Care a little more, to have more!

We all love to drive around in our swanky four-wheelers, but when it comes to the annual insurance; we take it only because of the “mandatory” tag attached to it by the regulators.

If we just cared a little more about our cars, it is possible to have more; to derive more from our car insurance policy and make the most of it. It would be great to have the philosophy of “Care More; Have More” in life, be made applicable to our car insurance too, so that we have a safe and secure drive.

Urging people to care more of their cars and thus go for an insurance policy tailored to their specific needs is what COCO by DHFL General Insurance does. A combination of two words, ‘Connected’ and ‘Cover’, it signifies the presence of insurance cover in today’s fast paced digitally connected world with just a few quick clicks on our computers or mobile phones.

With a total online process which provides complete transparency and eliminates the need for agents, COCO aims at making the entire process of purchasing an insurance policy as simple as possible by the use of high-end algorithms and AI technology.

Geared up after their two earlier successful launches, the Third Party Liability product for both two-wheelers and cars, and then a Two Wheeler Comprehensive Insurance Policy – COCORide, a third new product, India’s first customizable and  a-la-carte online car Insurance Policy – COCODrive was launched by the Company in the presence of bloggers and social media influencers in a highly charged event at their swanky corporate office, last Saturday.

Continuing in their zeal to provide vehicle owners a comprehensive insurance policy that can be tailored to suit their exact needs, COCODrive offers policyholders the highest number of add-on coverage options; a whopping choice of 19 add-on covers.

With add-on covers ranging from Zero-Depreciation, Key & Lock Replacement, Tyre Replacement, Engine-Protect, Consumables Cover, Roadside Assistance, New-Vehicle-For-Old and Enhanced PA Cover among several others, the policy allows customers to choose only those riders that are relevant to their specific needs rather than buying a bundled product thrust upon them with features which may be absolutely useless.

The EMI Protection and the Outstanding Loan Protection riders as add-ons ensure that apart from protection from accidental damage, the policy also cushions the policy holder or his family from the burden of repayment of the loan taken on the car. 

Explaining the vision of the Company and the features of the unique product, Mr. Vijay Sinha, MD and CEO of the Company explained that in response to the present needs of the customers to have enhanced customized insurance solutions, COCO has tried to combine technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Analytics to create yet another product which can be as unique for each customer as their individual perception and needs.

Redefining the way insurance Companies correspond with the customers, COCO seeks to understand the specific needs of each customer and thus effectively reinventing the insurance sector from a world where till now policies were not bought by customers but sold by insurers, to a world where it would be actively sought out and engaged in several interesting ways.

What make COCODrive score over its competitors are these few key stand-out features:

  1. Highest number of Add-on covers: When most insurers offer a maximum of 5-6 riders/add-ons, this policy offers a slew of 19 add-ons enabling the customer to opt for a coverage he may require depending upon the type of car, age of the car or place of residence.
  2. Country’s first a-la-carte motor insurance policy: The wide array of add-on covers enables the customer to customise his policy purchase rather than being burdened with a bundled policy with features not required.
  3. Higher PA Cover: Enhanced owner and occupant cover and paid driver personal accident cover are the unique features which provides an enhanced cover of up to INR 35 lakhs against the current mandate of INR 15 lakhs.
  4. Fully customizable and simple to purchase: The online chat feature when the customer logs in to the website enables one to have a guided ecommerce buying experience having all his queries answered to his satisfaction.

The website and the mobile application has various interesting inbuilt features which help the customers interact with the COCO platform, read the blogs, view info-graphics and enjoy videos while the AI and machine learning understands their needs and utilizes this information to provide a better customised insurance policy for them with hyper-localized and customized suggestions as well as content that is built around each person’s profile. 

When one claim can snatch away your entire No Claim Bonus (NCB), the NCB Secure rider ensures protection of the NCB in case of one claim during the policy tenure while the NCB Protect rider ensures that the NCB slab would not get impacted for claims if the policy holder chooses to repair and claim for non-metallic parts instead of replacement.

The event culminated with the unveiling and secret screening of the advertisement movie about the product which conveys beautifully that those who care more get more in life.

So go ahead and care a little more to have more in life and in your car insurance.  It is time to change as we all deserve a second chance.

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