To rent is the new Business Mantra

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It’s a great feeling to open a new office for your business. But what disheartens is the furnishing involved in opening an office or relocating an established office which can be a costly investment.

As entrepreneurs,if you are trying to get your business off the ground, you tend to be bootstrapping to keep the cost of furnishing your office as close to zero as possible.

When your business is in the growth, picking up from seed stage to early stage, buying furniture and appliances can be a time consuming and costly hassle. Businesses require a good amount of cash investment which you would prefer to utilize for your working capital needs than spending it on the purchase of furniture and office appliances.

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For such entrepreneurs, renting furniture and appliances is the ideal solution which makes real financial sense, allowing them to easily manage their operational expenses as their business grows without any major cash outflows on capital expenditure.

As businesses are getting globalized, there is also the need to progressively improve the office in an effort to look more credible to the stakeholders. Hence, a well-furnished office is something entrepreneurs look forward to, no matter how big or small space may be, how long or short period space is occupied and where in the world we might be.

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For businesses which are moving frequently from one place to another or those who want to update regularly to the latest goods, the concept of furniture and appliance rentals takes the hassle out of purchasing them thereby freeing up the essential cash to settle into their new situation.

With flexible terms for as less as one month or as long as you need and with attractive purchase options too, renting office furniture and appliances is the fastest and most convenient way to furnish your office, providing you a cost-effective and flexible way to enjoy the best benefits of the products.

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Let’s list out some advantages of hiring office furniture:

Saving high initial expense: For small start-ups to big corporations, rented furniture is the perfect strategy for saving on the initial capital for purchasing it. With liberty to choose payment plan based on budget, it provides an option to select a monthly payment scheme suitable to your budget over different periods of time.

Temporary requirement: Hiring is the most flexible and highly convenient process for entrepreneurs who are looking to get furniture only for a limited period or on a temporary basis. Renting it does not involve any major investment apart from a minor refundable deposit, thus enabling businesses to choose furniture from a range of latest designs and hire it on monthly basis.

Convenience and flexibility: With options to add furniture as per the changing needs, growing businesses have the convenience of increasing the requirements, adding furniture upon demand. Businesses can enjoy complete flexibility with the option to simply return the furniture once the requirement is over.

Tax benefits: The monthly payment of rent is allowed to be claimed as business expenditure, thus providing entrepreneurs the benefit of tax savings. The entire expenditure can be claimed in the year of payment, the purchase is a capital expenditure where only the depreciation will be allowed to be claimed annually.

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When we buy a vehicle, we love to take a test drive. Isn’t it a great feeling to get this option on furniture and appliances too! That’s not all, there is a Company which gives you the flexibility of an extended test drive, which means you can rent the products for the period you opt for, one can then choose to either buy it ortoreturn it at your convenience.

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RentoMojo, the pioneers of home furniture rentals in India is here to cast a magic charm on the concept of office furniture renting, making it a prudent business choice.

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If the advantages listed above do not entice you enough, RentoMojo gives you some additional benefits which are sure to cast a spell on you, as their name suggests.

Free relocation: to anywhere within the city and to 8 major cities across the country.

Product swaps: easy exchange of products for new ones of same or higher value if you are bored with the same look, for rental schemes of 36 months and above.

Free Maintenance: Rental Monthly Instalment option saves the pain of regular maintenance to enjoy free maintenance every year.

Damage waiver: waiver covers the wear and tear that comes with regular usage up to INR one thousand.

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An end to end furnishing solution to all business needs, RentoMojo provides 24/7 quick and efficient service for every furniture and appliances that your office may require.

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