Pandemic over Politics; who will pop the question

The votes have been counted and the results have been declared. As our politicians inopportunely waited with bated breath for the election results, the common man struggled breathlessly for scarce oxygen.

While our entire country is gripped by the deadliest ever wave of Covid, the counting of the votes in the super-spreader election campaigns was unfortunately faster than the counting of the bodies of the common people who lost their lives in this pandemic.

Our leaders cutting across party lines shamelessly campaigned for supremacy in the state elections, forgetting the fact that they have been elected by us to take care of us. They campaigned as the pandemic was spreading death and destruction across the country. Because they know that we will just be silent spectators, they audaciously took their eyes off the virus and focussed only on the elections.

Politicians are famous for doing dirty politics even during very serious pandemic time. This is not new with them.  This has been happening for ages, and continues to happen even now – during Covid time, more vigorously and more efficiently.

When the common man is struggling to get ambulances to get shifted to hospitals from their homes, politicians are moving around in SUVs. When the common man is struggling to get beds in hospitals, politicians are being accommodated in resorts and star hotels. Is this the way elected representatives to behave during a pandemic, neglecting totally their electorates?

Politics is their profession.  No doubt about it. But it is sad that they use a pandemic situation like this for their selfish survival. Isn’t it? But who cares?

The election results have definitely told us who has won and who has lost, but unfortunately not who has died. But the fact is known to us, it is politics that has won and the common man who has lost. And it is the same common man who has died.

The handling of the pandemic by the Government in the Centre and the various State Governments is itself intensely political. While the Central Government and its ruled states have tried every trick in their concerted effort to show that the number of infections and fatalities is under control, the states ruled by the opposition have tried their best to prove it otherwise, even if that meant misrepresenting numbers.

The Central Government has just labelled the pandemic as a war, and demands sacrifices by the common man, who has already borne the brunt so far. Other than just been making the usual noises about discrimination and neglect by the Centre, the opposition ruled State Governments, except perhaps the state of Kerala, they could not come up with any robust alternative route to governance.

When is it that we can make our politicians accountable to us? When is it that we will have the power and authority to make them admit that politics is not just about electoral success or failure; that it is about people.

And today, the people are sick, dying and badly let down by these who govern us.

If our politicians and leaders are taught to focus more on the pandemic and less on politicking, perhaps our country will gain something and further lives can be saved.

The common man will continue to die till the country wakes up and decides to choose PoP – Pandemic over Politics. But the sad fact remains, who will pop the million dollar question.

Lives must come before politics.

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6 thoughts on “Pandemic over Politics; who will pop the question

  • Totally agreed. The politics won and common man lost. It’s a shame that people died because of oxygen scarcity. What can get worse than this for any human being on planet earth?
    Its a sad time we are in today. But votes is what they want. So they’ll do what they want no matter at whatever cost.

  • It is indeed a sad state of affairs. What the country needs today is for everyone to join together and strengthen the hands of our frontline COVID warriors. And here we have people playing their dirty politics, unmindful of the corpses that mounting across the country. It is a call for humanity to stand up and be counted.

  • Pandemic is a great leveler. It spreads equally without showing any bias towards rich or poor, class or creed. It has affected everyone of us in one way or the other. But it’s a sad reality of our country that Political gains have overshadowed the need of the hour – that was health of the public. Unfortunately our politicians still have their vested interests and they prioritize them over anything else. I hope the pandemic unites us all and we can do something about it.

    • I totally agree with you. Politics and politicians are really proved that in this situation also they do not care about common people. We have to understand that to whom we would support and whom we don’t. Hope for good days …

  • Politicians did fail us yet again. All of them are same that’s what they showed. It is very unfortunate the way things were handled and where we are at the moment. It is important to stand up together for us and fight back with the pandemic and with these money hungry politicians.

  • This is so true, so many of us lost trust in the system. People who died were taxpayers, they contribute heavily to the smooth functioning of the country. And the pandemic made them realized their vulnerability. It is a very shameful and unfortunate situation, which needs to be looked into at the earliest.


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