Buying used trucks in Pune for commercial purposes
Buying a second hand or used vehicle
is no child’s play and when the vehicle happens to be a truck to be used for commercial purposes, it surely is a
herculean task.
When these trucks need to be just rundown models only to haul
trash or garbage, it may not need too much of a research, but when the same is
to be used for commercial purposes to be used daily by the drivers, these vehicles need to
be feature rich.
Second hand dealings in vehicles are easier in first tier cities
like Mumbai, but when it has to be done in second tier cities like Pune, the
options and choices narrow down making the task a bit too difficult. However,
wherever the location, when buying a second hand truck for commercial purposes, some basic checking
of the truck’s performance and upkeep, to ensure that the systems are working
correctly, need to be analysed and understood.
If in doubt, look underneath is the mantra while buying second hand trucks. Many a things camouflaged
on the outside or on the upper would be disclosed in the underneath.
Considering the kind of use that pre-owned heavy trucks in Pune are subject to, being host to the biggest
industrial belt in the country, constant wear and tear must surely be assumed
to a regular feature. Checking for brakes, drive shafts, steering components or
whether to confirm that the rust you noticed may be just the surface rust or
structural rust, these are matters of utmost importance that prospective buyers need to keep in mind while buying second hand trucks in Pune.
Truck owners in the country and more particularly in a place
like Pune, have the habit of keeping their vehicles as their pets and thus keep
them flashy, be it the fancy wheels, the chrome add-ons, the lift kits or the
high dollar stereo system pumping out the Bollywood numbers. So while buying second hand trucks in Pune,
the buyer needs to ensure that they conveniently ignore these jazzy features
and know what really lies underneath the trim.
Sellers of used trucks
may try to give it a new paint job before putting it on the block, but the
buyer needs to ensure that they are not complacent and try to look beyond the
exterior beauty and look for the real motivation behind the cover up job. The
new paint may be hiding rust and body work rather than for renewing the
original dull surface or a few scratches.
Pune and its industrial suburbs being home to perhaps the
largest truck traffic in the country, buyers also need to check on several other issues
like mileage vis-à-vis larger engine with more power to tow and haul, or
whether they need a small one or a big vehicle, or perhaps what safety features
or accessories to consider as must-haves.
With the amazing search engines available online while searching
for second hand trucks in Pune, which refines the choices based on the buyer’s
specific needs and necessities, the job has surely become a tad bit easier
looking for used trucks for sale in Pune.

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Finding commercial vehicle parts in Mumbai
Transportation is the hub of any industry. For any business to function
smoothly without any hindrance, it is very important to have a smooth and
effective transportation system that enables the goods and resources to be
transported and ferried from one place to another in the most cost effective
And when we talk about smooth and cost effective manner of the
transport, can we undermine the importance of the requirement and easy
availability of spare parts. Break-downs and wear and tear are inevitable in
any engineering activity and transport is one industry which is the most prone
to regular breakdowns having required to weather the vagaries of nature and
climate alike.
The city of Mumbai had always been the epicenter of business in our
country and hence it is needless to say that this city witnesses the maximum
transportation of goods and resources spanned across various industries and
sectors. And for a city like Mumbai, brimming with activity 24×7, the easy and
effective availability of commercial vehicle parts in Mumbai is of utmost importance.
Trucks form the major part of the segment of commercial vehicles plying
for business and they are the vehicles which are the most prone to breakdowns
being required to carry heavy loads and also running continuously for hours
together to reach the destination in time. It is imperative for business houses
and transporters alike, hence to be aware of the availability of heavy truck parts in Mumbai.
The business of the commercial vehicles accessories in Mumbai has also witnessed quantum leap in business
commensurate and proportionate to the growth in the transportation business.
Mumbai, its suburbs and its close vicinity and proximity has been fortunate to
be the epicenter of the mushrooming of small businesses and job workers
manufacturing, marketing and supplying commercial vehicle parts in Mumbai.
While looking for quality commercial vehicle accessories in Mumbai, it is quite pertinent to state that the best
quality spare parts should be available and hence the tracking and locating
quality manufacturers and suppliers who are focused on quality, which
manufacture the products using latest technology and advanced machines, which
are at par with international standards is very important. This becomes all the
more particularly important for heavy truck parts in Mumbai.
It is quite common for the technologically advanced and savvy customers
to search online for commercial vehicle parts in Mumbai and hence it adds a great amount of
responsibility on these search engines and e-commerce sites to list out genuine
manufacturers and suppliers who have the capability of supplying a vast array
of commercial vehicle parts, be it truck parts or otherwise, manufactured in adherence
to predefined industry standards so that the customers get to benefit from the
best quality products which would give them not only value for their money but
also help in boosting their business.

With the amazing e-commerce facility at the finger tips of the business
community, the search for genuine commercial vehicle accessories in Mumbai has become really easy.

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Robust commercial vehicles for thriving business in Mumbai
Businesses need support to grow and thrive and
easy, cheap and affordable transportation of manpower, goods and services is
one of key reasons for the success of any business. With the change in Government
in the state of Maharashtra, the state capital as well as the business capital
of our country, Mumbai has witnessed the effect of a stable government having
come into power.
Business houses and entrepreneurs alike have
become more enthusiastic and robust in their outlook towards their business and
this has witnessed sudden spurt in business activities across the city. When
all businesses are showing an upward trend, would the automobile industry,
which has since ages remained the hub and backbone of all industries, be left behind?
The auto industry too has shown tremendous growth potential, and leading the
way in this is Tata Motors, the pioneer in commercial vehicles.
On the back of robust growth in the demand for commercial vehicles in Mumbai, Tata Motors has witnessed an increasing market
share in its passenger car segment. The turnover and profits of the Company has
seen taking quantum leap prompting the Company to even start looking for greener
harbours in China and there has been talks of considering tying up with a
Chinese player.
The Company is also eyeing a huge business
opportunity in the buses segment too, which also forms a major part of the
total business in terms of the Tata motors commercial vehicles in Mumbai. With the environmental demand for switching
over buses running on diesel and petrol to more bio-friendly and eco-friendly
CNG and converting all existing fleet by the bus operators to comply with
Euro-III standards, there is a huge demand for buses in the city of Mumbai.
Even in the small passenger car segment, the
company has witnessed robust success, which has prompted it to introduce
automated manual transmission system (AMT) in its passenger cars. Apart from
the Zest sedan which has this facility, the Company would be introducing this
facility in all its passenger cars to be in direct competition with Maruti
Suzuki which has this feature in its Celerio and Alto models.
The Company is now eyeing to introduce this
system in the commercial vehicles too. The Company plans to initiate this
process by introducing it in the Tata Ace and when it does, it will be the only
other company apart from the Chennai based Ashok Leyland to have launched an
AMT enabled commercial vehicle. The AMTs eliminate the need for clutch
operation while shifting gears thus resulting in direct 5% improvement in fuel
Reflecting the signs of recovery in the economy,
the commercial city of Mumbai is also witnessing a steady growth in the
commercial vehicles segment, riding on demand mainly from the growing
infrastructure sector. Tata Motors has been one of the first players to strike
the opportunity by having at its disposal an array of medium and heavy
commercial vehicles which includes tractor-trailers, multi-axle and heavy duty
trucks. The introduction of extended applications like the Trailer Transit
Mixers, Tip Trailers, Garbage Compactors and Dumper Placers, which are in huge
demand in Mumbai, has made the Tata range even more robust.

It won’t be too optimistic to say that it would not be very far, when we
could be witnessing every household riding around in Tata Cars in Mumbai.

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