The Judgement Day

Five wise men in black and white; Sat on a bench to decide God’s might

Should He live here or should it be there; Writing down a judgement, it could be where

God against God, they pitched in arguments; To reside on a piece of land worth a few cents

God has to live on earth, not in heaven; At their mercy to give Him a peaceful haven

Where was He born or who brought Him there; The wise men sat down to clear the air

My God against yours was what they pitched; Slowly and steadily our faiths got hitched

In black and white sat these five wise men robed; As the very fabric of secularism got robbed

Judgement in pages decided God is man made; Trying hard to let not our beliefs fade

Drawing a thin line between facts and faith; God got reduced to an insignificant wraith

Stop a moment and ask should we even care; Isn’t it in our hearts, God really lives where

Politicians and fundamentalists were quick to make hay; As the nation held its breath, this Judgement Day

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