“Snehasraya” by The Muthoot Group: Saving One Life at a Time

Snehasraya team being honoured by Lions Club International

Muthoot Snehasraya, an on-going CSR initiative by The Muthoot Group, has been in place since 2014 to work as a care delivery model that helps prevent and treat kidney-related diseases. With Muthoot Snehasraya, the company has been working towards preventing Chronic Kidney Disorders (CKD) by helping with early detection and care, creating awareness amongst the populace, and by providing financial assistance for treatment and dialysis to numerous patients as well.

The Issues Faced Due to CKD

In recent times, India has seen a significant increase in the prevalence of Chronic Kidney Diseases among the population. In fact, CKD has now been recognised as a major health issue, which according to statistics, is estimated to affect 1 out of every 10 persons of the Indian population.

In India, about 175,000 people suffer from kidney failure each year; once kidney impairment has set in, it straight away progresses to End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) which can only be dealt with via renal replacement therapies like dialysis or kidney transplant. As CKD takes about 10 to 15 years to set in, it is imperative that preventive measures are taken at the earliest.

All these numbers also point to the fact that a majority of the Indian population that suffers from kidney diseases is unable to receive proper treatment either because of financial constraints or because of a lack of proper facilities where they live.

Through the Snehasraya project, The Muthoot Group focuses on healthcare support in the form of expenditure for treatment of cancer, dialysis, and surgeries.

The on-ground team for Project Snehasraya along with the Muthoot mobile unit

The Highlights of Muthoot Snehasraya

Under Muthoot Snehasraya, the company has been conducting blood check-ups and helping create awareness in several districts in South India, enabling early diagnosis as well as treatment for kidney diseases. The geographical reach of this project expands to 14 districts in Kerala and 2 districts (Coimbatore and Tirupur) of Tamil Nadu. 

Phase By Phase

A key part of this project is holding several camps in rural and remote areas that have less access to medical assistance for the same purposes; this may be referred to as Phase 1 of Muthoot Snehasraya which involves the detection of kidney issues and increasing awareness for the treatment and care of such issues.

Thereafter, the second phase of this project targets chronic kidney patients from low-income backgrounds. This will be achieved through Muthoot Finance branches and partner branches to help identify the right people and refer them.

Processes followed under Snehasraya

1) On an average more than 100 blood and urine samples are collected and tested per day in the mobile van. The results are ready on or before 4 pm.

2) The Muthoot Group has tied up with 50 hospitals that can provide free dialysis to the patients. The company pays full dialysis charges to the hospitals. Therefore, these hospitals will not charge any fees from the patients.

The Impact made by Snehasraya project so far

1) Within the period from April 2017 to March 2018: –

2) 293 camps have been conducted in Tamil Nadu and 312 in Kerala.

3) Speaking about the number of patients served, the figures stand at over 28,000 patients in Tamil Nadu and over 36,000 in Kerala.

4) 7746 dialysis have been conducted and a total of 555 dialysis patients have been created.

5) The total expenses made under the Snehasraya project stand at 21.88 lacs in Tamil Nadu, 25.47 lacs in Kerala, and 30.65 lakhs for treatment of dialysis patients.

6) Local organizations and NGOs have approached the Muthoot Group for conducting these camps.

7) Several underprivileged patients have also received financial support from the Muthoot Group to help them deal with renal replacement therapies.

Moving forward

Through its Snehasraya project, Muthoot Group has managed to reach a major part of the financially weaker sections of society and people who are engaged in low-income tasks, providing several patients with assistance in dealing with chronic kidney diseases. At the same time, awareness about kidney diseases has increased.

The Snehasraya project will now be extended to Telangana and Karnataka by 2019. The company looks forward to expanding the reach of the program through the various branches of Muthoot Finance.


Image Source – https://www.facebook.com/Muthoot-snehasraya-476552052471036/


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