Express your love for painting with Berger Express Painting Service

An Indiblogger meet is always an exhilarating experience. So an invite for yet another exciting afternoon for the Berger Paints event was something which made me eager for the Saturday afternoon with zest.

Adrenaline charged and a roller-coaster ride, this meet was no less than a T-20 cricket match commencing with the usual welcome by the absolutely energetic Anoop, with we walking around as Egyptians for a musical chair game, which perhaps I would have played after ages. I haven’t ever won in a musical chair and this day was no exception, except that there weren’t any losers. The winners picked up some cool-dude T-shirts, while the losers getting the dubious distinction of a selfie with the effervescent Nihal.

For a change, it wasn’t just we who were charged up but even the showcased service too. The event was the launch of the Express Painting Service by Berger Paints, which they rightly claim as the “Painting ka T-20”.

Painting a house for me had always been a tedious process, time consuming and surely coming with its share of the health hazards, all my children very much allergic to the dust that it generates. Just as much as I would love to paint my house as regularly as possible to make it look the presentable best, the worries associated with it makes me delay it to the extent possible.

The event commenced with Mr. Chandranath Banerjee, Service Head, Express Painting, explaining the concept of providing the customers a faster, cleaner and better painting experience with its Express Painting Service.

With Berger Express Painting, I can choose the fast lane to makeover of my home. With tools designed to specifically make the process of painting faster and hassle-free, painting will now be as enjoyable an experience, as it was attending the meet.

After the briefing of the product, the fun commenced yet again with the bloggers present being divided into teams of 8 members each and I, being ceremoniously knighted as the Captain of our Team, which we named as #TeamBetter for some great T-20 like fun filled games and activities. A captain is only as good as his team members, and I had these enthusiastic team members with me; Monish, Clementia, Ankit, Yamini, Sheetal, Prerna and Jay.

We embarked on our creativity and madness filled activity with the sandpaper challenge, in which we were given a flat slab of wood, coated with paint and cement. Covered up with masks on our faces and donning surgical caps on our heads and gloves on our hands, we had to make the surface of the wooden block as clean and smooth as possible with the sandpaper in the minimum possible time. We surely cleaned up the surface but realised how difficult, time consuming and messy it was to get a wall ready for a coat of paint.

The Express Painting service has been designed keeping in mind the upgradation of the painting process whereby benefitting both the consumers and the applicator. While on the one hand it promises the consumer a world class painting experience minus the dust, dirt and paint spillage with excellent finish, on the other hand it assures the applicator of more business by reducing the time required for each painting assignment.

After a wholesome tea break where apart from the lip-smacking food offered by Taj Vivanta, we also gave our individual video bytes on our experience hence far. We soon assembled back to discuss and plan some team strategy for the next activity, which was to create an art piece with the different coloured paints.

After listening carefully to Chandranath Banerjee who explained us the process of mixing the primer, paint and water, we set about on our next task, where our team triggered our creative artistic talents on the theme, “My Mumbai” which was picked up by me as the team captain just before the tea break.

The excitement of painting the town red or rather in multi-colour lasted for close to half an hour, but what we learnt in those 25 minutes was the valid reasons that make Berger Paints Express Painting Service a faster, cleaner and better painting experience, which would make each one of us say YES to this Painting revolution to get all these benefits and more offered at no additional cost.

  • It is 40% faster than traditional painting

  • It has trained painters for efficient and better painting

  • It provides sparkling results with no-mess tools

  • It is done with the help of cutting-edge vacuum suction-enabled machines to keep the house dust-free

  • It provides better coverage and smoothness which is guaranteed each time

  • It uses certified tools to ensure a better finish with high efficiency

There were several contests too, many of us picking up cool shopping vouchers for innovative tweets. And while we got innovative with our social media shares, we learnt how the various innovative tools which are used by Berger Paints to provide this absolutely hassle-free painting experience. These cutting-edge tools were on display too.

  • Sanding Machine, which provides a Faster and Cleaner, Dust-free Vacuum Function, Regulated Speeds

  • Multipurpose mixer, for a quick and hassle-free mixing at regulated speeds for putty and texture mixing

  • Auto Roller, an adjustable Roller for automatic Paint pumping to provide a superior finish.

  • High Pressure Washer, providing hi-speed pressure wash with a pressure regulator and nozzle adjustment.

  • Airless paint sprayer, for quick application and uniform finish and which supports water-based paints and primer.

As we made new friends and renewed friendship with some amazing bloggers, we dispersed after the customary group picture to end an eventful Saturday afternoon filled with fun, creativity and madness the good old Indiblogger way.

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