London Confidential – Teaser Review

As RAW agents in London inch closer towards finding the last piece of evidence against China’s role in the spread of a pandemic, they are forced to first tackle the traitor responsible for a series of brutal killings.

If you are just waiting for a first-of-its-kind spy thriller set in the post-pandemic era, then London Confidential is the edge-of-the-seat whodunit is the right recipe for you.

This Purab Kohli and Mouni Roy starrer London Confidential is coming soon to your living room to be streamed on ZEE5.

Image source: ZEE5

The teaser of the movie has been released on the official ZEE5 channel.

The teaser opens with a RAW undercover agent, Biren (Purab Kohli) being tortured by Chinese officials who want information about his source in a Chinese delegation. His team is seen worried about his capture as only he knew about the person. There is also talk about a conference, following which a virus will destroy every city it hits.

The teaser is set in the backdrop of London, where Mouni Roy, Purab Kohli and Kulraj Randhawa will be seen as undercover agents. The narrative revolves around finding the source behind the conspiracy of spreading the infection, set like a time bomb poised to be detonated. Amid a series of brutal killings of Indian agents in London, the story revolves around Uma played by Mouni Roy, a RAW officer who is in a race against time to find the mole in their own ranks.

Image source: ZEE5

Mouni Roy is set to make her foray into the digital space with this thriller movie. Also starring Purab Kohli, Pravesh Rana and Kulraj Randhawa, the spy-thriller will start streaming from September 18.

The movie is an exciting story about two undercover agents trying to uncover a deadly conspiracy and expose #TheTraitorWithin while trying to unearth a deadly Chinese plot.

Set under the backdrop of the present pandemic, this exciting movie starring Mouni Roy who is an emerging actor in the Bollywood industry will be released on an OTT platform, due to the global pandemic.

The cast of London Confidential also includes Sagar Arya, Jas Binag, Diljohn Singh and Kiren Jogi playing pivotal roles.

#LondonConfidentialOnZEE5 is a spy-thriller franchise with a stirring plot and the lively characters displayed on-screen are all very passionate about the work they do.

A spy-thriller series with pulse pounding scenes, the entire movie is shot in the backdrops of the picturesque locations of modern day London which makes it even more exciting to watch and gives the audience a look into the world post the pandemic.

London Confidential is set amid a series of brutal killings of Indian agents in London, and shows how Uma, a RAW officer, must expose a mole within the ranks as they desperately #ChaseTheCase.

It is an intriguing saga of espionage, betrayal and the real world of spies which we have never seen before.

Image source: ZEE5

The action thriller is produced by Ajai Rai and Mohit Chhabra, directed by the talented Director, Kanwal Sethi and created by India’s most prolific crime writers S. Hussain Zaidi.

London Confidential premieres 18th September 2020 on ZEE5.

Watch the teaser here

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