You know you are in Punjab when your stomach is perpetually full and yet you are served more delicious food. 

I had this belief firmly in mind when I decided to drop in at Punjab Grill, Andheri West for a dinner with a couple of friends, and surely I wasn’t disappointed a bit.

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“The optimist lives on the peninsula of infinite possibilities; the pessimist is stranded on the island of perpetual indecision” – William Arthur Ward

 As a blogger, when I decide to review an eating joint, there are of course infinite possibilities. But when last Saturday, I decided to head to Sion for a late lunch with a few friends after a hectic weekend schedule at work, there was surely no indecision at all, when the choice was Peninsula, at Sion Circle.

It's only fair to share...
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Absolute serenity with total chaos control
When I passed by Dr.
Ambedkar Road at Parel from Dadar on my way to town, I could not but resist
stopping by at this unique “Chai Ki Dukaan” at this quiet corner opposite
Chitra Cinema.

“Ek Chai Pee ke Jaate
Hai”, I told my friends with me and candidly this was supposed to be just a
quick tea when we stopped by.

Let me be honest to say
that we changed our mood the moment we sat there. The cool breeze blowing on a
sultry summer afternoon as itself a reason good enough to make us drop our
onward journey plans and spend the rest of our evening enjoying the absolute
serenity with total chaos control.

I was quite surprised
to be greeted by none other than the exuberant young owner of this joint,
Sarthak, who explained to me that he planned to change the landscape of Parel
with this first experimental venture of his.

Everything and anything
here is priced at Rs.25/- , Sarthak declared and that was enough for us to
decide that we need to savour everything in the menu that evening, though we
just had a sumptuous meal just an hour ago.
We went for the Kesar
Chai, which sent me down the  memory
lanes of Kolkatta, where I used to love drinking this tea in the clay Kulhads
during my younger days of official tour to this city.

Toast goes well with
tea, that’s a common maxim and they didn’t disappoint on this too. I went for
an assortment of four options, the Kachari Masala, The Jeeravan Masala, the
Dhaniya Chutney and the most common regular Salt and Pepper (Maska) and let me
admit each one scored over the other and I could not really bet on the best of
the four.

We really needed
coolers to wash down the toast and though full in my tummy to the brim, I
ordered for a few varieties which tingled my brains before it did to my taste
buds. Haven’t not tried much of the sherbets in milk base (I had always thought
that it is called milk shakes), I gulped down the Rajbhog Sherbet, the Blue
Lagoon and absolutely tangy Katchi Keri.

I need to confess that
I could not have enough of the Katchi Keri variety and so went for another shot
of the same, but this time in the more traditional water base.

What better way to wind
up than chewing up and paan and not required to spit it out. They had an
amazing array of non-tobacco based varieties and I tried for the Cone Paan
(Gundi Paan) and and the one I had been lamenting of not having been able to
taste for years ever since I had tried it out at Marine Lines, the absolutely
popular Kesar Iced Paan.

“Chai Pe Charcha”, that
evening was surely an advent of “Acche Din” as I sipped on the hot Tea raising
a “toast” to the lip smacking Sherbets.

“Khaike Kesar Iced
Paan”, I was sure “Khul Jaaye band Akal ka Taala”, as I walked out fully

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