Am I covered? You’re covered!

A long ride amidst the mountain ranges or a peaceful drive through the woods is what we always dream of to get away from the hustle and bustle of our daily chores.

There’s nothing more relaxing than driving with your family on the backseat of the car believing that they are safe with you behind the wheels. There’s no better soothing or comforting feeling than your life partner or friend holding on to you while you chug along the road on your motor bike.

While the tranquil of such experiences are unparalleled, they are always associated with the risk of accidents.

While motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of injury and death, being adequately covered by a proper car or two wheeler insurance can help mitigate the financial liability involved in such risks to a large extent.

The moment we get into an accident, the question “Am I covered?” induces a feeling of unease. At that time, the only reply which evokes a sigh of relief is “You’re covered”.

Today, we have the option to check for multiple insurance companies before deciding to buy a two-wheeler or car insurance online which may make it feel it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Before deciding which insurance policy to be taken for your motor car or two-wheeler, it is always better to be educated of some popular myths and unfortunately not-so-popular facts, rather than ending up paying more.


With the web of intricacies and the flood of terms, conditions and regulations that insurance policies are stuck with, it is always good to be aware of these pseudo-truths.

  • If my friend crashed my car, we can claim both mine and his insurance policy: Insurance policies are linked to the vehicle and not to the driver. Therefore, if any other person drives your car and gets into an accident, it’s only your insurance policy that can be claimed and not his.
  • I have bought a policy that covers everything, I am definitely safe: What covers you in case of an accident depends upon what all you have covered in the policy that you have bought. Hence it is absolutely important that one should look through the coverage that is included in the policy to understand the claim that one is eligible.
  • It wasn’t me who crashed my vehicle and so my premium won’t increase: This could be true in an ideal utopian world because you aren’t at fault. But the world isn’t that perfect and insurance companies see accident records as an indicator that you are more likely to be involved in future too.


An insurance policy document is perhaps the most complicated and boring document that you may have ever seen. When it is a fact that hardly anyone bothers to read through them, it is better to be knowledgeable of these fun facts.

  • Comprehensive coverage isn’t complete coverage: While it surely sounds that it will cover you in every situation, it is certainly not the case. It would simply mean that it covers scenarios other than collisions too, like theft, flooding, vandalism, fire damage etc.
  • Policy lapse can be a real costly affair: Since Insurance is mandated by law, driving without valid auto insurance is considered as irresponsible by the insurance companies. Hence, once the policy lapses, you may end up paying a very high cost of renewal, especially when you are switching the insurance company.
  • Premium rates depend upon your car: The value of the car would certainly affect the total premium amount, but the premium rates may sometimes depend upon the make of your car. A smaller but faster racing car would attract higher rates than a mid-sized car with all the safety features installed.

Why pay more:

Even with all the myriad of information available over the internet, it’s quite common that people still somehow find ways to pay too much for their vehicle insurance policy. It is necessary that we be aware of these checks.

  • Check and update your policy annually: It is absolutely necessary that you need to check the most recent coverage rates and features or else there’s a good chance that you would end up overpaying for your vehicle insurance. Being update on the current prices and companies offering competitive rates is important, though you don’t necessarily need to switch insurer every year.
  • Read between the lines for hidden fees and conditions: While taking a new insurance policy, it is imperative that you fully understand the terms and conditions of your coverage to see whether there are any additional charges mentioned like convenience charges, claim fees etc.


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