our daily schedule or even planning our journey and ensuring that we reach hassle-free, these days we rely so much on the various applications that we have on our smartphones.


Committed to its vision to promote health and wellness, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance has launched B-Fit, a wellness platform mobile application which will help us set and track our fitness goals along with incentives to adopt a healthy lifestyle.


The B-Fit app is equipped with amazing features as per our interests to make it engaging. There are features like a food guide for Indian cuisine, personalised health articles curated to our interest, a health profile score tracker which continually provides expert recommendations based on our health data score.

If these amazing features aren’t enough to entice the sceptics among us, the B-Fit app also rewards users with shopping credits in the form of Vantage Circle points. B-Fit is surely the assured and reliable app to help us achieve our fitness goals.


Visit their website at or follow them on Twitter at to understand more on how to #JiyoBefikar forgetting the #IfsOfLife.

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