Paint a coat of pure air

“I love the feeling of fresh air on my face and the wind blowing through my hair”

In the country that we live in with construction and development all around, getting fresh air to breathe is a dream. While we wish to come back home to breathe pure air, what we perhaps do not realise is that air is even more polluted indoors.

In our country which unfortunately has the dubious distinction of having 13 of the 20 most polluted cities in the world, pollution is almost everywhere. While we tend to take precautions when we are outdoors masking our faces to protect ourselves, we tend to relax once we are indoors safely assuming that we are safe.

We don’t realise that the air indoor can sometimes be five times more polluted than the air outdoor. In such a situation, it is imperative that we take steps to ensure that we keep the air quality indoors as pure as possible.

The quality of air outdoors can perhaps be not under our control but we can surely concrete steps to improve the quality of air we breathe when we are indoors. There are prudent steps and smart steps that we need to take for our own betterment.

The prudent steps that we can take would include:

Keep the rooms as ventilated as possible.

Discourage smoking inside the rooms.

Identify and eliminate any foul odour at the earliest.

Keep the rooms clean, dust the surfaces and vacuum as often as possible.

Remove the carpeting on the floors

Wash the linen and bedding regularly

Minimise the use of air fresheners

Try removing the outdoor footwear at the door while entering the room

Avoid clutter in the room and keep furniture well-spaced from each other.

These prudent steps could certainly help in reducing the indoor pollution and improve the quality of air that we breathe while we are indoors.

Prudence has to be coupled with smartness, to be the most effective. So we should surely think of a smart way too.

The smartest way perhaps is to use the paint on the walls that not only look beautiful, but also cleans the air making it purer than before.

Royale Atmos is the innovative paint from the stable of Asian Paints which absorbs and reduces foul smells to make the air fresher.

While it works to reduce the pollution in your room, it is the first Asian Paints product to have a fragrance too. While most of the paints emit the normal smell of chemicals, Royale Atmos acts like a room freshener by releasing mild fragrance even weeks after the painting is complete.

How does it benefit:

Reduces indoor air pollutant: Formaldehyde, the harmful chemical present in the air is what makes the air unfit to breathe. This paint reduces this harmful air pollutant making the indoor air healthy and fresh.

Absorbs malodours: We may try our best to eliminate the foul odour, but some unfortunately stay back. This paint helps absorb these odours from cigarette smoke, rotten eggs, garlic and ammonia making the indoor air fresher to breathe.

Activated carbon technology: The revolutionary technology that is used in the making of this paint powers it with activated carbon which is helpful in purifying the air.

Green Assure: Asian Paints believes in customer first and it shows in the promise of Green Assure that it gives. This promise assures that this paint conforms to strict environmental and safety standards, thus dedicated to cleaner air.

Teflon Surface Protector: While accumulated stains are one of the major reasons for air pollution, the Teflon surface protector in the paint fortifies the walls against tough stains, thereby increasing the durability and reinforcing the strength of its film. It also protects the walls against the toughest household and water based stains.

Releases fragrance: The mild fragrance that this paint releases gives a soothing feeling while indoors.

Smooth Matt finish: This paint is not just brains but beauty too. It comes with a rich Matt finish which makes the walls look as beautiful as it could be.

To ensure that these are not just tall claims, Royale Atmos is tested internally and at third party laboratory for its ability to neutralise the indoor air pollutant, formaldehyde for up to two years post application.

When you think that you need to take the fight against pollution right inside the four walls of your homes and offices, it is time to paint a coat of pure air with Royale Atmos.

Let’s enjoy the feeling of fresh air on our face and the wind blowing through our hair.

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