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When you are bereaved of a loved one, you are certain to be heartbroken. In such grieving situations, you get heaps of condolences and commiserations and you eagerly lap it up. You accept the information or attention eagerly, though in a prudent frame of mind, you would usually think that you are being foolish for believing that it is sincere.

When my persistent partner in crime and kindness, and my long-lived companion was finally succumbing to the transient and transitory phase of its existence, I lapped it up too.

Of course I did, which any other human being would; I too am a homo-sapien. I did try hard to resurrect the poor, fallen laptop that I could not imagine living my life without. When I grasped the logical conclusion that its lifeline was running short and there was no way I could restore it to its former glory, I spent the next few days shedding tears of love and loss.

In such emotional time, when I had thought that all I needed was a shoulder to cry on, I got it on my lap. It wasn’t my wife or kids; they were just sorry to hear about my laptop, at the same time deviously mocking that we both were, uhm, too close.

A good friend convinced me that it was time to move on in life coercing me to get a new life partner, the latest model and amazingly faster one. In a heartbroken state of mind, with this new thing sitting on my lap, I immediately fell in love with it. It wasn’t just faster, it was prettier too and I fell for it head over heels.

As I decided that it was time to move on, I induced myself to believe that my old laptop would also find new life in other ways, rather in other hands. I decided to sell it off.

I had heard of several online sites which boasted of facilitating fasterrrrr and quickerrrr disposal of your old mobile phones and laptops and I put up my ex-life partner on the block there.

Posting pictures of it clicked from fancy angles, donning it with make-up to camouflage its age and highlighting its features which even I had not known till then was all the tricks in the bag that I was suggested by many. But I wanted to be honest to someone with whom my aged laptop would perhaps spend the rest of its life. So, with a heavy heart, I put it up on the block, absolutely candid about its ROM and RAM. Hey Ram!

Life isn’t a bed of roses or a cake-walk. Selling my old laptop wasn’t either, I realised very soon. Lots of phone calls, hoards of chats and multitude of price bargaining sessions later over the next few weeks, my old laptop was still there lying in the corner of my desk, longing for my lap yet again.

Strip tease! Why didn’t I think of it before? It was such a noble idea; my laptop could be an organ donor too.

After almost a month of anxious waiting for a buyer on all those websites, I decided to open it up, remove the still-functioning hardware inside of its casing and sell the different parts individually in the black market.

Honing up the marketing skills I had acquired during my MBA days but could never put to decent use, I slyly moved around the black market with those peripherals stuffed up in my suspicious looking black back-pack bag. It had the hard drive, the optical drive, the RAM and even the display which I thought could be turned into a standalone monitor. I acquired another qualification, that of a black-marketer.

It wasn’t too late before I was convinced that I took a wise decision of choosing finance over marketing as my career. Not being able to even persuade anyone that the RAM could give another machine an extra boost, it actually knocked off my entire self-esteem.

Being a person who would not give up that quick, I did try out some DIY projects too like trying to turn it into a desktop or a touchscreen tablet. Unfortunately, destined to be a failure in this endeavour, nothing worked.

It wasn’t long before I realised that my old laptop was ordained to be with me forever, externally on the far corner of my desk gathering dust and internally in my heart.

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To know more, check out this video.

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