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Who doesn’t like to do things on their own? What if I told you that you can manage your wealth on your own without depending on the cost of engaging any portfolio manager?

Tata Capital, the financial services arm of the Tata Group has actually allowed you to do this.

The smart and simple but exclusive digital wealth management Do- it- Yourself App called Moneyfy provides an array of wealth management services which includes investment in SIPs and MFs, assisting in financial goals, and even buying insurance and availing loans.

Image Source: Tata Capital website

Moneyfy is a platform that on-boards users digitally by helping you complete their KYC and enables you to invest in mutual funds of leading fund houses apart from offering various products.

To encourage first-time mutual fund customers, investments can start with an amount which is as low as INR 500. For customers who are more regular investors, starting a new SIP is simple, fast and hassle free.

It also helps you set your goals effortlessly, compare various investment and loan options as per your needs as also allows you to select insurance for your financial security.

Targeted at digitally – savvy customers, this App’s advanced algorithm makes managing money and planning for goals such as buying a new home, saving for a new car or planning a holiday overseas seamless and convenient.

Moneyfy is an ideal choice for new investors with a very simple process of login to the app, complete your KYC process and be investment ready within minutes.

For starters, Moneyfy offers simple & easy Investment options to new investors, and for seasoned investors, it makes your investment process faster, better and easier.

As per your profile, there are custom goals and Investment choices to help you achieve your goals while the Mutual fund scanner and additional listings helps in enhancing your experience.

Equipped with intelligent features, the App enables you to on-board in minutes. While it customizes financial plans enabling you to create your own portfolio based on your needs, the unique ‘My watchlist’ feature allows you to track your portfolio on a real time basis.

Image Source: Tata Capital website

The following key features make Moneyfy the best choice:

Goal Based Investing: You can set up your desired goals and accomplish it by investing through either SIP or Lump sum investment.

Mutual Fund Scanner: Do the screening of mutual funds yourself.  If you know what you want to invest in, then MF Scanner lets you pick your investment type.

Compare Funds: You will be able to analyse and compare funds on the two features; Basic comparison – Category, Sub Category, Investment Horizon, Fund risk grade, Quality, Ratings, Return & Investment details; and Detailed comparison – Asset Allocation, Withdrawals, Scheme details, Scheme portfolio and Top sector holdings.

Invest by Themes: Invest in India’s largest companies, top rated funds, gold funds or invest to save taxes. Moneyfy offers choice across various themes to choose the right option for you.

Instant Redemption: You can manage your money wisely by investing in liquid funds which you will be able to withdraw instantly up to Rs.50000 to be credited to your registered account.

Insurance: Protect your family or valuable assets with various insurance plans on Moneyfy.

Loans: Fulfil all your financial needs instantly by applying for loans through Moneyfy.

If this is not enough, you can continue to build up your knowledge about mutual funds before you go ahead and start investing. When you’re ready, you can make your first investment in mutual funds easily on the Moneyfy app, which allows you to invest in many top-rated funds to create wealth and to save taxes.

To save up adequately, you need to diversify your investment portfolio. The Moneyfy App can be used to start SIPs, invest in equity mutual funds, governmental bonds, liquid funds, insta redemption funds and more from the comfort of your smartphone. You can even account for your investment horizon, keep an eye on your portfolio, and instantly redeem your funds using this App.

Moneyfy is a comprehensive digital wealth management platform. It is all about making the process of managing money uncomplicated, frictionless, secure and truly enjoyable. To conclude, you can download the App by clicking the link here.

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