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COVID-19 has been the biggest dampener for all of us in 2020 making us all eagerly waiting for the countdown to 2021 to begin.

However, does just the change of year give us an assurance that the virus will disappear and everything will be back to normal? It definitely does not, isn’t it?

The whole climate of uncertainty that this deadly pandemic has ushered in our lives, we are longing for someone or something to re-assure us that at least we are protected to a certain extent financially against the medical exigencies that loom large over our heads.

Now we can be assured with ‘ReAssure’, a comprehensive health insurance plan from Max Bupa that provides unlimited sum insured for any type of hospitalization including the ones related to COVID-19.

With the scare of Covid-19 always in our mind when we step out of our homes, God forbid, if it affects us, increasing medical expenditure and access to quality healthcare can become challenging. This product by Max Bupa has been conceptualized in keeping with our health needs in times of Covid and beyond.


This is a unique customer benefit which allows consumers to make as many claims as required for ourselves or for our family members covered in the same policy, for same or different illness in a year including critical illnesses like kidney dialysis or cancer which requires hospitalization multiple times in the same year, at no additional cost.

Besides covering pre-and post-hospitalization expenses, ReAssure takes care of all types of day-care treatments including angiography, dialysis and radiotherapy.

The key features of this health insurance plan are:

  • Provides unlimited sum insuredwherein customers can claim for any illness or any family member covered during a policy year, as many number of times as they want 


  • A100% cashless product with the option of ‘Safeguard Benefit’ which covers PPE kits, Gloves, Oxygen masks, Conveyance Charges, and other Non-payable items


  • ‘Booster Benefit’that doubles the sum insured in just two claim free years


  • Discounts of up to 30%shall be provided, on renewal premium, simply by taking daily steps which are monitored through the Max Bupa Health application


  • Only 15 days initial waiting period for COVID -19related hospitalization


  • The ReAssure plan is available on Individual and Family Floaterbasis, with sum insured ranging from INR 3 lakhs up to INR 1 crore


Let us understand this with an example:

A family of four (husband, wife and two kids) are insured with INR 10 lakh floater sum insured. In case one of them gets diagnosed with COVID 19 or any other disease covered in the policy and needs hospitalization, then he or she can claim coverage up to INR 10 lakh along with the ReAssure benefit getting triggered. Next claim onwards an additional amount of INR 10 lakh per claim for as much number of claims as needed would be available for any insured or any illness in the same year. ReAssure benefit will be triggered from the first claim, even if two family members get hospitalized at the same time.

ReAssure also offers benefits which are particularly beneficial to customers in these testing times of Covid situation:


  1. For COVID-19 related hospitalization, initial waiting period in the policy will be only 15 days, vis a vis 30 days under traditional health insurance plans
  2. No impact on booster benefit in case of COVID-19 related claims. This means in spite of a claim being made, the sum insured will not be reduced and will be treated as if no claims were made
  3. 30-minute cashless claims processing
  4. In case of death of an insured person who was hospitalized due to COVID-19, all non-payable items will also be paid for


As an encouragement for people to stay active and healthy, the plan offers health check-up from day 1 and discounts of up to 30% on renewal premium, simply by taking daily steps which will be monitored through the Max Bupa Health Application.


Understanding the advancements being made in the medical world, ReAssure gives freedom to customers to select modern treatments like Robotic surgery, Deep brain stimulation, Oral chemotherapy, Stereotactic radio surgeries, Stem cell therapy as also extending benefits such as Organ donation, alternative treatment like AYUSH, home-care treatment for dialysis and chemotherapy, second-medical opinion and much more.


About Max Bupa

Max Bupa, a leading standalone health insurance player in India, is a joint venture between True North, a leading Indian private equity firm and the Bupa Group, which is a leading international healthcare company with a legacy of providing specialized healthcare services for over 70 years.

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